Best Summer Hats For Men – Men’s Summer Hats

Summer is a time for outdoor fun and relaxing, isn’t it? While 2020 is a very turbulent time of year people are heading back outdoors and enjoying the Summer anyway they can. 

Which means guys out there will need a Summer hat!

Now if you have been neglecting your Summer wardrobe this year don’t worry I’m sure many of us have. And even if you do have a packed wardrobe full of Summer clothes you likely don’t have a hat at the ready, do you?

Many men don’t really think about adding a Summer hat to their wardrobe and I can understand why. When it comes to hats many men either stick to the basic baseball caps or simply don’t have a hat at all. Now, this does make a sort of sense hats are often overly designed for men.

Now that’s not to say there aren’t some very popular hats for men out there or that no man wears them. Hats are still a popular fashion accessory for men but when you compare the number of men with a few hats to the number who have just one cap or none at all well the latter category wins. 

Male and female fashion is very interesting nowadays both are very popular markets, but many designers will still favor women’s clothes. However, there is still plenty of choices when it comes to men’s Summer hats as well and that is what we are looking at today.

But before we share some of our favorite male Summer hats it’s important for all you newbies out there to really understand what you need to consider when buying a hat.

Let’s take a more detailed look at Summer hats for men so you know what you need to consider.

Summer Hats for him

Finding The Best Summer Hat For Your Head

When it comes to finding the best Summer hat for men there is actually a lot of things you need to think about. Buying a good Summer hat isn’t something you can rush there is a number of different things you need to consider.

So, before we start examining some of the best summer hats for men let’s take a quick look at what you need to consider when choosing one. Yes, style is very important because everyone wants to look good, but it isn’t the only thing you need to think about when it comes to finding the good Summer hat for men.

Men's Summer Hats Guide

The Material 

Material is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a Summer hat. You’d be surprised just how hot your head can get when wearing a hat so when it comes to keeping cool during the Summer you will want to ensure your hat is made from a cool and breathable material.

The issue many men have is that finding out what material a potential Summer hat is made from isn’t always easy to discover and manufacturers/ designers don’t always provide the information either. But the material is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a Summer hat so it must be a light but covering material.

We will go through this in more details when we will actually list the hats based on the best material and quality.

The Color

We are admittedly getting into the more fashion-conscious areas now but when it comes to choosing a Summer hat the color is actually quite important. Certain colors take in more heat from the sun which is why when choosing a Summer hat you will want to opt for something cool like a pastel tone.  

However, you could also opt for something pale like white. Now darker colors are also available as well as earth tones like brown and beige. Certain styles/ types of hat also look better in certain colors as well, so you’ll also need to take that into account as well.

The Style/ Type

Styles of Summer Hat for Men

Finally, and to some the most important factor to consider when choosing a Summer hat is going to be the style or type of hat. Now like I mentioned earlier many men will favor the classic baseball cap which can certainly make a suitable Summer hat although there are more traditional options available.

Certain styles of Summer hat also work better with masculine features and are more male-focused. Below, we’ve outlined some of our favorite types of men’s Summer hats and highlighted some of the best examples you can find available today. So, now you know all the essential research and information let’s get down to it and look at some of the best men’s Summer hats available.

The Bucket Hat 

Also known as the fisherman’s hat the bucket hat is a Summer classic and perfect for getting that relaxed, laidback Summer vibe. The bucket hat is also incredibly breathable which makes it ideal for dealing with the Summer sunshine.

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite male bucket hats.

Cotton-Corduroy Bucket Hat

68% cotton this stylish beige bucket hat is perfect for the Summer sunshine and the sandy color will even match the sand. Certain to be breathable and comfortable even in the harshest sunshine this fashionable hat is the perfect blend of cool and retro. If you want something 70’s inspired then this cotton-corduroy hat is just what you want!

Cotton-Corduroy Bucket Summer Hat For Men

Camouflage Bucket Hat

While going for a more neutral color is often preferred when it comes to looking for the best men’s Summer hat sometimes you just need to be brave! This Camouflage Bucket Hat offers you a truly eye-catching design and it features an array of stylish colors in the classic camo pattern. Made from cotton this comfortable and cool hat is ideal for the man who isn’t afraid to stand out.

Camouflage Bucket Hat

Reversible Bucket Hat

You effectively get two hats in one with this reversible bucket hat! With its bold black color and cotton/ nylon blend, this hat is ideal for the man who wants something a little more simple and masculine-inspired. The ribbed brim is also perfect for protecting your eyes from the sun and giving you a little more shade.

Reversible Bucket Hat For Summer

Kenzo Floral Print Bucket Hat

Made from 100% polyester with a pure 100% cotton lining this floral bucket hat from Kenzo is another great choice for the modern man who wants something funkier. This stylish design will be sure to stand out in any setting and the curved brim will give you further protection from the sun.

Kenzo Floral Print Bucket Hat

Tropical Print Poplin Bucket Hat

Our final bucket hat features a tall shape and another stunning floral design! Made from 100% polyester this beautiful bucket hat features a narrow brim and flat top which will help ensure you stay cool and comfortable at all times.

Tropical Print Poplin Bucket Hat Men summer hat

The Baseball Cap 

With the wide visor, a baseball classic is perfect for dealing with the Summer sunshine. Baseball caps are also incredibly well ventilated and come in a wide assortment of different fits and styles.

You can also wear a baseball cap in a number of different ways each with its own unique attributes and charm. This stylish hat is certainly more versatile than many people first think and popular choice you just need to know which ones are best suited for the Summer.

Polo Ralph Lauren Chino Baseball Cap 

Made from high-quality cotton this stunning, designer hat is going to be incredibly comfortable. It features a seamed bill, sweatband, and embroidered ventilating eyelets making it the perfect casual Summer wear.

Whether it’s while you are out about doing your daily chores or at the beach this baseball cap will be sure to look beautiful and will make a great addition to anyone’s Summer wardrobe. Best of all, there is also a wide assortment of different colors to choose from as well.

Polo Ralph Lauren Chino Baseball Cap

Stone Island Camouflage Denim Baseball Cap

Denim might not be the best choice for dealing with the Summer sunshine, but it can still work especially when you have a cotton lining offering extra comfort and ventilation. Rugged and very masculine this baseball cap is perfect for any man looking for his ideal simple, stylish, and manly Summer hat.

Stone Island Camouflage Denim Baseball Cap

Calvin Klein Baseball Cap 

Another famous designer quite literally throws their hat into the ring with this stylish Summer baseball cap. Made from 100% cotton this beautiful cap is ideal for the Summer and the pure white coloring is incredibly versatile which means you can easily pair it with your favorite Summer outfit. If you want something simple, fashionable, and undeniably cool then this is the hat for you.

Calvin Klein Baseball Cap  Summer Hat For Men

EK 9Twenty Heathered Baseball Cap

Pure cotton but with a nylon strap this simple yet stylish baseball cap is a great choice for any man looking for a comfortable Summer hat. The bronze and white color combo is a little more unusual which helps it stand out despite the simple design. The larger square visor will also be sure to help you stay cool and refreshed as well.

The Best Summer Hat For Men

The Fedora

Trendy and stylish the fedora is a very unique hat in a number of ways and well suited for the Summer months. They can also help protect you from the sun and keep you cool as well. So, if you want something a little more trendy these fedoras are sure to be a great choice for Summer.

Messer Straw Fedora

While fedoras can be made from a wide range of different materials there is one material that is overwhelming popular when it comes to Summer and that is straw!

Straw is actually quite strong, secure, and comfortable all very good things to have in a Summer hat but perhaps the most important thing with this fedora is that it is incredibly breathable. Perfect for looking stylish in the sun this great hat is ideal for any man’s Summer wardrobe.

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Messer Straw Fedora

Men’s Levi’s Twill-Band Straw Fedora

They might be more well-known for their jeans, but Levi’s have also done a brilliant job with this straw fedora! The classic white color straw is perfect for the Summer and gives you a more relaxed vibe. The brown twill band also beautifully contrasts the pale white straw to form a very fashionable Summer hat any man will be sure to rock during a warm Summer day.

Men’s Plaid Fedora

Do you want something a little darker when it comes to your next Summer hat? If so then this beautiful plaid fedora is a great choice the grey color makes it something you can wear down at the beach as well as in more professional or semi-formal environments as well. This fedora is very versatile, and the pure cotton lining will help ensure you stay cool and comfortable at all times.

Men's Plaid Fedora For Men

Rush Straw Wide Brim Fedora

Made from 100% seagrass this fantastic fedora is perfect for any man’s next Summer outfit. It’s a more simple, budget-friendly option but offers everything you could need from a cool and comfortable Summer hat.

The cotton hatband adds some extra structure to the hat to provide good shape and there is even an interior sweatband in the interior of the hat that will help you stay cool and comfortable even during the more intense heat.

Rush Straw Wide Brim Fedora

The Panama 

The panama is actually the traditional Summer hat in a number of countries and while in places like America and the UK it’s a little less common it still makes a fantastic Summer hat. If you want something a little different that will be sure to stand out, look fashionable and still keep you cool then a panama could be the best choice. Let’s take a look at some panama hats in more detail.

Brown Handwoven Natural Straw Panama Men Summer Hat

The line between a trilby and panama is actually an argument still raging which has led to many hats having both names. This stylish lightweight panama hat is made from high-quality straw and features a stylish hat band that has been embellished with a gold logo for some extra style points. While panama hats are available in many colors they are usually quite light, but this hat uses a darker brown color to create a stylish, professional Summer hat any man will adore.

Panama Men's Summer Hat

Frescobol Carioca Panama Hat 

This stylish panama hat is designed to emulate the traditional Cuban-style design and the white color is perfect for the sunny Summer months. The hat band is a deep blue that creates a stylish contrast and makes the hat appear very luxurious. Cool and comfortable with a timeless design this Panama hat is ideal for both casual and formal occasions and ideal for the man who likes to keep things old-school. If you’re looking for a more traditional Panama hat then this is a great choice.

Frescobol Carioca Panama Hat

Navy Panama Men’s Summer Hat 

Navy isn’t a color you often see on a Panama hat which is a shame because has this hat shows it can look amazing. This hat was actually crafted with 100% pure toquilla straw in Ecuador so this hat is very high-quality and incredibly comfortable.

Thanks to the straw construction this hat is also very breathable which makes it perfect for a warm Summer day out and about. Cool and relaxing with a more unusual, modern color this hat is sure to be a popular choice.

Navy Panama Men's Summer Hat

New Era San Francisco Giants Panama Bucket Hat

This panama hat is actually kind of a hybrid because it takes some inspiration from the bucket hat as well! Now as you’ve already seen from our list the bucket hat is another popular Summer hat option so this hat by combining elements of two styles looks to create something new and exciting.

Made from 100% polyester with a higher top this cool and comfortable hat is ideal for the man looking for something a little more unique. The wide brim will be sure to keep you cool and protect your eyes from the sun, so if you’re looking for something a little more unusual this could be the right Summer hat for you.

Giants Panama Bucket Summer Hat For Men

Borsalino Panama Straw Men’s Summer Hat 

This Italian made cool pastel blue Panama hat is ideal for the Summer and the blue could even make it more popular for men trying to find the best men’s Summer hat! The masculine color is beautifully contrasted with the darker blue hat band as well. Retro but with a modern edge this Panama straw hat is very versatile and can be worn in all kinds of setting.

Panama Summer Hat for men

Finding The Best Men’s Summer Hat – Our Conclusion 

So, that concludes our guide to the best men’s Summer hats! There is a lot to consider I know but finding the best Summer hat can actually be a lot of fun a hat might be a small thing, but it can have a huge impact. Just consider a baseball cap to a fedora they are both very unique and different, aren’t they?

But they both make excellent Summer hats if you are having trouble choosing your favorite then thing about where you are going to wear them. Do you want something more casual then opting for a baseball cap might be the best option but if you want something you can wear in a more formal setting then a panama hat could work best.

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