5 Essential Secrets Your Hair Stylist Won’t Tell You

hair stylist

Like magicians, hairstylists never reveal their secrets; most of them won’t tell you what conditioner they’re putting on your hair, let alone let you in on some bigger trick of the trade. However, using some mad research skills, we have managed to get our hands on some of the best kept secrets that will leave you in the know and not allow you to repeat mistakes.

Word games

You want to go a shade or two (or several) lighter, but the very mention of the word bleach gives you the chills. You don’t want that kind of damaging chemicals on your head. You are well in the know that bleach damages your hair, creates dry and split ends, and you try to steer clear of it. Your stylist knows it too, and that is why instead of the word that shall not be named, they use words such as lightener and decolorizer. Well, now you know, if you are in for highlights or you wish to strip your existing color – bleach is what you are getting, no matter what clever word or spin they put on it.

Sure, I can totally do it

If you are thinking of transitioning from red to blonde and you ask a stylist whether it can be done in a day, and the answer is yes – run for the hills. If they say they can replicate the hairstyle of a celebrity – run for the hills. When a stylist gives you unrealistic promises, it is usually a red flag. Great hair was not built in a day (and neither is a great blonde). Also, everyone has a different face shape and hair quality, so if they promise you that Jennifer Aniston hair, they might be able to give you the cut, but they’re not magicians and hence are not capable of changing the structure and quality of your hair. Big promises are never to be trusted.

You can’t pull that off on your own

Hairstylists make big bucks on extensions, and will therefore always discourage you from going at it alone. As this discouragement comes with ulterior motives, it can’t be trusted, especially since there are great hair supply stores that offer premium quality hair extensions such as Eden Hair Extensions. With a few great tutorials, and quality hair that comes at a fraction of the salon hair price, you can have your cake and eat it, too. Seriously, you get the supermodel volume you crave, you don’t go bankrupt in the process, and you can put them on and remove them at your will.

They rarely listen

An inch is never an inch. This little measurement can mean vastly different things to you and your stylist. So, instead of saying ‘take three inches off’, show them how much of your hair you want cut off so there’s no confusion. Also, when you ask for bangs and you wind up without them – your stylist heard you, but chose to disobey your wishes. The reason is often hidden in the fact that they know your face shape better than you do and are well-aware that you can’t pull off bangs, so they are saving you from tears and regret. When you think about it, this little omission is actually an act of kindness in disguise.

You snooze, you lose

One of the things stylists hate most is when a client is late. They will never tell you this, but it will become evident in different ways. Not only does being late show disrespect for the stylist’s time, but also if you’re late, then you make them late for the rest of the day. If you want the best service, show up on time, especially if you’re the last appointment of the day. Our stylists say if you show up late for the last time slot of the day, you can forget about any special treatment.