Best Male Fragrance For Work

Whether you call it aftershave, cologne, or even perfume, men these days have a wide variety of different scents available to them. But with so many options available, choosing the right male fragrance for work can be quite difficult.

The cologne you wear while on a night out will likely be quite different from the cologne you wear at your next formal/ special event. If there is one particular stumbling block for many men it is choosing the best male fragrance for work.

But before we start looking at what you should wear and taking an in-depth look at some colognes to try, it’s important we examine why this can be such a stumbling block.

Choosing A Cologne For Work 

Why is choosing a cologne for work environments so difficult?

Well for one thing many men simply forget about it! Yes, you can spend hours putting your suit together, styling your hair, trimming your beard, and getting everything ready and then simply forget about cologne. It might seem strange, but trust us it happens a lot more than you might think!

male Cologne For Work

Even if you do remember to wear cologne for work, there is another all too common mistake men make: putting on their regular day to day cologne for work. Or worse, choosing something that just isn’t really work appropriate. This is much more common than you might first think because many men don’t really think about cologne as much as they should.

But choosing a cologne can have quite an impact on your appearance and style, just like choosing a shirt or pair of pants.

If you opt for a fragrance that is too loud or overpowering, no one in the office will thank you. Yes, the fragrance might be nice to you but not everyone will enjoy it. That is why when it comes to choosing a fragrance for work you are best opting for something a little more subtle.

However, this is just the general rule because choosing the right fragrance will also depend on what your job is exactly. If you work outdoors then the best fragrance will be different from the right fragrance for an office job.

You will also need to think about ‘what you want’ from a fragrance because there should still be room for your own personal preferences. For example, do you want a fragrance that is woody, spicy, fruity, or floral? The majority of men will want a masculine fragrance, but that could mean a lot of different things.

Choosing the best fragrance for work means finding the one that is appropriate for your work environment, while also offering you a scent you actually like.

So, let’s now begin our search into the best colognes for your workplace.

best male cologne for work

Your Guide To The Best Cologne For Work 

To help you find the best fragrance for your workplace we’ve set up this handy guide. Below, we’ll take an in-depth look at individual fragrances that are suitable for different workplaces.

Whatever your work environment is, you’ll be able to find a fragrance that is to your liking while also ensuring it doesn’t bother anyone else in your workplace.

The Best Cologne For An Office

Let’s begin our look at finding the best fragrance for work by examining the most suitable scents for an office environment. All kinds of jobs take place in an office environment and you will often be working with groups of people both big and small.

But even if you have your own secluded office as part of the larger office environment, you’ll still want to ensure your cologne’s fragrance isn’t overpowering. You’ll want something that is more subtle and discrete, so let’s take a look at some fragrances that are suitable.

Proraso Wood and Spice Cologne

best male fragrance for office Proraso Wood and Spice Cologne

Wood and spicy scents are undoubtedly some of the more masculine fragrances available and many men will naturally prefer these. However, they can sometimes be a little overpowering.

This cologne from Italian manufacturer Proraso takes these powerful fragrances and blends them with softer, subtler notes. It features notes of violet, saffron, cedarwood, amber, and sweet vanilla. This unusual mix of fragrances might seem a little odd at first glance, but it mixes brilliantly to form a subtler cologne with hints of spice and wood.

It’s ideal for office-based work because it is undeniably masculine while still offering a soft more subtle fragrance.

Clinique Happy for Men Cologne

Clinique Happy for Men Cologne

This fragrance is perfect for the office and general day to day wear! It really offers everything you could need for a subtle office-ready cologne. The fragrance is very refreshing and light this is ideal for people looking for a more minimalist, soft cologne.

The main fragrance of this cologne is a floral, citrus scent. Now don’t be deceived this may not seem like an overly masculine fragrance, but it really is! It’s the perfect combination of soft and sharp which makes it ideal for the office.

This cologne is also very long-lasting, which is good for those long days at your desk.

Roger & Gallet Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne

Roger&Gallet Jean Marie Farina Eau de Cologne Spray

Very refreshing, this Mediterranean-inspired cologne is ideal for any man who works in the office. The fragrance is very unique and will instantly stand out, but this is going to be a good thing thanks to its sharp, subtle scents. But what does a cologne inspired by the Mediterranean Sea smell like?

The main notes of this cologne are crisp lemon and orange, which give it a fantastic fruity fragrance. Suitable for all skin types, this cologne is one of our favorites and offers something undeniably refreshing and fruity.

Murdock London Avalon Cologne

Murdock London Avalon Cologne

This is another subtle Mediterranean-inspired cologne that offers a masculine scent perfect for office-based work. This cologne offers notes of orange, Bergamot, lemon, rosemary, and lavender. A soft scent with a sharp masculine edge.

There are noticeable herbal touches to this fragrance as well, alongside the fruity elements. All these come mixed with a musk base, which helps add to the masculine fragrance.

Subtle but very distinct this cologne is ideal for any man looking for an office-friendly cologne.

The Best Cologne For Working Outdoors

If you are working outdoors then you can afford to opt for a fragrance with a bit more power to it. However, you’ll also want something that will be long-lasting and mix well with the other outdoor scents you will be around.

So, choosing the right fragrance could be a little tricky depending on what exactly your job is. If you’re a gardener for example, then you’ll want a cologne that mixes well with the natural scents of nature. But if you’re a street cleaner, then a fresher longer lasting cologne could be the better choice.

Let’s take a look at some fragrances that would be more suitable.

Proraso Cypress and Vetyver Cologne

best male fragrance for outdoors Proraso Cypress and Vetyver Cologne

We are back with Proraso to celebrate another of their great fragrances! This cologne is a little more powerful and perfect for any kind of outdoor work. It combines sharp citrus notes with earthy fragrances like Cypress and Vetivier.

This cologne also uses a cedarwood base that mixes effortlessly with the other scents to form a powerful and masculine cologne than any man will adore. Long-lasting and sure to be great for guys who work outdoors, this cologne is a real winner.

Michael Kors Extreme Blue Eau De Toilette

Michael Kors Extreme Blue Eau De Toilette

When you are working outdoors you have a bit more room for versatility when it comes to choosing a cologne. A subtle fragrance will still work well, but you can opt for something with a little more power to it if you prefer. This great cologne from Michael Kors is a masculine cologne that is ideal for the modern man.

The fragrance is very fresh and offers up notes of pink pepper, Bergamot, sage, juniper, and woody scents. It’s an unusual mix, but one that works well and offers a medium-range fragrance that is ideal for any man who works outdoors. It’s spicy, fresh, and woody so mixes many different scents together to form a sensual masculine cologne.

Michael Kors Extreme Night Eau de Toilette

Michael Kors Men's Extreme Night Eau de Toilette

We are sticking with Michael Kors’ brand to look at another sporty, active, and masculine fragrance that is perfect for any man who works outdoors. This scent is a little bolder than the others on this list and is inspired by modern sports colognes. But its bold array of scents makes it ideal for men who work outdoors.

The juicy fresh fragrance of Bergamot is likely the first thing you’ll notice with this cologne. This is enhanced with notes of black pepper, nutmeg, cypress, and sage, all mixed in with earthy tones like sandalwood and little soft hints of vanilla.

This cologne mixes masculine and feminine scents together to form a modern cologne perfect for men who want something a little bolder.  

Murdock London Patchouli Cologne

Murdock London Patchouli Cologne

Working outdoors has many benefits and when it comes to choosing a cologne you have a bit more room to get creative. This magnificent Murdock London cologne offers a complex blend of fragrances that is sure to captivate people.

It’s a subtle yet sharp scent that mixes a blend of different fragrances to form a powerful masculine cologne. The scents of cardamom, nutmeg, and spicey black pepper are all mixed together along with the masculine scents of Indonesian patchouli and frankincense. Bold and beautiful, this is a great cologne for outdoor work.

Jo Malone London Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne

Jo Malone London Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Cologne Intense

The main notes of this cologne are ginger and black cardamom. These might not seem like the most masculine fragrances, but when mixed together they create a strong, bold scent. Amber is used in the base to help give the cologne a musky and smoky scent that helps add a masculine edge to the fragrance.

Alongside this range of fragrances, you can also detect hints of softer notes like black orchids, jasmine, and water lilies. The softer floral notes contrast beautifully with the smoky amber scents to create a powerful hybrid cologne ideal for men who work outdoors.

The Best Cologne For Customer-Facing Jobs

When it comes to choosing a cologne for customer-facing jobs, you have a lot to consider since they can be very different. You could work in a supermarket, pharmacy, gym, restaurant, or pretty much anywhere else.

So, there is a lot to consider and to think about when it comes to choosing the right cologne. But we can help!

You will likely be best opting for something subtle and minimalist with a fresh fragrance, although there is some room for versatility. Let’s take a look at some fragrances that will work well for customer-facing jobs.

Jo Malone London Birch & Black Pepper Cologne

Jo Malone London Birch & Black Pepper Cologne

When working in a customer-facing/service role, you will often want a fragrance that is a little softer and more subtle. This scent is exactly what you want! It offers some sharp fruity fragrances, highlighted and beautifully contrasted by some bolder masculine scents.

The gorgeous scent of grapefruit is balanced with delicate notes of lavender and spicy black pepper. The zingy scent of grapefruit is a slightly more unusual touch, but it mixes wonderfully with the bolder masculine fragrances to form a nice medium-powered cologne that is perfect for this type of work environments.

Aramis Gentleman’s Collection JHL Custom Blend Cologne

Aramis Gentleman's Collection JHL Custom Blend Cologne

When you are working in a customer-facing role, you need to be careful not to opt for something too overpowering. This is especially true if you are working around food. However, if your customer service role is something more like retail, then you have room to opt for something a little bolder.

This sophisticated cologne is a great example of a bolder more masculine fragrance that would be ideal for retail customer facing jobs. It offers hints of citrus, spice, and amber that blend together brilliantly to create a bold masculine fragrance. It’s isn’t the most exciting scent, but it offers everything you could want for a bold, sharp cologne.

Le Couvent Des Minima’s Absolute Botanical Colognes 

Le Couvent Des Minimes Absolute Botanical Colognes Aqua Millefolia

Botanical notes aren’t often viewed as particularly masculine, but we think they can be when used well. This is certainly the case with this refreshing cologne that is ideal for men who work in customer-facing roles. The fragrance is bold yet subtle with hints of mint, wood, and fruit.

This masculine cologne is based on the legendary Gardens of Babylon and features a woody base fragrance that it carries with it. The mint scent is very masculine and the fresh, crisp notes of fruit and sharp wood scents blend beautifully together.

Tommy Hilfiger Impact Eau de Toilette 

Tommy Hilfiger Impact Eau de Toilette

This masculine cologne from Tommy Hilfiger is designed for the adventurous man and its fragrance brilliantly mixes woods, fruits, spices, and more. It’s a bold scent that isn’t overpowering, which makes it ideal for men who work with a lot of people in customer/public-facing positions.

Bitter orange is the opening base note and it mixes brilliantly with woody fragrances like akigalawood, cedarwood, and sandalwood. This is further complemented with touches of spice and sage. This blend of fragrances hits the sweet spot. It isn’t too subtle but isn’t overpowering either which makes it ideal for customer-facing jobs.

Finding The Best Male Fragrance For Your Needs   

This is everything you need to know when it comes to choosing a cologne for work.

We’ve looked at a wide variety of different colognes that cover all kinds of different scents from classic masculine fragrances with a woody/ spicey vibe, to scents that are floral, fresh, and fruity.

Of course there is always room for you to choose something different and be bold, but be warned not everyone will appreciate it. Yes, it might turn into your signature scent and eventually win people over, but in our opinion it’s best to play it safe when it comes to work.

Opting for subtler fragrances is generally going to be the better option, especially if you work closely with other people. However, as you have seen in our guide to the best male fragrances for work there is still plenty of room for creativity.

A subtle scent doesn’t mean it won’t be noticeable. It just means you shouldn’t opt for something that is too overpowering. You can find scents that are subtle while still have a bold edge to them, like mint for example, which is both refreshing and bold, subtle and sharp.

As you can see there are plenty of options, so whatever your preferences are, there is sure to be a few great work-appropriate colognes for you to choose from.

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