European Summer Vacation Ideas for Single Guys

There’s no continent in the world like Europe. Europe has it all – amazing beaches for your summer destinations, picture-perfect mountain peaks for your winter wonderland activities, a million choices for incredible adventures, deep caves worth exploring, a vibrant nightlife. This being said, it’s perfectly normal that you might have a hard time deciding on just one destination to see there, especially if you’re a single guy and want to mingle a little bit. 

This summer should be unforgettable, and if you have plans to see Europe, these are the top destinations that you might have in mind if you’re up for some good time. Also, remember that no matter what country you go to, you will find yourself in the centre of a unique history and culture, yet if it’s good fun that you want, these are our top picks for the following season:

Partying in Mykonos

As Lindsay Lohan’s legendary viral video says – This is how you throw a party in Mykonos, b*tch! And that’s hands down the truth – Mykonos is all about partying all day and night while overlooking some fantastic beaches and clubs. This might not be the perfect place to go for a family holiday, yet if you’re single and ready to tear down the clubs, Mykonos might be the first option on your list. Great beaches, tasty cocktails, rich history, and pretty people – that’s what Mykonos is.

Yachting in Croatia

However, if you’re up for wonderful beaches, rich country culture, some Mediterranean vibes, and fun activities put Croatia on your list. Apart from stunning beaches, you will be able to travel around some of Croatia’s most beautiful islands. If you’re up for the latter, then yachting is the perfect activity for you. Simply take a high-quality Ribco boat, put on your sunglasses and sunscreen and see Krk, Brac, Hvar, or any other island there. Is there anything sexier than a single guy yachting? No matter which island you choose – you will not be wrong. You can also see Dubrovnik on your way back and feel those King’s Landing vibes.

A wide range of activities in Spain

But is there a European country that ticks all the following boxes: beautiful beaches, incredibly hot people, rich culture, fantastic nightlife? Yes, there is – Spain. If you choose to go to Spain, you will have a difficult challenge in front of you – narrow down the destinations to visit. It would be best if you started with Madrid and its rich nightlife, then make your way to Barcelona to see its jaw-dropping architecture and have fun on some of their beaches that are perfect for single people. After these two destinations, you can visit Valencia or Sevilla. You choose, depending on what you want to do.

Find your true love in France

But not everyone wants to party in Europe during summer. Perhaps you’re a more romantic kind of guy, and if this is the case, then France might be a great solution. Imagine this: spending a couple of days in Paris, the most romantic city on the planet, and then making your way down to the alluring French Riviera where you not only get to sunbathe on its fabulous beaches, but you will also be able to meet plenty of people as this place is full of single people trying to have fun and enjoy summer.

History, gelato, and landscapes in Italy

The European summer list wouldn’t be complete without Italy, one of the most beautiful European countries. This country has it all – rich history, hundreds of museums and important historical landmarks, thousands of pretty little churches, and, of course, astounding landscapes near the seaside. Choose one of Italy’s coastal towns (or even villages as they exude a unique atmosphere), have gelato, and simply enjoy. In addition, Italians are all very hot, which might be a plus for you, especially if you choose one of the best Italian cities for singles.

Regardless of these tips, any European destination you choose is a good destination. However, since it’s summer that we’re talking about, it would be best to think of something exciting and warm. A cocktail in your hand, your eyes fixated on your beach crush, nice music coming from your speakers… is there anything else you need?

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