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Men's Belts and Suspenders

Since the Bronze Age, men have been wearing belts as part of their male clothing. We are not going to travel back to that time and wear ancient belts or tackle about wearing Art Nouveau belt buckles. Although, wearing belts are most common in the western world except during the Middles Ages.

Men's leather belts are used for decorative and pragmatic purposes during the 19th century until World War I, especially for military officers. It was a very common sight for military men to wear uniforms with wide belts around their waist pressing tightly into their stomachs and such belts support a saber which was also used for aesthetic purposes. Wearing these tight belts makes the wearer have a trim physique.

Its a sufficient amount of historical perspective already but belt and suspenders are necessary clothing accessories for men in order to be more comfortable with their pants and clothes.

Although it is commonly hidden by the clothes, leather belts for men are also seen when tucked in. A man can either hide it or expose it thoroughly, either way, wearing men's leather belts can totally make a difference. It can make men look slimmer by using a slimming belt for men which is similar to the purpose during the 19th century which is making men look like they have a trim physique.

If you are not akin to just using belts and wearing suspenders is your gusto, then the web store of Valextino also offers suspenders to complement your style. Whether you always have been watching Larry King before or you were a classic movie lover with the likes of Humphrey Bogart, you can easily identify with the suspenders that offers.

If you are a fan of Magic Mike's Channing Tatum or the TV Series Sherlock's Benedict Cumberbatch and you can relate with their style of wearing suspenders, you definitely should take a look at the selection of suspenders at and buy your own set of vintage suspenders made from high-quality materials.

At Valextino, belts and suspenders are priced between 20 US dollars up to 36 US dollars which varies in design and colors. The website of has an extensive selection of men's leather belts, suspenders, and even slimming belt for men. Whether you are an American who is looking for suspenders or a British looking for braces, you can find it here.

For men's leather belts, we have different styles to choose from including automatic buckled belts, split leather belts, and even a design with Jaguar logo on the buckle. We also have cow leather belts such as top cow leather and a genuine cow leather.

You can also choose to have a belt with nylon materials. These selections of belts and suspenders are carefully crafted and hand-picked from international wholesalers and crafters of men's leather belts.

Choose from any colors such as pleasant brown, classic black, cordial blue, or natural white. You can spot the discounts on some belts and suspenders which is already a lifetime investment to hold your trousers and make you feel trimmed physically especially on the waist.