How To Buy The Best Watch For A Man

Are you looking for the best watch for a man? Then this in-depth guide will be sure to help you. When it comes to finding a watch for a man there’re a lot of things to think about.

It might seem like all watches are the same, but they certainly aren’t.

A watch is a treasured timepiece, a functional piece of technology, and a practical accessory all in one great package.

Let’s look at what you need to know in order to find the best watch for the man in your life.

Now if you are the man in question who wants a watch then you’ll be sure to find this guide great reading as well. After all, don’t we all want to treat ourselves every now and again?

So, let’s look at everything you need to think about when looking for the best watch for a man.

Before to start, let’s have a look to the different features a watch can have.

What are the features to look at when choosing to buy a watch?

First of all you will need to chose your watch movement:

. Automatic
. Quartz
. Mechanical

Then you will need to chose your watch style:

. Dress
. Military
. Chronograph
. Luxury
. Pilot&Aviation
. Racing


The first thing you need to think about when searching for the best watch for a man is the movement. The movement is pretty self-explanatory it’s what controls the watch hands and the mechanisms that work the watch.

It is essentially the heart of the watch and has such very important when it comes to choosing one for the man in your life. Watch movements come in three different types automatic, quartz, and finally mechanical.

buy the best watch for a man


Automatic movement is powered with a mainspring that uses small, complex gears to move the hands of the watch.

There is no hand winding required with these watches as it is designed to windup simply by your general movement during the day.

There is no battery required with this kind of watch either and the movement is usually very smooth. From a design point of view, many automatic watches are very stylish.

However, they can be very expensive and are more sensitive to outside environmental factors that can potentially damage the watch like dust and moisture.


Affordable and common but by no means of poor quality a Quartz movement watch could make a great choice.

A Quartz watch is powered with a small battery which sends electricity through a tiny crystal to power the hand movement.

quartz best men watch

This is done through a small level of vibration given by an electric pulse that goes through the crystal.

The good thing about Quartz movement is that watches that use it are usually very accurate, durable, and affordable.

However, from a purely aesthetic point of view, they can look quite dull and boring.


Similar to Automatic a Mechanical watch is powered with a mainspring that controls the watch’s hand movement.

However, this will need to be wound by hand, they are definitely the traditional choice and many watch lovers adore them.

When they are built and designed well these watches look amazing and will be treasured keepsakes. They also offer smooth hand movement and won’t require a battery.

However, the downsides need to be considered as well.

how to buy the best watch for a men

For one thing, a Mechanical movement watch will require regular winding, which can easily become a hassle.

The more luxurious models can also be very expensive as well.

Overall, all three of these watch movement options certainly have their pros and cons.

They would all make a fine choice though if you’re looking for the best watch for a man. Mechanical would make a great choice for the man who loves tradition.

Quartz is a more budget-friendly choice and perfect for the man who wants a hardy, durable timepiece.

While Automatic offers a nice middle-ground between the two styles. But perhaps more important than the movement is the style of watch you get.


Once you have decided upon a watch movement you need to consider the style of watch you get.

Since you’re looking for the best watch for a man there are going to certain materials, shapes, colors, and overall styles that appeal to a more masculine audience.

There are many different watch styles and variations we could talk about, but we are prioritizing our choices to what we think are the most likely to appeal to men.

So, let’s look at some watch styles you need to know about.


If the man you’re buying for is very fashion conscious or loves to look stylish then a Dress watch is a perfect choice.

These watches are normally quite thin although there are thicker options.

The face is usually quite minimalist in design although some do have extras like hour indexes.

best men dress watch

The watch band is usually high-quality leather at least in classic Dress watches. Some more modern Dress watches do have metal bands, but these aren’t the norm and can be hard to find.

The case shape is typically circular or square.

However, rectangular options are available as well. These watches are also normally made from more expensive, luxury materials like silver and gold.

So, as I’m sure you can guess these watches are generally quite expensive.


When it comes to finding the best watch for a man you can’t really go wrong with a Military watch.

These watches have been inspired by the specialist watches military members wore, although they have some alterations to make them more acceptable for the public.

military watches for men

When it comes to their design these watches have a big and bold design usually using dark colors like black and green. Almost every military-style watch will have mechanical movement as well. The case is almost always going to be circular and quite larger with the face being quite detailed.

Military watches usually have large numbers to make them easier to read at a glance. The band is also normally leather, but they can be metal or nylon as well.

If the man you’re buying for loves classic masculine colors and designs then a Military watch would be a fine choice.

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One of the most popular watch styles are Chronograph watches these watches come in numerous different styles and colors.

Whatever you’re looking for in a watch a Chronograph watch will likely have a design you like, although it may take some time to find.


In more luxurious designs these watches typically have quite intricate faces with small dials built into the face.

The numbers can be big or small and there will usually be extra features built-in like a stopwatch function, which you control with the side buttons.

These watches come in many colors, as I mentioned earlier, but some masculine combos to look out for are black, silver, and blue color schemes.

You can find very stylish designs even on a lower budget but if you want to spend a bit more you will be sure to find many great Chronograph watches available from leading brands.


You can consider the watches that fall into this category to be the bigger brother of Dress watches.

These watches have it all, you could choose something using only the most expensive luxurious materials like gold, silver, titanium, diamond, precious gems, or pretty much anything else you can think of.

Luxury watches are made by well-known designers like Versace or Cartier to name just a couple of examples.

While there is a scope to the price these watches won’t come cheap usually costing thousands of dollars at a minimum.

They are more than simple timepieces they are really heirlooms that can be enjoyed for years.

Because of their price and design, these watches will be very accurate and while the movement can vary they are normally mechanical as that is the style most watch lovers prefer.


When looking for the best watch for a man you can’t underestimate the appeal of a stylish Aviation watch. As the name tells you, these watches are designed using traditional air force watches as inspiration.

They might have similar origins to Military watches, but they have a very different design.

best pilot watches for men

The traditional design approach for an Aviation watch will be dark colors like black and brown.

A circular face with large numbers and they’ll also usually have a built-in chronograph.

Leather is again the band material of choice although there are other options available these days.

These bands are also normally longer and thicker. This can make them more comfortable for men to wear, especially if the man you’re buying for has thick arms.

Finally, one interesting feature worth highlighting with these watches is that the numbers and in some cases the whole face is luminous.


Sometimes called driving watches this is another popular choice when it comes to finding the best watch for a man.

These watches normally have a larger circular face although they can be square as well. The watch design is inspired by 1930s race car drivers and they are designed for style and practicality.

These watches are normally larger and thicker than some of the other designs we’ve looked at.

And are typically made from a hardier material like stainless steel. Bands can be leather, but metal is much more common. This more rugged style will help them appeal to men as well.

best racing watch for men

Racing watches also usually feature a built-in chronograph and date function as well. Now when it comes to the colors these watches are actually quite interesting.

Unlike some of the men’s watches we’ve looked at Racing watches usually have more adventurous contrasting colors.

If you’re buying for a man who likes a splash of color this type of watch would make a great choice.

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So, that is our countdown on what we think are the most masculine styles for when it comes to finding the best watch for a man.

There are plenty of options to suit all tastes and preferences. If you want to go big and spend a lot then a Luxury watch would be the ideal choice.

However, there are also some super stylish Dress watches available as well. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars then this type would make a great alternative.

If you’re buying for a man who wants something more rugged then a Military or Aviation watch would make a fine choice as well.

Chronograph watches with their intricate designs and fantastic features would make a great choice too. If the man you’re buying for is looking for the most practical timepiece this style of watch would be a great choice.

And finally, we have Racing watches which offer the hardiness of Military watches but add a more colorful, adventurous, and playful twist.

But of course, your search for the best watch for a man isn’t limited to just these options. We have a few more tech-focused watch styles worth talking about.

digital watches for men


You might have wondered why it took us this long to get to Digital watches after all they are quite popular.

While it’s true these watches are plentiful, when it comes to buying a watch as a gift for a man, opting for a more traditional hands-movement designed watch is more common.

Digital watches also have the reputation for being quite ugly and while we don’t think this is entirely fair we can see why this stereotype exists.

But Digital watches can look quite fashionable and masculine making them a good choice for men.

The Digital watch time movement is also generally much easier to read at a glance as well.

Digital watches are also usually quite durable, can be made from numerous different materials, and come in many different colors and designs.

More modern digital watches can also include a number of extra features as well like a stopwatch, alarm, and calendar.

Your budget is very important when it comes to buying a Digital watch as there is a lot of difference between the cheaper and expensive models.

This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot to get a good one but if you want one that is stylish and high-quality look for the more mid-range models.  

smartwatches for men


For our final choice, we have Smartwatches.

The most modern option on our list these watches would make a fine choice for the man who loves his gadgets.

Smartwatches come in numerous forms and there are more budget-friendly options available.

However, if you want a stylish Smartwatch you might find yourself facing some big price tags.

Brands like Apple and Samsung have more expensive elite models but there are more affordable watches available as well.

Now if you buy a more expensive Smartwatch you could find yourself enjoying a number of great features.

This includes apps, games, the ability to watch videos, view photos, read emails, pay for goods using your online banking, using social media sites, monitoring your heart rate, reading your blood pressure, counting your steps, and more.

Now, of course, this great list of features won’t be available with every Smartwatch but even more, basic/ budget-friendly models can have some impressive features like an alarm clock or digital reminder.

The more pricey models can have very slick touch screens as well, but even basic LED screens can still look stylish.

If you’re buying for a man who enjoys technology or who wants a watch for more than just telling the time then a Smartwatch would make a great choice.

They aren’t your regular watches but could certainly make a great choice.


So, this concludes our guide for finding the best watch for a man. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or the special man in your life there is bound to be a stylish watch out there for him.

From rugged military-inspired designs to the cool and colorful.

We have looked at everything you need to think about from the movement to the numerous different styles available.

Remember to consider the color, shape, features, and perhaps most importantly the price. When you take these into account and remember to examine all your options you’ll be sure to find a watch any many will adore.

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