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Men's hats and caps are needed for protection against harsh weather and it can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Since 3,000 BC, archaeologists already have been confirming that hats and caps for men were already been worn.

As proof for this, a frozen bronze age man with a hat whose nicknamed was Ötzi was found 19 September 1991 by two German tourists, Helmut and Erika Simon, on the east ridge of the Fineilspitze in the Ötztal Alps between Austria and Italian mountains at an elevation of 10,530 feet.

The first pictorial depicting a hat was found in an Egyptian tomb painting which depicts conical straw hat worn as early as 3,200 BC. Historical records also show that the first recorded appearance of a hat is seen in the 1796 painting of Carle Vernet.

Aside from these, there are other historical depictions of hats worn such as the brimless and felt Pileus cap worn in Ancient Greece, the Phrygian cap of the slaves in Greece and Rome who were freed wherein such depictions later became an iconic symbol of liberty against the Monarchy of the French Revolution and American Revolutionary War, and the Greek petasos which was considered to be the first hat with a brim.

Moving forward, hats and caps for men have already evolved in its designs and styles. There are several types of hats for men that are available at which include beanies, leather caps, flat top hats, Palos hats or painter's hat, Fedora hats, and even earmuffs which completely protects the head and the ears of the wearer.

Stylish hats are also available including bonnets, Coppola caps of Italian origin, skipper caps and baseball caps typically worn by a casual wearer.

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