Best Antibacterial Soap For Body Odor

Body odor is an issue that affects well everyone, we often don’t like to think about it but it’s natural and this is why we have decided to write a guide to find the best antibacterial soap for body odor.

However, you are unlikely to find many people who will actually want to put up with the smell of a person’s natural body odor for very long.

Body odor can vary considerably as well and some can be much stronger than others.

Men and women’s body odor is also very different with male body odor often being the stronger of the two.

However, while there is certainly some variation I think most people would agree a person’s body odor isn’t a pleasant smell.

That is why sticking to good hygiene is important many people and especially younger men may try to mask the odor with deodorant or perfume but things like that shouldn’t be used to combat body odor.

These scents should be used in conjunction with proper hygiene they aren’t an alternative.

Regular bathing and washing is, therefore, the best way to ensure you don’t have an unpleasant body odor. But just water on its own won’t really provide all the help you need to sufficiently wash away a body odor.

While things like lotions, body washes and gels all have their uses a bar of soap is one of the most effective tools when it comes to dealing with body odor.

But we aren’t just talking about regular soap, oh no we are looking at something a little more specific.

Introducing Antibacterial Soap for body odor

Men's Antibacterial Soap For Body Odor

So, your humble regular bar of soap is certainly a handy tool when it comes to personal hygiene, but antibacterial soap is much better!

There is no doubt that one of the strongest trends in recent years is solid products in all their forms. The solid product could not have more ancient origins: the soap, in fact, was invented around 2800 BC!

The use of soap is good for the skin but also for the environment being plastic-free and eco-friendly.

A bar of solid soap is a perfect product to free our bathrooms from unnecessary plastic packaging: like skincare and bodycare products.

What is an antibacterial soap and why its good for body odor?

Antibacterial soap features antimicrobial ingredients that you won’t find in regular soaps. Yes, that certainly sounds impressive you say, but what does it mean exactly?

  • An antimicrobial kills microorganisms and prevents their growth.
  • To simplify it effectively kills bacteria therefore it provides much more thorough cleaning.

Now regular soaps can kill some bacteria as well, but it needs to be a more thorough wash and even then antibacterial soap is always going to be the better of the two when compared.

Antibacterial soaps are also now available to suit different skin types as well and there are even specialist ones designed for both men and women’s skin.

If you have an issue with body odor then using antibacterial soap for a more thorough clean could be exactly what you need.

While body odor is natural it can certainly impact people’s confidence and self-estimate.

You might have a condition that causes a stronger body odor, have a very physically demanding job which means increased sweating or your natural odor could just be quite strong.

But you don’t have to let body odor get you down because an antibacterial soap can really help.

So, now you know what exactly antibacterial soap is and how it’s different from your more traditional alternatives.

The next question is which should you buy right? Well, we can help you there as well, let’s look at some of the best antibacterial soaps for body odor available today.

Dial for Men body Odor Armor Antibacterial Soap

Dial for Men body Odor Armor Antibacterial Soap

This antibacterial soap might not have some of the brand name recognition of the others we are going to look at but it’s still a powerful antibacterial soap that is perfect for the modern man of today.

The dial for men odor armor antibacterial soap is one of the stronger soaps we’ve looked at and perfect for people who work in more smelly environments.

  • If you work outdoors or around strong scents then this antibacterial soap could be the best choice.
  • It offers three very distinctive types of odor protection alongside odor control agents as well.
  • So, if you have a particularly strong body odor or just want a very deep, relaxing wash that will be sure to freshen you up it’s a great choice.
  • Thanks to its impressive properties and high-quality ingredients the dial for men odor armor antibacterial soap will target odor-causing germs and destroy them quickly.
  • It also gives you very long-lasting protection for up to 24-hours.

Again, the scent is quite mild making it ideal for men who want something a little more subtle but also something that will be sure to tackle even strong body odor.

With its power odor-neutralizing properties and long-lasting protection this antibacterial soap is perfect for the active man or woman of today.  




Dove Men Care Body and Face Bar 

Dove Men Care Body and Face Bar For body odor

Sticking with Dove this product is part of their Men + Care range which means it was specially designed to treat men’s skin.

That being said a woman could certainly still use it but they may find one of Dove’s other more general antibacterial soap bars more suitable.

Being specially designed for men’s skin gives this antibacterial soap some great benefits and it will be sure to provide a relaxing, easy wash.

One of the best things about the men care body and face bar is that it moisturizes skin and doesn’t leave any residue behind. So, there’s no film to worry about or wash off later.

  • While it’s designed for men’s skin it isn’t overly harsh either, in fact, it is suitable for dry skin and will actively help nourish it!
  • So, it will provide a deeper but gentle wash while strengthening your skin at the same time just like an antibacterial soap should.
  • With one-quarter moisturizing cream, this antibacterial soap will help hydrate your skin better than a regular traditional soap bar or even shower gel.
  • And as the name probably tells you this Dove men care body and face bar can also be used as a facial cleanser as well.
  • Really this antibacterial soap is perfect for any man and should be a regular part of his grooming routine.

Finally, let’s take about the Dove men care body and face bar’s fragrance, shall we? The crisp scent is minimal but masculine and will leave you feeling refreshed all day long.

The product is also cruelty-free and plastic-free which is ideal for people who want to be more eco-friendly with their purchases.



Cetaphil Deep Cleansing Face and Body Soap

Cetaphil Deep Cleansing Face and Body Bar

The Cetaphil deep cleansing face and body bar is the perfect all-round product for tackling body odor.

It is also a surprisingly gentle soap as well so don’t worry no matter what your skin type is, this antibacterial soap will provide a smooth, gentle wash. Man or woman if you are looking for an antibacterial bar of soap then this is a good choice.

It is also non-comedogenic and non-irritating as well which is perfect for more sensitive skin. Now let’s get down to its antibacterial cleansing properties, shall we?

  • The Cetaphil deep cleansing face and body bar is specially formulated to remove all kinds of common everyday grime.
  • This includes dirt, oil, dust, and many other impurities so don’t worry this antibacterial soap will be able to clean away everything you could need and help your skin stay strong, clean, and bacteria-free.
  • In just a few seconds you will get a rich lather perfect for a relaxing bath or shower.

There is also no residue to worry about either which is ideal for people who prefer shorter showers or suffer from sensitive skin.

Residues that are common in non-antibacterial (more traditional) soaps can commonly cause sensitive skin to flare up and they can even cause rashes for some people. But with this potent antibacterial soap, you won’t need to worry.

Now let’s get down to the fragrance like many of the antibacterial soaps we’ve looked at the Cetaphil deep cleansing face and body bar offers a milder scent.

Many men prefer this in a bar of soap making it a good choice for active men of any age.

Clean, irritation-free, and perfect for any skin type this antibacterial soap is a great choice.


The Antibacterial Dove Beauty SoapThe Antibacterial Dove Beauty Soap for body odor

Dove is probably a brand name many people recognize but you might not know that it does have antibacterial soap available as well.

  • The Dove beauty bar is made with a hypoallergenic formula which means it is ideal for sensitive skin.
  • Some people find antibacterial soap to be a little too harsh on their skin, but the Dove beauty bar will provide a gentle washing experience.
  • The Dove beauty bar also features mild cleansers and moisturizing cream as well so you will get a gentle, deep clean every time.

If you are looking to richly nourish your skin then the Dove beauty bar is perfect. Thanks to its high-quality ingredients this antibacterial soap is also a great gentle face cleanser.

  • Unlike other more traditional soaps, the Dove beauty bar won’t risk drying out your skin and is gentle enough for everyday use, and for each part of your body in fact it’s used a lot for men’s armpits.
  • It also features a soft mild scent as well so while it will undoubtedly help you keep your skin clean and bacteria-free it will also give you a soft scent you can enjoy straight away.

Overall, the Dove beauty bar is a great choice if you are looking for an antibacterial soap that offers something a little more mild and gentle.

It’s perfect for people with dry or oily skin and will certainly help tackle any body odor issues straight away.  

While Dove is more well known for its women’s products they do produce products for men as well and the beauty bar is certainly something men can use.

If you haven’t used an antibacterial soap before this is a great choice and the perfect introductory product to get you started. It’s also certified cruelty-free as well so no animals were harmed during its production/ testing.


Peppermint and Tea Tree Soap Bar

Peppermint and Tea Tree Antibacterial Soap For Body odor

Our final antibacterial soap is something a little different. It combines many natural ingredients together to form a powerful antibacterial soap that will be sure to help combat body odor.

So, let’s start our look at it with those ingredients, shall we?

  • The name already identifies the main ones namely peppermint and tea tree essential oil.
  • Both of these are powerful hygiene products that can help clean and soothe skin.
  • They also help give the soap a more invigorating yet subtle fragrance.
  • It’s still a mild soap where the scent is concerned but there is a bit more kick to it.

Alongside these already impressive ingredients is cajeput essential oil which helps eliminate the odor at the source and keep skin clean and clear for longer.

So, it’s just what you need if you want to tackle body odor. It’s suitable for all skin types and can be used safely on your face and body, after all a good antibacterial soap should be versatile.

There are no parabens, alcohol, artificial dyes, or added synthetic fragrances either.

This means people with sensitive skin can use this soap without a worry in fact the powerful organic ingredients mean the soap can actually provide relief for dry, itchy skin as well!

This peppermint and tea tree oil soap bar is made using traditional cold-processed techniques as well. These are designed to help preserve the effectiveness and quality of the ingredients for longer.

So, unlike some alternatives, this antibacterial soap will be a very long-lasting product.

Some people are put off using antibacterial soaps because they find them to be a little harsh on their skin or they don’t trust the ingredients, but this antibacterial soap bar is made with the only natural, organic ingredients so it’s the perfect alternative.

When combined with the mild but still distinctive fragrance and long-lasting performance this soap bar really does have everything you could need to tackle body odor issues.

So, if you want a more natural option when it comes to choosing an antibacterial soap for body odor, this is a great choice.


Antibacterial Soap – Our Conclusion

So, we’ve looked at five different antibacterial soaps for body odor, they all have some similarities and some differences, but they would also all make great options for people looking for a more effective bar of soap.

I mentioned early about how antibacterial soap offers some distinct advantages over regular soaps and when it comes to body odor they really are the most effective way of staying odor-free for longer.

Antibacterial soap can be a benefit to anyone man or woman and they provide greater levels of hygiene.

Their fragrances are typically more muted and mild however instead of providing overpowering fragrances they get rid of body odor at the source and can even strengthen your skin too.

A good antibacterial soap will protect, nourish, and clean your skin all at the same time.

You can also use them all over your body safely including your face.

So, if you are looking for a more effective way to stay clean and tackle body odor an antibacterial soap bar is what you need, and we’ve listed five great products you can now try.

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