Lifestyle Habits That Are Hurting Your Dating Life

In the UK, 64% of Hinge users have been on virtual dates, while 43% of men claimed to be open to entering relationships formed online. Although apps such as Hinge have certainly enhanced how accessible dating can be, they only serve as jump-off points in sustaining a relationship. Men who are familiar with the nuances of dating know that different factors can affect their love lives.

No two people are truly alike; this is why compromises have to be made in terms of lifestyle habits. For instance, while you may be an extrovert and enjoy going out, your partner may be more of the reserved type who enjoys quiet evenings at home. It’s crucial to learn about the lifestyle habits that are hurting your dating life to encourage better communication and healthier relationships in the long run.

Read on to know about four lifestyle habits you need to be mindful of.

Addition that ruins dating life

Social media addiction

If you use social media as a means to cope with stress, it can take you away from your relationship. In a study on the role of social media addiction in relationship satisfaction, Begum Statici even explains that social media can result in fatigue, or worse, anxiety and depression. Compromised mental health can lead you to communicate poorly in a relationship. Criticism, complaining, defensiveness and hostility are a few negative behaviours the study lists as results of mental and emotional discomfort. As much as possible, spend more time with your partner by going out to dinner or taking walks. These activities are much better than simply being on your phone for extended periods.

Social Media Addiction can ruin dating

Going out too much

In 2021, the number of cohabiting couples in the UK rose to 3.6 million. Living together entails a lot of joint responsibilities from shared living expenses to daily chores. Going out too much can cause an imbalance in these responsibilities. For example, if you come home late after a night out with friends or at work, your partner might have already finished cooking and clearing out the dishes. While this doesn’t seem like an issue at first glance, repeated instances of going out can leave your partner feeling underappreciated, especially if they’re a homebody. It’s best to set boundaries in relationships, especially when you live together, to make sure you aren’t leaving your partner to do household work on their own.


Cigarette smoking is dwindling in popularity and as it happens, it’s also making dating harder for smokers. Prilla’s post on the relationship between nicotine and dating, reports that men who openly identify as smokers on their dating profiles on the dating app Hinge get rejected 89% of the time. This is because of rising concerns about smokers’ long-term health, not to mention, the smell of cigarettes on their breath or clothes. Dark lips caused by smoking may also look unpleasant as we explained in our post ‘How Men Can Get Pink Lips’. This is why you should consider other nicotine options that are easy to dispose of and don’t leave you with bad breath, such as nicotine pouches and lozenges. These are great alternatives that won’t make you worry if you’re leaving a good enough impression on your date.

Overworking can ruin your relationship


It’s no secret that overworking has exacerbated the work-life balance of many. For those who lead active dating lives though, overworking can cause disruptions in your relationship. For one, bringing office work home can make it hard for you to focus on your partner. Established routines like eating dinner or watching a movie together can take a backseat to finish work tasks. Aside from that, your stress from overworking can put pressure on your partner to help you overcome your problems. Though the concern comes from a genuine place, your work stress can put a strain on your partner’s emotions. That said, you should be transparent with your partner, or at the very least, limit how much work you bring home.

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