The Best Men’s Winter Shoes

Sadly, with fall season at our doorstep, we need to be prepared for slippery sidewalks and frozen feet!

Sandals and comfortable espadrilles are no longer suitable for walking in a much more cold environment. You will need to replace them with functional and durable shoes—indeed.

Together we will go through the best men’s winter shoes, checking some of the most exciting models currently available on the market.

From moccasins to trainers to the most durable boots, men’s winter shoes offer a vast selection.

On the other hand, men’s winter shoes help you be prepared for everything and overcome any climatic condition.

Winter, we are not afraid of you!

Indeed, winter could be the best time to show off new, quality shoes that can walk you along your everyday journey.

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Best Men’s Winter Shoes

Before diving into our entire men’s winter shoes list, let’s see the characteristics that the best men’s winter shoes must-have.

Let’s find out what to look at before buying something. Which aspects of the shoes should interest you the most and which the least.

It all starts with the sole.

Certainly, one of the most critical elements of the shoe.

Men's Winter Shoes 2021/22

Particularly in winter shoes, it is necessary that the sole is resistant and reinforced to prevent the foot from getting wet in case of rain – or snow.

Therefore, it is clear that the best men’s winter shoes always have a thick double sole. It can be rubber or foam, as long as it absorbs and adequately supports the foot.

The second key feature is the material.

The latter is that the sole must be thick enough to withstand the cold allowing you to endure winter safely.

The canvas is too light, while the nylon and leather are perfect for facing low and cold temperatures.

Finally, it is important to take size-wise into account.

It may seem unnecessary to you, but in reality, many men wear one size up in winter.

That’s because puffy winter socks take up more space and need more fabric to let the foot free to move.

Consider this before buying a new pair of men’s winter shoes.

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Men’s Winter Shoes 

Well, thanks for reading so far. We have finally reached the revelation moment: here is our neat list of the best men’s winter shoes.

Each model we are about to propose respects the above features to be comfortable and resistant at the same time.

Always take into account your style, choosing with confidence and decision.

Remember: a self-confident man can enhance the clothes he wears, which also applies to shoes.

Nike Air Monarch 

Let’s start with a timeless pair of shoes, which can be used every day without you ever get bored of them.

In the list of the best men’s winter shoes, the Nike Air Monarch cannot be missing. Perfect for going to the gym or walks.

They easily withstand the cold and are suitable for different types of floors. This way, you can wear them on any occasion without ever risking cold or, worst scenario, slipping off.

These winter sports shoes are effortless to find and in all sizes. Choose the color you prefer and ensure an optimal posture every day to spend the winter safely.

Nike Air Monarch

Winter Ankle Boots By Nero Giardini

Ankle boots are an excellent example of the union between elegance and comfort.

Entirely made of suede and equipped with a very resistant sole, Nero Giardini ankle boots withstand cold and rain.

Perfect for an evening with friends or a party where you have to follow a specific dress code.

They can be of great help on different occasions, adding an extra touch of personality to your look.

Comfort is another significant feature of those boots. Which is they are one of our favorite on the list.

You will almost feel like walking on a cloud, considering that the inside of the ankle boots is padded to fight the cold in the best possible way.

If you are a classic style and trendy shoe lover, this is the perfect example for you.

Winter Ankle Boots By Nero Giardini

Best Men’s Winter Shoes: Lumberjack Boots 

Comfortable leather ankle boots perfect for winter and rain.

Lumberjack boots are particularly well known and praised for the resistance of the material used and their waterproofing.

The leather covering the shoe is thick enough to prevent cold or water from penetrating inside, wrapping the foot in a secure layer.

At first, the leather might be a bit too hard. However, it will only take a few days to soften it and walk comfortably anywhere.

You can choose the color you prefer, combining the ankle boots with jeans or any pants—not too sophisticated.

Especially suitable for casual events, Lumberjack boots offer you the top gamma on the market, which you can keep using even in the following years.

Best Men's Winter Shoes: Lumberjack Boots 

Timberland Boots Go Into Our List On The Best Men’s Winer Shoes 

It is impossible not to mention the famous Timberland boots in our best men’s winter shoes list.

Practical, waterproof, and very resistant, suitable for all situations.

Smart and casual men agree on the practical aspect of the Timberlands, which can be worn throughout the winter.

The leather that covers them is soft to the touch but hard and resistant, as is the rubber of the sole supports the foot and accompanies it at every step.

Lots of colors to chose from, as well.

The light brown typical of Timberlands remains the most popular color, but other alternatives are to choose from.

Timberland Boots Go Into Our List On The Best Men's Winer Shoes 

Puma Smashed The V2 Winter Version

Let’s go back to a decidedly sportier onset with the Puma “Smash V2” sneakers.

These simple but smart pairs of shoes are perfect for daytime and walking.

Comfortable at its best point, equipped with a resistant and rainproof rubber sole.

The outer fabric, the suede, guarantees protection from the cold and bad weather.

We certainly could not exclude the puma smash v2 from our best men’s winter shoes list—also considering the boom they have had on the market.

Get the color you like the most, relying on your taste and the specific characteristics of your style.


Desert Clarks 

Clarks Desert winter shoes vaguely resemble Nero Giardini’s ankle boots.

A similar shape is highly appreciated by the youth group, especially those approaching the work world.

If you also fall into this category and would like to buy a pair of shoes capable of walking you throughout winter, then you may have found a suitable pair.

Elegant and very resistant, the Clarks Desert is made of suede, with a lovely lace that gives that extra touch to the whole shoe look.

You can choose between various colors, ranging from beige to light brown to black.

Clarks Desert

Geox Men’s Winter Sneakers 

We conclude with the latest model on our list of the best men’s winter shoes.

Geox Winter Sneakers are well known for being comfortable and safe. They properly keep the ankle in place, guiding the foot in its movements.

But above all, they are super breathable!

Their elegant and refined look slightly distances them from the “sneakers” family, transforming them into a pair of shoes suitable for any time of day.

From morning to evening, it is likely that you will always be able to identify the right occasion to wear them.

Versatility is a very important element for winter shoes, which must protect from the cold and at the same time improve the overall look.

Geox Men's Winter Sneakers 

Smart Men’s Winter Shoes

We have analyzed seven different models, which together have managed to build an exciting list of the best men’s winter shoes.

By reading the individual descriptions, you will have noticed that some of the shoes are better suited to daytime occasions, and others are more suited for evening events.

Let’s try to clarify the concept better, talking about elegant men’s winter shoes.

When can a shoe be defined as elegant? And, above all, when should you wear it?

Generally speaking, a shoe is called elegant when it has a fluid shape, where it is impossible to see the separation between the different parts.

For example, ankle boots belong to the set of elegant shoes.

They are cut so precisely that it is impossible to distinguish the individual parts. The shoe looks like it was sewn specifically for the person, tailored to her foot.

Loafers are another example of elegant shoes, both in leather and suede versions.

With the best men’s winter shoes we have listed, make sure you have at least a pair of moccasins in your closet for important events.

Most Comfortable Men’s Winter Shoes (Our Recommended) 

We are concluding our list of the best men’s winter shoes by giving you some little advice on choosing comfortable shoes.

In fact, it is not always possible to immediately understand whether the shoe type we are looking at is comfortable or not.

The ideal is to check the materials, relying on the various features to get a clue.

Suede is a comfortable material, as is leather itself – although it can take a while for it to soften.

Nylon, the most used material for sneakers, is undoubtedly practical and comfortable, and very elastic.

After checking the primary materials, also check the sole.

As we have seen, the best men’s winter shoes have a thick and resistant sole, capable of withstanding the cold and rough terrain.

Choose rubber or foam soles that are hard enough to provide support for the ankle and foot itself.

Most Comfortable Men's Winter Shoes

Comfortable Men’s Shoes: Which Brands? 

Several brands make sure to produce comfortable and easy-to-wear shoes that can accompany the foot even for long periods.

To identify the best men’s winter shoes, we have relied on brands known precisely for the comfort and quality of the materials used.

Nike, Geox, and Adidas are just some of the best-known and most popular sneakers brands.

Skechers is also added to the list, with models specifically designed for those suffering from back or shoulder pain.

Talking about boots and shoes more suitable for bumpy paths, it is impossible not to mention Timberland and Lumberjack, which are lately enjoying great success even among the youngest.

For elegant shoes, on the other hand, brands like Nero Giardini continue to maintain the priority among the best brands.

What matters are the materials: choose with care and pay attention to individual details.

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Our Bottom-line

Well, after sharing all the features that the best men’s winter shoes should have, you can keep your hands in the store.

Try to find the pair of shoes that best suits your personality, able to describe you perfectly.

Don’t forget the comfort!

We have seen how important it can be to have a pair of comfortable and warm shoes available, significantly when the temperatures drop and the cold kicks in.

Make a reasoned choice, considering all the information and advice we gave you.

Happy Shopping!

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