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How to wear Cufflinks: Cufflinks are an immortal symbol of elegance in Men’s Fashion: they are usually worn on special occasions and important ceremonies, such as weddings. They are in fact a real must-have for the groom.

Wearing Men's Cufflinks


Cufflinks can be worn not just on special occasions but also from men who like to dress smart, classy and elegant so even to go to the office or for meetings they are must-have Accessories for Men.

How to put on Cufflinks

Cufflinks are an exceptional choice to add a touch of style and elegance to your look. They are considered an elegant accessory for men but that does not mean that they cannot be worn on casual occasions. You could wear cufflinks also every day assuming you also wear the right shirt with the proper Cuff.

Here at Valextino we decided to give you some advice on the correct way to wear cufflinks

How to wear cufflinks on a regular shirt

Let’s see together how to wear cufflinks with style…

Putting on cufflinks


Choose the right Cuff

To correctly wear cufflinks on a regular shirt you need to make sure you have the right shirt with the right cuffs. There are two types of cuffs on a shirt that are suitable for cufflinks.

The French Cuff

How to wear cufflinks on a regular shirt

The French cuff (or double cuff) It is a type of cuff longer than the normal one. The French Cuff has two pairs of buttonholes without the actual buttons.

The correct way to wear cufflinks with your shirt is to simply fold the cuff in half, matching the buttonholes and then insert your cufflinks.

How to put on cufflinks for men


If you do not like shirts with French cuffs, you can wear the classic single cuff shirts

The Single Cuff

How to wear cufflinks on a regular single shirt

The single cuff is basically the classic version of a regular shirt and you have to just insert your cufflinks in the buttonholes.

When to wear Cufflinks

When we talk about cufflinks, we mean real jewels for men and as such you must be careful when choosing cufflinks as they have to be matching with the rest of the outfit.

There are many types of cufflinks; They can be worn with either an elegant outfit or casual outfit, you just need to choose the ones that match your outfit.

The Cufflinks color should match the color of any other accessory you are wearing (e.g. your watch, your tie or your belt buckle).

How to wear cufflinks


If you are going to a ceremony or a formal event and you are wearing a suit or very smart trousers with a nice shirt and jacket, we suggest you wearing gold cufflinks or any other precious material like stones or diamonds.

Cufflinks for occasions:

Wearing cufflinks for casual occasions or if you get invited to a Cocktail Attire Event is pretty easy; you just need to be creative choose among the endless models of cufflinks proposed by the market.

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How to wear Cufflinks with a jacket

Cufflinks must be visible even when wearing the jacket so, to be flawless, the cuffs of the shirt must be an inch longer than the jacket

How to wear cufflinks with a jacket



Cufflinks for men


Wearing cufflinks to work:

If you’d like to be wearing cufflinks to work we advise you to take a look at cufflinks with knot with high-quality fabric, it’s the best choice to go to work in style without exceeding in terms of elegance.

Whether you want to be wearing cufflinks to work or for a smart casual attire occasion there is always one rule;

Simplicity = Elegance

Conclusions on How to wear Cufflinks:

Every man should have at least 3 cufflinks: one for the evening occasions, one for work meetings and one for casual occasions. It’s just a small Fashion Accessory that every Man should have that will add elegance to your look so regardless your style you can choose cufflinks that match yours.

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