5 Tips on How to Be the Best Groom

Planning the best wedding might be quite a challenge. There are so many different things you have to think about – starting from the essentials such as the attire, venue and the guest list to the ones that are so minor that you might as well forget about them until several days before the wedding such as the printed guest list to put on the tables or even perhaps the napkins that are going to be placed in each plate.

Apart from all of these, of course, there is the task of being a good groom. But what does that mean? Well, the story of the best groom begins a bit before the actual wedding. Take a look at the 5 most important tips that will help you be just the groom that any bride wants:

Organize the perfect proposal

One thing that you have to know about girls is the fact that they start planning their wedding while they’re very young – this is one of the most beautiful and most important dates in the girls of every girl. However, there are guys who practically do the same, so you should always have in mind that this decision might be a crucial one for your partner.

This means that you will have to give a bit more of yourself into the planning and organizing the perfect proposal. Try to think outside of the box, or either put yourself in the shoes of your partner – what would they want? Would they want for you to pop the question while sitting together at the place where you had your first date at, or is there someplace else that you had your most romantic moment? Of course, you do not have to take a walk down memory lane to find the right place, as you can always opt for something new and romantic.

Be original when it comes to the presents

While giving a gift to your partner, it is very important not to be tacky and to actually gift everything that you want with love.

Giving original presents requires some time in order to think and present them in the right way, and this is why it is always good to pay attention to the details and small things your partner likes. But, when the time comes for the perfect proposal, you will have to find the best wedding ring that you will give to your girl.

However, since this task might be a bit challenging for a guy (as guys do not really pay attention to jewelry), it would be good to ask for help from a friend who is into this. There is a plethora of options to browse and buy jewelry online; so, in order to save time, take your friend who’s into jewelry and see what is new on the Moon Magic website, for example, as you will most definitely find something that both you and your girl will like. Bear in mind that buying online doesn’t mean lack of quality, it is just a way to see and browse everything at your own pace and save time. 

Make the best bachelor party

This might not be something that will make the groom better in the eyes of the bride, but come on – a good groom is good towards his best friends as well. And one way to show this is to throw the best bachelor party ever. In order to make this happen, you can either throw a party in your city or organize a nice road trip with your fellas.

Help your bride as much as you can

Guys, girls are really into the organization of the wedding, and you have to know that this task might be a bit more overwhelming to them. This is why you should always try and give an extra hand, even though she will probably tell you to back off and that she has everything under control.

The truth is that she is probably lying, so ask her friends if you can help with anything, especially if you see that she is swamped in responsibilities. Having both of you in the actual planning and the organization of your wedding is a must, as this is what will help you get most of your wedding. Perhaps you will not be in charge of the flowers, but you can definitely help out with the band or the selection of drinks.

Be supportive

The final piece of advice– your girl will probably be crazy in the days before the actual wedding. Plenty of things will be late, and the nerves are just going to go through the roof. You will have the most important task here – to be supportive. Help your bride calm down, be loving and positive. She needs to see support and positivity in you in order for both of you to have a calm and successful wedding day.


The role of the groom is, contrary to popular belief, obviously quite important. There are those tasks that every groom has to tend to, so make a list and start right away. Remember – calmness and thinking with your head clear is the right way to play this game.

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