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Valextino is a platform that is all about beauty, fashion, style and male grooming. It’s a one stop destination for all your fashion/beauty needs and queries. It’s for both men and women and the main focus lies in helping people put their best foot forward. Backed by over 10 years of experience in the field of image consultancy, beauty and fashion expertise, Valextino is a revolutionary platform for one and all! The online image Consultant

Fashion and beauty are integral parts of all our lives and it is necessary to understand our individual beauty and fashion needs.

That’s where Valextino comes in:

  • You can shop for your shape
  • You can shop your seasonal color palette “the colors that suits you bests” following our guides
  • It can deliver the best fashion inputs to you, which you can follow regardless of your gender and style.
  • It's a storehouse of the best beauty products for both men and women along with recommendations and expert advice.

And all you need to know to enhance your features!Image Consultant

Valextino Image Consultant


Valentino was born in Italy, now based in London. He grew up with an extremely love and passion for beauty and fashion. He has the belief that everyone should love his or her own image.

He is a qualified Fashion Stylist, Image Consultant and Hairdresser. He has worked worldwide for over a decade as Image Consultant, Beauty Manager, Hairdresser and Stylist. The online Image Consultant

Valentino works everyday to make people feel confident and comfortable with their own image and that is the reason to have created this Platform. Image Consultant