How To Trim And Shape Eyebrows For Men

Women have been routinely tending to their eyebrows in the US since the early 20th century. Back then they were shaped to be very thin to make them appear more dramatic, involving and engaging.

These days ladies are trimming, shortening, plucking and even removing all their eyebrow hairs and replacing them with tattoos!

From the moment you’re born, through childhood and your teen years it seems your eyebrows have no problems at all. But then as soon as you kiss goodbye to your teen years and hit your twenties that’s when problems start to arise. Brows become thicker, we get the odd thick grey hair and then your eyebrows start meeting in the middle.

We’ve all seen those guys out there who are sporting their unibrow seemingly with pride, but when things are looking truly messy and unkempt why aren’t we paying closer attention to this part of our face?

Perhaps it may be that many men feel that it’s such a small part of hair on their body that they don’t really need not worry about it too much.

Maybe other men will feel that it’s something that only women should really be doing. Or maybe men are totally aware of how messy their brows are, but they are simply too afraid even think about doing anything about them.

But the truth is that actually every single one of can all benefit from giving a little tender loving care to our eyebrows.

The truth really is that their maintenance should be a part of our regular self-care routine.

As men in the modern world, we are always looking for ways to fine-tune our image.

  • We shave or trim our body hair so that everything is tidy and uniform.
  • We carefully select and wear nice clothes.
  • We pay close attention to the style of our hair and use products to get it just right.
  • But making just a few simple changes to our brows can have massive impact on our appearance and even how other people see us.

But, a word of warning when it comes to men trimming and shaping their eyebrows… great care must be taken! One small mistake and you could completely ruin the look you were going for.

And what you know what will make things worse?

Well eyebrow hair grows back much slower than the hair on top of your head. We’ve all had a bad hair day and cleverly hidden it with a hat or even a hoodie, well good luck hiding your eyebrows.

So whether you want to ditch your unibrow, reshape, trim, reduce the volume or even increase the volume of your eyebrow hair. We got you covered.

OK, so first things first what we are going to do is look at some of the key items you will need to purchase.

Having all of these tools at your disposal will ensure you’re able to safely shape and trim your eyebrows.

how to shape eyebrows men

Equipment to Trim Eyebrows For Men

So you’ve decided that you want to start shaping your eyebrows, but there are certain tools that you will need at your disposal to do a good job.

So let’s take a look at what equipment we recommend you to purchase before you get started.

Self-Care Trimmer

You will first of all need some type of cosmetic trimmer. Usually the type that you can use for your nose and ears works well.

If you want a good recommendation why not check out the Wahl Ear, Nose and Brow Trimmer 5546-200.

This trimmer has an incredibly stylish look and it’s quality steel blades are designed to be robust so it will last. Its shape has also been cleverly designed so it fits perfectly in your hand so you can pay close attention to fine details


You will need an eyeliner pen to draw the shape of the eyebrows you want before cutting. Any eyeliner will do. If you’re lucky enough, maybe you’ll be able to borrow your partners.

Eyebrow or Beard Comb

There are many options available online for an eyebrow comb or beard comb.

Either will work but they are important to brush your eyebrow hairs vertically so you can see if they need to be trimmed down as you will soon see.

Tweezers and Eyebrow Scissors

A pair of quality tweezers will be needed to take out any random single hairs growing wild. And, eyebrow scissors will be needed to level off hair lengths. Both of these can be found at any health and beauty store or even pharmacies.

OK so now you have all the equipment you need let’s get to work!

The Unibrow

Unibrow Men

Let’s face it… the word ‘eyebrows’ is plural. So that means that you’re supposed to have two of them not just one.

If you’re sick of your unibrow and want to actually have two eyebrows you can simply remove the hairs down the middle somewhere.

“But how do I do it? Surely I can’t just shave down the middle… can I?”.

That’s correct certainly don’t do that otherwise you’re going to have a few turned heads.

So, let’s break it down for you in these few simple steps.

How do I Trim my own eyebrows?

  1. Wash your Face

    First of all before you try shaping your eyebrow make sure you wash your face with warm water and a good quality men’s facial cleanser that works on removing grease. That will help to remove any stubborn dirt and grease from the hairs, making them easier to work with.

  2. Draw a shape for your eyebrows

    Now grab the eyeliner and while using a mirror try and draw the outline of the shape you want for your eyebrows. You can pick any shape you want, but I’d recommend a natural arch for each side and make sure each shape is symmetrical. Try to think about where the men’s eyebrow should start and where it should end.

  3. Spread one eyebrow out

    Now using two fingers spread one eyebrow out and using your cosmetic trimmer, trim down any hairs that are sitting outside the shape you drew. Make sure you go in the opposite direction of your hair growth.

  4. Same for the other eyebrow

    Now do the same to the other eyebrow and make sure you keep stepping back and checking in the mirror that they both look symmetrical.

  5. Use your tweezers

    Finally take your tweezers and pluck out any single hairs that might be longer and thicker than all the rest.

There we have it. Now you have two eyebrows. Doesn’t it make a difference? But if you’re eyebrows are still thick and need more work keep on reading as we go further into how to trim and shape your eyebrows.

How to Trim and Shape Men’s Eyebrows

How to Trim and Shape Men’s Eyebrows

OK now let’s take a look at how men can trim and shape their eyebrows safely without ruining their image. Make sure you have all your equipment ready.

  • Follow steps 1 and 2 above to clean your eyebrows of grease first and get the right shape you want.
  • Next you should take your eyebrow or beard comb and brush your eyebrow hairs up in a vertical direction. This makes it much easier to see any hairs that are too long and might need removing.
  • Then take your eyebrow scissors and carefully trim across any hairs that go beyond the top of your natural eyebrow line. Take great care when doing this and make sure you don’t go cutting in the middle of your eyebrow. If you cut any hairs in the middle of your eyebrow you risk cutting a hole which only time can heal.
  • Now it’s time to reduce how many hairs you have so that there’s less volume. So grab your cosmetic trimmer and gently move it across your eyebrow in the direction the hairs are growing. Do this a few times until you get an even and uniform look.
  • [NOTE] Whatever you do don’t try and do this with scissors, normal hair trimmers or a beard trimmer. If you do, you risk the chance of completely ruining your eyebrows, and your social life.
  • Moving on, using your tweezers try and find and pluck out any hairs that are thicker than the rest that stand out. Often, you’ll also find some around the mid-brow or just outside of your eyebrows natural shape. Feel free to remove the odd grey hair but don’t remove all of them if they are numerous.
  • Next repeat all the steps above on your other eyebrow. While you’re doing this make sure you keep stepping back to see your full face in the mirror occasionally so that you can check to make sure they look symmetrical.
Getting Thicker Eyebrows For Men

What About Getting Thicker Eyebrows?

Some guys might want to have thicker eyebrows. Perhaps your eyebrows are a little too thin or you want to go for a more rugged look. Well there is a simple, cheap and totally natural was to do this.

Obviously during this phase, you will want to completely avoid waxing, plucking or tweezing your eyebrows until you get the desired volume.

So, what is the natural magic solution?

Castor Oil

Castor Oil To Get Thicker Eyebrows

One of the best products you can possibly use to help grow thicker and fuller eyebrows is castor oil.

Castor oil is made from the caster bean and it is 100 percent natural. Castor oil contains an ingredient called ricinoleic acid which can lead to healthier and more active hair follicles which can lead to thicker fuller hair.

  • Simply rub a few drops of the castor oil into each eyebrow and let it sit for 30 minutes before washing it off with warm water.

If you consistently do this routine once a day you will notice thicker and fuller eyebrows within two months.

At this point if you need to, you can then look at shaping and trimming them how you like.


So now you know how to trim and shape your eyebrows, but there are a few things that you need to consider.

If you have a lot of grey hairs in your eyebrows try not to remove too many of them. It’s absolutely forbidden to remove every single one of them. If you do extract them all then your eyebrows will start looking really thin.

If you’re going to trim outside your natural eyebrow lines make sure you only do it with a special nose, ear and brow trimmer.

Whatever you do don’t use a razor to cut the hairs. They will grow back faster and courser.

Not only will you have to keep shaving them every couple of days, but if you leave them more than a few days you’ll have even more hairs to deal with than when you started.

Alternatives To Do Your Eyebrows

There are of course several alternatives out there to get your eyebrows trimmed or shaped. If you’re a little worried about dealing with them yourself, you can of course pay a professional to do them for you. Or perhaps you just want something that’s longer lasting. Let’s take a look at some of your options.

Laser Hair Removal

If you’re having to tend to your eyebrows on a regular basis to keep your unibrow at bay or maintain the shape you want then maybe laser hair removal is for you.

Usually you will need to have several sessions about three to four weeks apart. During these sessions the laser damages the hair follicles so they become weak and can’t grow normally. After a few sessions the results could be permanent.

And, another added bonus is that these sessions are incredibly cost effective at just $50 USD to $75 USD per session.


Although there are kits available to wax your eyebrows yourself right at home, I wouldn’t recommend using them. If you have ever tried plucking the odd scraggly hair from its socket – you’ll know how much it hurts… well imagine ripping them all out at once.

However, waxing does have long lasting effects so if you can brave it there are professionals who can wax them for you.

Waxing can cost anything from $20 USD to over $100 USD but at least they won’t need tending to as often.


Another growing trend right now is having your eyebrows threaded. If you can’t bear the idea of waxing your eyebrows this method is a little less painful.

This simple and effective practice uses threads which are crossed and pull out unwanted hairs in a straight line across the brow. It’s a very clever technique that allows the therapist precision so that you get much better shaping of your eyebrows.

Threading will not break the bank either as one session costs anything from $25 USD to $35 USD.

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So now you know how to trim men’s eyebrows.

  • You know how to get rid of a unibrow,
  • you know how to shape your brows,
  • remove stray hairs and reduce or increase their volume.

You now know you can have a professional tend to them through eyebrow laser treatment, waxing or threading.

There is no doubt about it that maintaining good order of your eyebrows is important.

It’s no longer just a thing for women to do, but for men too.

After you make some changes to them, you’ll see a huge difference in how you look. You will find that you look more polished. You’ll notice that your overall face will appear cleaner and tidier and much more organised. And, you will even draw more attention to your eyes in the process.

Perhaps you are looking to make a good impression to that special someone. Maybe you want to win someone over on your next date. Or maybe you have a job interview coming up and you want to pull out all the stops in trying to secure that dream job or promotion.

Whatever your reasons, grab the things you need and get to work on those eyebrows.

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