benefits of hemp oil

Hemp oil benefits

There are many benefits your skin will experience when you utilize hemp oil (which is extracted from the hemp plant). It is considered a miraculous oil and is rapidly turning into a prominent skin cure.

hemp oil uses

Hemp oil has many astounding benefits that have pushed it to the highest point of today’s healthy skin remedies. Regardless of its use, taken internally or applied externally there is something to benefit for everybody using hemp oil. Hemp seeds give the most elevated quality oil, in spite of the fact that oil can be separated from the whole hemp plant.Buy hemp oil

Hemp seed oil is considered to be the #1 nutritional oil for health, because it has the highest and most complete profile of essential fatty acids . First cold-pressed organic hemp seed oil is Nature’s own healthy blend of omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. And unlike most flax seed oil, hemp seed oil does not go rancid quickly.

Hemp seeds contain 75-80% polyunsaturated fatty acids, with 9-11% saturated fatty acids. This is an amazing fascinating quantitative relation, as unsaturated fatty acid is what we need in our system, which they are typically lacking in our trendy diets.

Your skin will be so happy if you will start using hemp oil on a daily and beauty routine. If you have any inflammation hemp oil is the perfect solution as It is recognized as one of the best anti-inflammatory oil, which helps for the irritation and combat the devastation that inflammation can have on your skin’s appearance. Hemp oil reduces skin’s red appearance, giving you an healthy looking and glow skin.

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Hemp oil doesn’t clog pores, unlike some other oils. It actually helps unclog them. Hemp oil is great for protecting your skin and its natural water making it much more soft and elastic. If you have eczema or psoriasis, it may be the answer you need to clear up these troublesome issues.

Some of the vitamins in hemp oil include vitamins A, C, E and beta-carotene. It also contains calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and sulfur. And as mentioned above, its large amounts of polyunsaturated fatty acids make it a source of healthy fats for your skin, brain and entire body. You can buy hemp oil here.

hemp oil is not cannabis (Just a quick aside to the people who seem to be confused about the difference between hemp oil & cannabis: Hemp oil is NOT illegal, will not get you high, and is usually produced from special hemp plants bred to contain virtually no THC)

How to use Hemp Oil:

How to use hemp oil

Hemp oil has a slightly nutty flavor and you can use it in any food that isn’t too warm, as the heat MAY destroy the beneficial properties (although there is some evidence that it is more resistant to heat than was previously thought – see sources). It is a great addition to salad dressings, pesto, and hummus also for potato salads, bean sprout salads, pasta salads, coleslaw etc, all of which would be great with hemp oil on them. You can drizzle it over warm cooked foods such as pasta, rice or steamed veg, as long as it isn’t too hot it should be ok. You can also add a few spoonfuls to things like smoothies (find here some amazing smoothies recipes) to increase the nutritional content.

hemp oil to soupIn addition, it adds delicious depth to soups. Just be sure to add it to the soup after cooking is done, unless you are cooking the soup on a low temperature.

There is increasing evidence that you can heat hemp oil, however most of this focuses on whether dangerous trans-fatty acids are produced when it is heated, rather than whether the beneficial fatty acids are destroyed. So I’d say it is better to only use it at low temperatures if you are eating it for the EFAs, unless further evidence is produced specifically showing that heat does not destroy the EFAs.

Another tip – store the oil in the freezer, it will keep much longer, and remains liquid even when frozen. Hemp oil degrades & many of the beneficial properties are lost if it is stored for too long. Keeping it in the fridge is ok if you are sure you will use it all within a few months. Out of the fridge it will only last around 1 month, and even less if it has been exposed to light for too long.

Other products made with hemp oil

Remedy for Dry Skin

Hemp oil is greatly lubricating, and this is why it is a top skin moisturizer. Simply rub the hemp oil into dry, cracked skin for immediate relief.  Remember “do not keep your bottle of hemp oil in the bathroom, however, as it goes rancid quickly. Store it in a dark, cool place such as a refrigerator”

Mix it with Skin Creams

Although hemp oil can be used alone, it is a great addition to creams, lotions and other skin moisturizers. You can buy it already in the remedies, or add it to your favorite lotion. Simply squeeze the amount of hemp oil you desire into the other bottle, shake, and use normally.

Hemp oil is not a fad that will come and go. It is an oil with many benefits that promises to have lasting success. If you are looking for a boost for the health of your skin, look no further than hemp oil.

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