Make a Perfect Christmas Morning for Your Loved Ones

Make a Perfect Christmas Morning for Your Loved Ones

Finally, the wait is over and Christmas is nearly upon us. This is such a magical time of the year, but for some reason, it always passes too fast, especially if you’re not well organized. If you think a few things through, your Christmas morning will be much less stressful and much more enjoyable, so here are some great tips that will allow you to prep for this big morning and allow everyone to enjoy it to the max. 

Make a list

There are sooooo many things you need to do in December to make your Christmas morning perfect. You can easily get overwhelmed if you try to keep a mental list, so put everything on paper and make things easier for yourself. Create a holiday bucket list for you and your loved ones and make sure to sneak in a few Christmas morning preparation items like getting groceries, wrapping paper and a few decorations you’ve missed. 

Buy the rest of the gifts

If you’re missing anything from your gift list, make sure to buy it now—this is your last chance. While you probably have kids’ presents sorted out, make sure to dedicate these last few days to adult presents—they deserve all the equal attention during Christmas, especially your loving partner. If you don’t have any present ideas for your adult loved ones, consider grabbing a cute piece of jewelry. A gorgeous moonstone from Moon Magic will make anyone’s Christmas better. And, stores like this one do shipping, so you don’t even need to leave the house and go gift hunting! 

Christmas gifts Morning

Wrap the gifts

Even though Christmas should be all about grace, love, and respect, most people (both kids and adults) look forward to the gifts most of all. So, ensure everything is neatly wrapped up and placed under the tree. If you have kids, make a nice little shelter in your bedroom, so you can wrap the gifts in peace and not ruin the surprise. As a parent, you probably don’t get a lot of free time, so this can be a relaxing activity. Don’t forget to put tags on each gift so that they don’t get mixed up. 

Prepare breakfast

You really don’t want to spend your entire Christmas morning in the kitchen while your precious kids or your significant other enjoy their gifts. Luckily, you can prep everything the night before and just pop your breakfast in the microwave or the oven and enjoy it once it’s ready. There are amazing things you can pre-make such as overnight oatmeals or parfaits or mini frittatas. Frittatas can be made well in advance and frozen up to a month, so it’s a great breakfast idea not only for lazy Christmas mornings.   

Finish decorating

While you probably have all the lights up, there are a few things you might refresh before the Christmas morning comes. You can grab a new bouquet of flowers if the old one is looking a little wilted and invest in new candles (think something scented with cinnamon, apple or chocolate).  

Set the wake-up time

While everyone needs plenty of sleep before the big day, make sure to set a wake-up time (or going-downstairs time). You want to open the presents together so ensure everyone respects the agreement. If it’s just you and your partner, don’t rush your morning, but enjoy this special time together—presents won’t run away! 

Open presents slowly

No matter how many of you there are in the family, take your time with opening gifts. Tackle one gift at a time so that everyone can enjoy the experience and share the excitement. You can even divide the present-opening time in two. Check out the stockings first, then have breakfast and continue your attack on the presents under the tree. This way, you’ll prolong the cheer, make the morning last longer and also teach everyone about patience, self-control, and selflessness. 

Now that you know how to prep for Christmas morning, it’s time to start thinking about the presents and creating your breakfast menu and you, your partner and your kids will have the best holidays ever! 

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