Male Grooming – How To Shave Pubic Hair Men Advice and Guidance 

Guys reading this be honest have you ever Googled “how to shave pubes men” or “how to shave your pubic area for men” or anything else that basically asks how do you shave your pubic area?

Don’t be embarrassed it’s a pretty natural thing to Google and an important part of male grooming.

Male grooming is in many ways very similar to female grooming there are clearly going to be some differences but when you get right down to it there are a lot of similarities.

But if there are some differences it’s the fact that women’s grooming is better talked about.

What does this mean exactly? Well, it means that women’s grooming whether it’s shaving, makeup or something else entirely is seen as the norm and is actively encouraged.

Compare all the equipment and supplies targeted towards women against those aimed at men.

The Metrosexual Man

However, that isn’t to say male grooming is entirely ignored in fact nowadays male grooming is growing in popularity. The younger generations like older Gen Z, Millennials and even Gen X do seem to place stronger importance on grooming and looks.

Metrosexual Man Shaving Pubic Hair

The term metrosexual which means a man who enjoys shopping, fashion, and other similar interests were created to give this growing group a label.

Nowadays the metrosexual label isn’t used as commonly because of most younger men as a whole place stronger importance on their looks.

That isn’t to say young men of earlier generations didn’t it’s just that trends were quite different. The manly man’s image of earlier years was more focused on a muscular man and hairy chest. Body hair has long been associated with masculinity and strength.

Whereas nowadays the common “sex symbol” archetype for men will usually be a muscular yet still relatively slender male who has little to no body hair.

You probably didn’t expect a mini case study on how the image of the male sex symbol changed of the years when you searched how to shave pubic hair men into Google did you?

But I’ am talking about this for a reason because it shows of societies view of masculinity and femininity for that matter are changing. And that is connected to the focus of this article which is all about men shaving their pubes.

While the male grooming market doesn’t rival the female equivalent and likely isn’t something most men will discuss with their friends it is actually becoming more popular.

Yes, you won’t find as many supplies or equipment when compared to those available for a woman but you will find plenty of things designed to help make male grooming easier.

In fact, we now even have an official term for it in manscaping. So, before I get into the crux of the issue and answer your “how to shave pubic hair men” query let’s take a closer look at manscaping and see how it connects to male beauty and grooming.

Men shaving pubic hair

Manscaping – Beauty Tips For The Modern Man 

Manscaping literally means the removal of body hair for cosmetic purposes. What does this mean exactly well it means exactly what you think it does. If a man thinks he looks better with no or little body hair then he can manscape to make himself look more attractive.

Manscaping is pretty much grooming but for a man and there are a number of different ways it can be done.

Just like there are numerous ways a woman can give herself a makeover or have a professional do it manscaping can be approached in pretty much the same way.

There are even numerous different tools men can use when it comes to manscaping. Back shavers/razors are designed to tackle back hair, there are male hair removal creams, specially designed shaving/ grooming kits and much more.

You see for the modern man it isn’t just about throwing on some aftershave and giving your hair a quick brush.

Manscaping is about making yourself look the best you can but it isn’t all vanity either. Proper manscaping won’t just make you look better but it will also help you feel more confident and comfortable.

First Choice for Groin Hair Trimmer 


At a time where the debate about men’s mental health is at an all-time high, it would be silly to dismiss manscaping as simply being about vanity.

Do some men have an in-depth manscaping routine simply designed to help them when they’re looking for a hook-up?

Yeah, probably but plenty of men engage in manscaping simply to make themselves look and feel more comfortable and confident. Some men out there simply won’t want a lot of body hair because they feel they will look better without it.

Any by looking better they’ll feel happier and more confident and comfortable.

Manscaping does also has some health benefits as well for one thing it will help you sweat less so it will improve body odor and it’s, therefore, more hygienic.

Yes, it would be fraudulent to say that sex isn’t a big part of manscaping’s appeal but it isn’t always about that. Like I said earlier the modern sex symbol image for a man is going to be someone with minimal to no body hair.

Look at some male models to see exactly what I mean.

And yes I think it’s fair to say a number of women and homosexual men will find this look more appealing. But manscaping goes beyond just sex and it does have benefits beyond just making yourself look more attractive.

But whether you’re heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual if you are a man aged between 18 – 50 you will likely engage in a bit of manscaping.

Yeah, most men shave their faces but nowadays shaving your chest, arms and sometimes even your legs are all becoming more common.

You might not do a total shave you might just trim things to keep things looking tidy but it’s still manscaping.

advise to share pubic hair men

Men being well men likely won’t discuss this with others either male grooming is still a very private thing after all.

This brings me to the point I’ am sure you have all been waiting for which is what you were expecting when you Googled “how to shave pubes men” or “should men shave their pubes” or anything else that led you to click on this article.

Manscaping as you likely guessed by now also looks at shaving your pubes.

I think it’s fair to say that many men are quite squeamish when it comes to things like this which is why you’re probably asking the internet for advice.

So, to answer your main question yes shaving your pubes is perfectly fine and despite what you might think I would guess that nowadays the vast majority of men do it to some degree.

But let’s look at how you can do it and the benefits in a bit more detail, shall we?

Man shaving pubic hair

Advice On How To Shave Your Pubic Area For Men 

If that subtitle seems a little clunky it’s because I’ am deliberately referencing one of the most commonly searched phrases when it comes to men’s shaving.

Despite male grooming becoming more popular most men will still likely only get the minimum of advice when they’re going through puberty when it comes to grooming.

Yes, you’ll probably be taught about shaving your face and you will also likely get told about the new hairs that are going to be sprouting up around your body but beyond that, you’re unlikely to get much in the way of grooming advice. Which is why so many men out there are asking Google for advice.

So, let’s answer the important points first. Shaving your pubes in this day and age for men is pretty common.

Will every man do it? No, but I think many will especially those in the 18 – 50 bracket and this is backed-up by numerous surveys that have been carried out online.

You can even head to YouTube and find tutorials on how to do it. Although given the nature of where you’ll be shaving there really is only so much you can really learn by watching a YouTube video on the subject.

This is why if you really want to learn how to properly shave your pubes you should read on below!

How to shave pubic hair men

The question of how to shave your pubic hair is actually something with a lot of different answers. Because like with most areas of your body there are actually numerous ways you can remove the hair.

Now since shaving your pubic region is one of the most (if not the most) sensitive area of your body you will want to be sure you are shaving it in the most comfortable way.

However, the only way you can really do this is by experimenting with each method or at the very least learning about each shaving option.

Thankfully I am here to help with that! Below I have outlined all the main shaving methods you need to know about.

How To Shave Pubic Hair Men Trimming it with Scissors

When you Google “how to shave pubes men” you likely knew that scissors would likely be mentioned sooner or later. Now understandably some men will be little squeamish about using scissors around their groin but as long as you are careful you can effectively trim and tidy up your pubic hair quite easily.

However, this method can only really be used to the trim the hair if you want a more complete shave then you should look to the other options laid out below.

  • To more effectively and safely use scissors to trim your pubes you should first have a bath or hot shower.
  • Bathe your pubes using shampoo and conditioner during this and make sure your groin is thoroughly washed.
  • Then once you have dried off, use a small pair of scissors, medical scissors are usually the best option and start gently trimming your pubes.
  • Don’t go to close the penis or scrotum while cutting and just use the scissors to cut around your pubes till things look neat and tidy.
  • After you’re done you might want to take a quick cool shower to help wash away any excess hair.
  • If you do this once a week or so you should easily be able to keep your pubic hair neat and trim. But if you want a more thorough shave read on.

How To Shave Pubic Hair Men Using A Razor 

How to shave your pubic area for men can be done quite effectively with a razor however it might take a bit of time to get a rhythm down. You will also want to make sure you take your time for the first few shaves because you won’t want to risk cutting yourself.

First Choice For Razor


So, don’t try to rush this ten minutes before you go out! You’ll also need some good shaving gel using some designed for sensitive skin is advised, a high-quality razor and some scissors. The good news is if you read the above section then you can start in pretty much the same way.

  • Have a shower or nice soak in the bath and massage your pubic hair with shampoo and conditioner and then thoroughly dry off.
  • Some people do shave while still in the bath but I’d recommend drying off as it will often make the process easier.
  • Then like before use some small scissors to trim your pubes down to a more manageable level.
  • Once done use a good dollop of shaving gel and gently coat your scrotum and penis carefully.
  • Don’t use so much that you can’t see what your shaving but do use a decent amount to ensure your skin is coated. Getting the balance right can be tricky but it will get easier over time.
  • Once done wet the razor thoroughly in some warm water and then gently start shaving around the shaft of your penis and work your way around.
  • You will often find the process easier if you hold your scrotum in your free hand to stop it dropping down. Focus on shaving one side of your groin and then move to the other side.
  • Take your time and be very gentle and wash the razor after every few strokes. As long as you are gentle and patient you shouldn’t cut yourself and after a few minutes, you should be hair-free.

There is the long-held misconception that shaving causing hair to grow back thicker but it doesn’t so if you repeat the process every week you should easily be able to keep your groin hair-free.

Once you have finished your shave you should again take a quick shower or dip in the bath to wash away any excess body hair and you might also want to use a moisturizer or talcum powder and gently apply it around your groin.

After a total shave like this, your skin can feel irritated for a while but this will help alleviate it.

men shaving private parts tips

Hair Removal Creams 

A search of how to shave pubes men is unlikely to bring up this shaving method. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work but if you are thinking of using hair removal creams there are some important things to know.

Hair removal creams are available in numerous forms and you can even find some that claim to be specially designed for male hair.

[comparison-tables id=20462]

However, the issue with hair removal creams comes about because many simply aren’t designed for use around the groin.

However, many people do still use them and you can find plenty of reviews from people who claim they work if you follow the instructions carefully.

But there are just as many people who have reported the very opposite that even after repeated treatments their pubic hair hasn’t been reduced at all. So, yes it could really be down to luck on how effective hair removal cream will be for you.

However, if you do want to give hair removal cream a try how should you use it?

  • Most hair removal creams can be used in the same way, you apply the cream to the skin and leave it for a set amount of time.
  • Some creams will be more fast-acting while some may need to be left for around 5 to 6 minutes. It’s important you follow the instructions carefully because if you leave the cream on for too long it could damage your skin.
  • It’s also important when using hair removal cream around your pubes that you ensure it doesn’t touch the head of the penis. You should also try to find a cream that says it’s safe to use around your groin this may take some searching but they are available.
  • You should also expect a pretty pungent smell from the cream as well, they might remove hair but they don’t smell nice. If you find your skin notably irritated or red afterward then you may be allergic to the cream. For these reasons it is recommended that you apply a patch of cream to your hand or arm to test it first.

You can read our article regarding hair removal creams clicking the link below:

Best Men’s Hair Removal Cream For Your Private Parts

Waxing Treatments

One thing you might have noticed when searching how to shave pubic hair men online is that it is actually a service available! While it might not be super common it isn’t exactly rare either a number of beauty parlors and other similar establishments will offer waxing treatments for men and women.

In fact, one of these treatments has actually led waxing to become a surprisingly popular way to get rid of unwanted body hair. This includes pubic hair as well and you might have already heard the term.

Yes, I’ am talking about the back, sack and crack treatment which gives it all away in the name.

This shaving treatment is designed to help men get their back, scrotum/penis, and buttocks totally hair-free.

There are several ways a back, sack, and crack treatment can be carried out but most will follow similar principles. They are designed to only be slightly painful/ uncomfortable but this is waxing so you should expect some discomfort.

If you are thinking of getting a back, sack and crack waxing or just your pubic region since that’s what we’re focusing on then don’t pre-shave. Many people think pre-shaving makes the process easier but it doesn’t. Waxing is easier when you have long hairs for the wax to get a hold of.

So, that is the professional waxing treatment explained but what if you want to carry it out on your own? Well, you can do it but be mindful it likely will be painful and could be difficult to carry out especially if you are new to waxing in general.

  • The first step is to apply the wax around your scrotum and then you place a strip over it.
  • Once the wax has hardened (this should only take a couple of seconds) you can pull off the strip and the hairs will be removed.
  • Think about this like pulling off a plaster go fast and don’t hesitate and it shouldn’t be as painful.
  • Still, you should expect this to bring a few tears to your eyes at the very least.
  • The good thing with waxing is that it pulls out the hair at the root which means it won’t grow back as quickly.
  • This means you won’t need to carry out waxing treatment has often as the other methods we’ve looked at.

But still when you consider the awkwardness of carrying out the treatment on your own and the pain it is likely best to go to a professional if you want to use wax.

Yes, this can be embarrassing but the people carrying out the treatments will be professionals and they will have quite literally seen it all before.

Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Searching how to shave pubes men likely isn’t going to bring up this treatment for many people. However, in the future, this could become the treatment of choice for all manner of hair removals.

While it might sound a little science fiction this is a very real treatment and one that many men (and women for that matter) have found very useful.

However, laser hair removal does have some issues with it. First of all, it’s not overly common as it’s quite a new treatment and it’s also very expensive. This is confounded by further potential problems because laser hair removal can take numerous treatments to actually work and it can also have some very unappealing side-effects.

Laser hair removal can cause the surrounding skin to become irritated and in some cases even cause swelling. So, yes it might not work, is expensive and can even potentially hurt you! But the more serious of these issues (the risk of harm/injury) is rare.

The treatment time can vary considerably depending on where you want to lose hair and in some cases it can take up to an hour. But laser hair removal is still quite new and therefore could be improved in the years to come to make it more efficient.

And many people have used laser hair removal already to great effect.

Still out of all the shaving methods I’ve talked about laser hair removal isn’t one I’d really recommend when you consider the price and potential side-effects.

However, if you have the money and can find a professional to carry out the treatments then, by all means, you can give it a try.

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Male Pubic Hair Removal Risks 

When searching how to shave your pubic area for men or something similar you likely noticed many blogs and opinion pieces warning you of the risks.

I myself have touched upon these a little in this very article. But let’s take a more detailed look at the risks when it comes to shaving your pubic hair.

No matter what method you choose to shave your pubic hairs there is always going to be some potential risk of harm.

Shaving, in general, isn’t without risk, is it? Yes getting a cut around your pubic area isn’t something anyone will want to experience but the good news even if it does happen it will be quite easy to deal with.

  • A slight cut might be painful and a little tender and sore for a while but it will likely heal quite quickly.
  • Just hold some tissue/ toilet paper to the cut and wait for the bleeding to stop (it shouldn’t take long) you can also use some talcum powder or aloe vera oil/ cream to help stop any irritation.
  • Then don’t try shaving again for a while and make sure you give yourself some time to heal.
  • However, the best way to avoid cuts and nicks like this is to take your time shaving, use plenty of shaving gel and if you are using a razor make sure it’s of high-quality.
  • I strongly recommend not using cheap disposable razors when it comes to shaving your pubic hairs.
  • I also don’t recommend doing a dry shave while this can sometimes be done on your face if you have thin, fine hair it will hardly ever work well when it comes to your groin.
  • Pubic hair is often quite stringy and grows quite quickly so always make sure you at the very least wash your pubic hair before attempting to shave it.
  • I still strongly recommend following our advice from earlier and only shaving your groin after you have had a proper bath or shower.

You will also find standing up while shaving to be much easier. Some people understandably think siting makes it easier but due to your position it is actually more difficult and increases the risk of accidentally cutting yourself.

So, in most cases, you should stand up when shaving your pubic hair.

You will also need to be mindful of any skin tags or moles around your scrotum or penis as well. Be very careful when shaving or applying the cream around these areas of your body as accidentally cutting one of these could be quite painful and lead to an infection.

If you do accidentally cut yourself then you should try to keep the wound clean and give it some time to heal. You may also want to consult your local GP as well they’ll be able to inspect the wound professionally and ensure it isn’t infected.

While this long stretch of text might have put you off don’t worry the risk of harm is minimal and when you use proper equipment and take your time shaving you will likely be fine.

Plus, even if you do accidentally cut yourself or feel some irritation after shaving the problems are usually easy to deal with.

Shaving Your Pubes Men Let’s Everything Up 

So let’s sum up everything we’ve learned about shaving your pubic region. There are plenty of ways it can be done and while there are some minimal risks in most cases shaving your pubes is actually quite simple and easy.

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There are also plenty of reasons why men will want to do it from simply wanting to look better to potential partners or because it makes you feel more comfortable and confident. In fact, I think most people do it for all these reasons. There are also some notable benefits to shaving your pubes.

It will help you feel more comfortable and help prevent excessive body odor (have a look at our article with the best antibacterial soap for body odor) (have a look at our article with the best antibacterial soap for body odor). Unfortunately, the belief that it will completely solve body odor issues is just a commonly believed misconception so don’t expect miracles like that.

Shaving your pubes does have some benefits but let’s be honest most people are doing it to help them look and feel better.

It’s a popular part of the manscaping process and many men particularly younger ones will do it to some degree.

You might just trim it or go for a total shave it doesn’t really matter and while you might not want to discuss your grooming routine in detail outside the internet there really is nothing to be embarrassed about if you do want to shave your pubic hair.

And just for fun if you are a swimmer, runner or simply a very active man then shaving your pubic hairs could help boost your performance.

Now it won’t make a massive difference but you will notice it. So, if you ever do feel like you need to justify your decision (and you shouldn’t) you do always have that to fall back on.

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