Look your best – The importance of our Image and appearance

Image is quite simply the way others see and perceive us. The components to look your best are appearance, behavior and communication.


How you present yourself to the world influences the way people react to you. It’s very important to look your best in a business environment, for example, if you arrive to give a presentation on investment strategies dressed in a sports cap and casual clothing, your audience may think you are not a competent business professional. You may have an advanced degree in finance and be a leading expert in your field, but your image is not aligned with your talent.


Image impacts not only on how others see you, but also on how you see yourself. No one is perfect and I will teach you how to look your best, disguise the parts you do not like and enhance your natural assets, thereby creating the illusion of a balanced body. This will empower you to feel more confident and positive and it will influence the way you interact with the world.


Many may argue that image is superficial – it’s what is inside that truly matters. However, image is very much about being true to who you are as a person. In the absence of information about someone’s character, how do we assess his or her abilities other than by using our animal instincts of sight and smell which has helped man to survive since time began? How do we even determine our approach to them? No one ever has a second opportunity to make a first impression.

When we meet someone for the first time, our impressions are formed as follows:
Factor                                                                                    Our first impression
Image and appearance                                                           55%
Body language                                                                       38%
Spoken word                                                                          7%
Most of us want our outward image to be synchronized with who we are and what we wish to accomplish.
Learning in how to look your best is the process of putting your best self forward. You are not attempting to be just like everyone else. You are improving what you have while preserving your uniqueness. But not everyone knows how to achieve this successfully.
Companies rely on image to establish credibility with their customers. Most consumers would not buy products and services from a company that presented an image of sloppy workmanship and poor service.
In that same way, your image can establish your credibility. Image is what opens doors for you, but once inside, your knowledge and competency is what earns respect. Knowing that you look the very best you can allow you to relax, which automatically gives others the impression of confidence.
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