A Single Man’s Guide to a Perfect Summer Vacation

Every hard-working guy deserves a fun summer vacation to relax, unwind and catch some sun. But, if you’re single, traveling can be a bit less interesting, especially if you see all those happy couples having fun and sharing adventures. Plus, planning and packing are much easier in pairs. But, don’t despair! Check out these few summer vacation tips for single men that will ensure you have the best time ever. 

Choose your destination wisely

No matter if you’re a solo single traveler or if you have your friends around, you need to pick your destination wisely. Choose a place you all love if you have travel companions which will ensure everyone has fun. In order to pick the right destination, make sure to define your goals. What you want to do on your trip: sunbathe and swim, explore nature or party and meet new people? Pick a spot that fits your primary wishes and you’ll have a blast no matter if you’re going alone or not. 

Define your budget

Summer vacations need to be spontaneous and fun, so you don’t have to plan every activity and every meal while you’re on your trip. However, if you create a rough plan of your trip and plan some crucial activities and place to see, you’ll be making a very smart decision. Not only will you have time to see everything, but you’ll also get to define your budget. You don’t want to get broke and miss out on some surfing classes or late-night cocktails because you drained your wallet! Choose the places you want to visit, consult with your companions if you travel with other single guys and define the optimal amount of money you need to bring. 

Pack some must-haves

Packing is usually the most frustrating thing for guys, but it really doesn’t have to be. As long as you pack some essentials, you’ll be able to travel light and still have everything you need at hand. When packing, take your destination into consideration. If you’re going somewhere hot and dry like Australia, make sure not to skimp on skin care. You want to stay smooth and moisturized, so grab some natural skin care products and find a place for them in your carry-on. This will allow you to feel, look and smell your best on your vacation and turn many looks. If you’re going somewhere tropical, a mosquito repellent is a must.  First-aid kit and some medication also need to travel with you wherever you go. 

Don’t overpack clothes

Summer vacations usually involve a lot less clothing than winter vacations, so you don’t have to worry too much about layers. However, you still need to pack the right items to look stylish on the beach and elegant when you go out. Two pairs of shorts (flat fronts are perfect for evening strolls), a few shirts (linen, printed and tailored), a few t-shirts (polo is a must), boat shoes and canvas sneakers are all you need. Naturally, chic swim trunks are a must. Pack a camo pair inspired by Action Man and a floral pair to show off your fun side—these are the trendiest men swimwear items right now. 

Stay safe

Just because you’re a guy, it doesn’t mean you’re immune to pickpockets and violence on the streets. Keep your money inside zipped pockets and keep your passport and other important documents in your safe at the hotel/motel/ Airbnb. Also, check the country’s laws and see whether you can carry pepper spray or any other form of self-protection gadgets. Don’t play a hero and use your common sense. 

Spend some time alone

Sure, you want to meet new people on your solo trip, but don’t push it. Traveling alone is a great way to reconnect with yourself, relax and unwind without any pressures. You’ll have plenty of chances to chat with strangers and meet locals, but make sure to spend a few moments alone and really enjoy your single life. 

If you’re looking to have fun and relax, there’s no better time to travel than while you’re single and free. So, either grab your friends or embark alone and you’ll surely have a blast on your summer vacation! 

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