Exercises You Can Do Together with Your Girlfriend

Exercising together with someone can be hard at times. Finding a gym buddy is easy but finding the right gym partner that won’t bail on you after the first couple of training sessions is hard. Working out together does require a special bond, just like the one you share with your girlfriend. In fact, you can use the amorous relationship you have with her to learn new exercises that you two can do together, as a couple (of gym buddies) and have a happy life together.

The importance of sharing the same goal

As experienced bodybuilders are well aware, motivation is crucial to realizing any training program. If you buddy up with your partner, you can count on someone to cheer you along the way but there is a more important side to this partnership. Namely, you two should share the same or at least similar fitness goals.

If your girlfriend is there merely as psychological support, don’t expect her to last for long in the gym. On the other hand, if she is power lifting by your side or you both decide to lose a few extra kilos, then an inseparable mental bond will be created.

Leg adduction with manual resistance

As far as exercises are concerned, the best are the ones requiring some help to complete. Instead of asking a local trainer or another gym-goer to assist you, you have your girlfriend. One such exercise is leg adduction with manual resistance.

While lying flat on your back, you should try and lift the leg high up in the air with your partner pushing them downwards. There are several variations to this exercise, the most popular one including lying on the side, rather than on the back. After some 10 reps on both sides, you are ready to switch places with your girlfriend.

I spot you

We’ve given an example of an exercise you can perform together but more often than not, it is spotting that will matter the most. For instance, overhead squatting works out the lower body but you shouldn’t try to lift huge loads without a spotter. This is where the help of your girlfriend will prove valuable. After you’re done, switch places with her, as overhead squatting is an excellent exercise both for men and women.

exercises to do with my boyfriend

A push-up with extra weight

A plant push-up doesn’t have to be a boring solo exercise, especially if has become too easy. Your girlfriend can lie on top of you, resting her hands on your inner shoulders. This way, she won’t interrupt you while pushing up and lowering but her body weight will still add extra resistance to every push-up.

Some 10 reps are more than enough with her entire body leaning against yours. The alternative is that she only partially leans against your back, keeping her toes on the ground.

Jogging as a couple

As you probably already know there are numerous health benefits of running and jogging. However, it’s hard to go the distance alone. What you need is to team up with someone for that Sunday jog in the park. Now, be aware that not all people like running, as some even think of it as pure torture.

It might require some persuasion at first but there is no real reason for your girlfriend not to join you for your weekly run. In fact, running side by side is excellent for the strengthening of your relationship as you chat and laugh while burning calories together.

Twisting together

The last exercise we list here is perhaps the most fun one. A partner twist consists of two people kneeling upright facing back to back. One person is holding a kettlebell, while the other’s arms are hanging alongside the body.

The next step is for both of you to turn in the same direction (to twist) and pass the kettlebell. Then you turn to the other side and pass the kettlebell again, keeping up this procedure for up to a whole minute. The exercise is ideal for working your abs, respectively.

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These were just a couple of examples of exercises you and your girlfriend can perform together. A common fitness goal will bring you two closer together and strengthen your relationship like no other leisure activity. 


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