Cool Summer Beach Outfits For Men

Heading the beach is always a bit of conundrum, isn’t it? Are you going to relax and sunbathe, go into the sea or just relax on the sand? Many people probably want to do a bit of everything as well which can make getting the right beach outfit for men together somewhat tricky.

Now while male fashion is now much more varied than ever before finding the best beach outfit for men can still be a little difficult. No getting some shorts or swimwear is simple enough but we’re talking the full beach outfit experience.

There is a lot to think about and consider when looking for the best beach outfits for men. You need to think about shirts and vests, shorts and trousers and then you’ll need appropriate footwear. There is also a number of different accessories you could add to the outfit as well.

It can be a little overwhelming trying to put a good beach outfit together but that is where we can help! We have crafted our very own in-depth beach outfits guide, we’ll take you through everything you need to consider and have even highlighted some great choices.

Whether you want to go with our picks or just use it as inspiration for your own search our beach outfits for men style guide will be sure to help you look good and feel great on your next trip to the beach.

So, don’t struggle to try and find the right outfit let our guide do the hard work.

Cool Beach Outfit Ideas For Men

Beach outfit for men ideas

Beach Outfits For Men – Shirts 

While you might see many men going topless at the beach if you want an outfit you can easily wear on the sand and a beach side bar or café you’ll want a shirt. Shirts also provide extra protection from sunburn and are more suitable for colder climates.

In short, if you are putting together a men’s beach outfit whether it’s yourself or someone you know you’ll likely want a shirt of some kind. Now for this guide, we are splitting shirts into two categories this is focused on button-up shirts.

They can be paired with a t-shirt or vest or worn on their own, both looks can work.

Now wearing a shirt at the beach (at least a button-up one) might seem like it would quickly become uncomfortable, but you simply need to know which shirts to get.

So, let’s look at some examples of shirts that would make a great addition to any man’s beach outfit.

Shirts for beach outfits for men

South Beach Shirt

With its striking design, this stylish South Beach snake print shirt will be sure to look fashionable while you are out on the beach. This shirt is ideal to be worn open while you relax on the beach, but it can also be paired with a t-shirt or buttoned up and still look stunning. If you want something a little more unusual or striking this shirt is perfect for you.

South Beach Shirt Men for beach outfits for men

Travis South Beach Shirt

While the design might be a little outlandish for some with love the tropical beach-vibe of this stunning shirt from Travis South. The slightly baggy fit will help ensure you stay cool and comfortable whatever you’re doing if you want a beach shirt that will help ensued you stand out and look great this is the shirt you want.

Beach Shirt Floral For Men

Beach Movies Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

This is the perfect casual beach shirt and is ideal for relaxing at the beach, enjoying a beachfront meal with friends, and much more. The neutral design will lend itself to a number of styles with ease and the 100% cotton build will help ensure you always stay cool and comfortable.

Beach Movies Short Sleeve

Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt 

Made with 100% cotton this stylish deep bleach beach shirt is sure to turn heads. It is perfect for all kinds of beach activity and the striking sea shell design is incredibly eye-catching. Whether it is worn with a t-shirt or on its own this shirt is perfect for any man’s beach outfit.

Polo For the Beach

T-Shirts and Vests

From button-up shirts to the simpler t-shirts and vests, now like I mentioned earlier these can be paired with a button-up shirt to create a stylish beach outfit. But if you feel that would be too many layers a t-shirt or vest can be easily worn without a button-up shirt.

T-shirts and vests are often a more simple choice and better suited for beach activities that involve a little more running about. However, they can also make stylish, comfortable, and practical additions to a beach outfit as well!

If you want your beach outfit to be a little more simple then opting for a t-shirt or vest rather than a button-up shirt is likely your preferred option. However, you still need to make sure you get something that will keep you comfortable so let’s take a look at some examples, shall we?

Stripe Raw Edge Raglan Tee

Stripes and the beach just go together, don’t they? With its neutral laidback style this raglan tee is perfect for the beach. Whether paired with a button-down shirt or not it’s ideal beachwear and at 75% cotton, it will be sure to leave you cool and comfortable at all times whether you’re playing some sports or just relaxing with friends.

Stripe Raw Edge Raglan Tee

Blissful Graphic Tee Manhattan Beach

It seems like graphic t-shirts are quite the rarity these days, but they will always look good at the beach! This blissful graphic tee features a subtle, relaxed image that is perfect for the beach and the cotton-polyester blend will be sure to leave you cool and comfortable at all times.

Blissful Graphic Tee Manhattan Beach

Tonic cotton-jersey vest top

Made from 100% cotton this vest is perfect for people who want something a little different from a regular tee. If you want to show off those arms then a vest is always going to be a winner! Sure, to keep you cool and comfortable whatever you’re doing this wonderous wave splash vest is perfect for the beach.

Beach Vest

Life is Good Retro Tee

Made from cotton and polyester this is another example of a great graphic tee perfect for the beach! The soft blue/ green color and vibrant image are perfect for beachwear and it’s the perfect tee for beachside socializing. Retro, fashionable, and charming this tee is ideal casual beachwear.

Life is Good Retro Tee


Yes, you can wear pants at the beach, and they are likely more common than you might first thing. Yes, many men will likely be more inclined to choose shorts but there are plenty of different styles of pants available that can make a great addition to any man’s beach outfit.

Now it’s also highly likely that you won’t have a pair of these pants either. Jeans and other similar legwear aren’t really the best choice for a day at the beach if you want to stay comfortable throughout the day.

When it comes to choosing pants for your beach outfit you need to consider the material, length, and even the color can have an impact. So, let’s look at some of the best choices for pants, shall we?

If you want something a little longer these choices would make excellent beachwear.

Pao Pants 

When it comes to wearing pants at the beach, comfort should be your main concern which means you likely want something cotton. These chino style pants are 100% cotton and the dark blue color makes them easy to match with a tee or button up shirt. Stylish, simple, and great for beach-side socializing these pants are a perfect choice.

Pao Pants

Men’s Slim-Fit Chinos 

Available in both a sandy brown and purple plum these chinos are perfect casual beachwear! They are 98% cotton so you can be sure you’ll be cool and comfortable whatever you’re doing. From relaxing on the sand, beachside partying, and socializing these versatile, stylish pants are perfect for the modern man’s beach outfit.

Men's Slim-Fit Chinos  For Summer Outfit

Men’s Slim-Fit Black Stretch Pima-Cotton Chinos 

At 98% cotton, these slim-fit chinos are ideal for the beach! They come in three different colors so mixing and matching with your outfit will be easy. With a great fit, these chinos give off the perfect laidback, relaxed vibe you want for beachside fun.

Men's Slim-Fit Black Stretch Pima-Cotton Chinos


Now shorts are going to be a common sight at the beach, and they come in many different forms. This can make adding a good pair of shorts to your beach outfit a little tricky because there is so much choice.

Do you opt for something you can easily and comfortably wear in the water or do you want something that is better suited to sunbathing or socializing? Many men out there will likely have a few pairs of shorts, but these aren’t always going to be suitable for down at the beach.

When putting together a beach outfit for men a good pair of shorts will likely be at the top of your list. But with so many options getting the right pair or two can be quite the difficult endeavor but we’ve compiled so choices for you try below.

Regular Fit Sweat Shorts

Sometimes you just want something simple and these sweat shorts are ideal for the beach especially if you want something that will keep you cool if you’re planning on being more active! They are also available in a great range of colors as well. Budget-friendly and plenty of room for personalization these shorts are ideal beachwear.  

Regular Fit Sweat Shorts mens beach outfit

IZOD Men’s Saltwater Chino Shorts 

Available in a range of colors and patterns these chino-style shorts are ideal beachwear. Whatever your style or fashion preference is you’ll be sure to find something that suits you. If you want some shorts that are better suited for beachside socializing these are for you.

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Men's Saltwater Chino Shorts

New Look Raw Edge Denim Shorts 

Like I said earlier denim is usually something you should stay away from when it comes to the beach however the exception to this rule is shorts. Denim shorts can actually look very fashionable and stylish at the beach. So, if you want something laidback and undeniably cool these are the shorts for you.

New Look Raw Edge Denim Shorts

Digital Print Shorts 

With their outlandish tropical pattern and vibrant range of colors, these digital print shorts are going to be perfect for the beach! They have a very smooth feel which means they are perfect activewear as well. If you plan to be playing some sports at the beach then these shorts are a great choice and they have that amazing relaxed vibe everyone wants at the beach as well.

Digital Print Shorts Men


Yes, some men will go barefoot on the beach, but this won’t be something they’ll be able to do all the time. You’ll still need a suitable pair of shoes (Shoes to wear with jeans)even if you don’t wear them all the time! But what are the best shoes to wear on the beach?

Well, there are a few different options and the good news is many of them are still incredibly stylish.

After all, who doesn’t want to look stylish at the beach?

From trainers to slip-on, sandals, and more there are plenty of different kinds of shoes you can comfortably wear at the beach. Let’s take a more in-depth look at some of your options.

Multi Block Vans 

A good pair of slip-on shoes are ideal for the beach and these Vans offer some great funky colors! At the beach, you want to look relaxed and laidback and these Vans are the perfect way to add some color to your outfit without it being overpowering. Not every guy out there will want to take the plunge with all these colors but trust it can really work especially beachside.

Multi Block Vans

Fila Logo Slides

Relaxing beachside often requires a more laidback look which is why flip-flops or slides are so popular. These Fila slides are sure to be a popular choice and they are perfect for people who are looking for a more active, sporty time at the beach. Whether you’re playing some volleyball or just socializing these are the perfect shoes for you.

Ssense White Von Sandals 

These stylish white Von Sandals are perfect for a more luxurious relaxing time at the beach. With the open toe design, your feet will be cool and comfortable at all times. The rubber sole is also perfect for the sandy conditions of a beach as well. If you want something with a more luxury feel to them then these sandals are exactly what you want.


Frogskins Prizm Road D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

With there orange-tinted lenses and thick black frames, these sunglasses are perfect for the beach! Every guy can rock a pair of sunglasses at the beach, but these make a more unusual choice that will help you stand out. Lightweight and stylish these sunglasses are the perfect beachside accessory.

Frogskins Prizm Road D-Frame Acetate Sunglasses

Sun Devils Coach Slouch Hat

While there are plenty of hats you can wear at the beach we think the classic baseball cap look is the best option. The Sun Devils Coach hat offers a great design that utilizes both warm and dark colors to great effect. If you want a cool hat that will protect your face then this hat is exactly what you need.

Brown geo tape straw trilby hat

If you don’t want a traditional cap then how about this fashionable trilby? The design makes it ideal for the beach and this stylish hat is even made from a sun smart material. It’s the perfect blend of old-school and modern so if you want something a little different why not give the Straw Print Trilby a try?

Brown geo tape straw trilby hat

Brooklyn Aviator Sunglasses

Slender yet still very masculine these stylish sunglasses are perfect for a day at the beach. The green-tinted lenses add a cool-vibe that is perfect for relaxing down at the beach. Timeless with a luxury edge to them these sunglasses are a great beachside fashion accessory.

Brooklyn Aviator Sunglasses

So, that finishes off our guide into putting together the best beach outfit for men. As you can see there is a lot to think about and consider it isn’t quite as simple as you might have first though especially if you plan to do more than just lie back and sunbathe.

But now you have our guide you’ll be able to easily but your best beach outfit together in no time! Remember whether you want something more relaxed and laidback or something a little luxurious there are plenty of options out there.

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