6 Fashion Items That Deserve to Be in Your Closet

fashion items

In the vast world of fashion where certain pieces either have the lifespan of a fruit fly or become swallowed by the sea of garments produced every day, it’s important to stop and reexamine our choices. There are items in that forgotten or overlooked universe that definitely deem our attention, so it’s time to take a long hard look and correct the injustice. To that end, after careful scouting, we’ve come up with a list of six items that definitely deserve to be gracing your closet and your body.

Black with a twist

Many women will often see a great pair of black trousers and just keep on browsing. In a world of florals, stripes and other splashes of color, black pants are often left behind in the race and that’s wrong for more reasons than one. First of all, black is slimming, timeless and sophisticated, and there’s no arguing that. Secondly, if fashion guru and all-round styling icon Tim Gunn says that every woman simply has to own a pair of black dress pants, we should take note. Finally, black pants don’t by any means have to be ‘boring’, especially if you go for paper-bag waist pants. The reasons these in particular deserve a spot in your wardrobe is the fact that the cinched-in waist isn’t only flattering, but it creates mini ruffles along the edge for a sweet and preppy effect.

Where there’s black…

…there’s bound to be white. One simply cannot and should not live without a white top, preferably a crisp white shirt. It can be fitted, long, shorter, oversized, take your pick, but definitely go shopping for one ASAP. The once staple piece of the corporate world has finally been recognized for its ‘outside the workplace’ potential and versatility. The amazing thing about this garment is that it cooperates well and easy with anything you throw at it – jeans, dress pants, skirts, shorts, and look different every time. Plus, there is an air of casual sophistication to it, and you’ll never look over or underdressed when rocking a white shirt.

A touch of edge

It’s no secret that a woman should definitely own a mini dress, a few of them for that matter. However, they don’t all have to be ‘regular’ and fit the norm. Sometimes you need to shake things up and spice up your wardrobe with an alternative fashion piece that will definitely stop traffic. The pin up retro style is a great way to go, not just because the pin up girl style is gaining momentum as we speak, but also because it carries an innocently sexy vibe with it. The lesson is, forget the sheer romantic dresses for now, and look for something sweet with an edge, with cute and strange prints, and of course, don’t forget a belt to emphasize that waistline.

Stand out

Yes, yes, we all love our ankle boots, and for a good reason – they’re comfortable yet chic and have the ability to elevate even the most casual of outfits. However, aren’t you a bit tired of the same old choice you make season after season? You know what we’re talking about, you always go for regular black or camel ones. Well, it’s time to get creative and give your feet some love with a pair of boots equally comfortable but way more fun and interesting. The tortoiseshell heel, pearl-embellished racing stripes, or a satin bootie with a cool angular block – take your pick and make everyone take note of what’s happening south of your ankles.

The indulgent item

Not to bring Tim Gunn’s name again, but we’re going to. Contrary to what you may believe, bags aren’t just meant for carrying your things, and sometimes, like now, you simply need to splurge on a bag that you definitely don’t need but you want it nonetheless. This is your indulgent item, to splurge away. Of course, we’re talking about the ‘just because’ mini bag. It can barely hold some cash, a lipstick and your phone, but you want it anyway because it’s gorgeous and makes a statement. It can be a quirky geometric clutch, or something featuring pixels. It doesn’t really matter what it is exactly, just as long as it’s quirky and plain fun.

Always know what time it is

Gals tend to shy away from watches, following the notorious Carrie Bradshaw mantra of being charmingly late. Well, newsflash, no one appreciates being kept waiting, so one of the items that need to be on your wrist every time you leave the house is a watch. We’re not going to tell you what kind it should be, choose one based on your personal style, although you can’t make a mistake with gold or rose gold.