Should men remove their pubic hair? Pros & Cons of Manscaping

Deciding to mow your lawn regularly, weed it once in a while, or leave it bare is no one’s concern but yours.

Groom your garden the way it pleases you. 

If you have been searching for justifications on whether to remove your pubic hair or not, I will like to tell you for free that it is your choice and nobody else’s. However, to guide you toward making the right choice, this article will be discussing the advantages and disadvantages of removing male pubic hair. By the end, you will be armed with enough information for you to be able to decide whether manscaping is right for you or not.

Let’s dive right in.

What is manscaping?

Manscaping simply means the removal of hair from a man’s pubic area. Grooming the garden below the belt. Manscaping is a matter of personal preference. It’s okay to feel like not taking your precious puberty indicator away and it is still okay if you think you need to take them off to look more fresh and neat. Either way, you are still going to be hotter than the summer sun on the beach, yikes!

According to a recent study, about 50% of men accept that they do regular manscaping.

In this study, the majority of men report that they do so in preparation for sexual activity – oral sex in particular. This is followed by hygiene, with routine care as the least reason for removing their pubic hair. C’mon, don’t be shy. Do you have an appointment or you’re just being inquisitive because you think shaving pubic hair is not masculine? Either way, you’re in the right place. I would not tell you how to groom your garden, we just will both go through the pros and cons of manscaping.

removing male pubic hair

The pros of removing male pubic hair

Feels cleaner and more refreshed

Shaving body and pubic hair tend to give you an increased feeling of cleanliness. It should be good for you to know that some particular funky-smelling yeast, fungi, and bacteria live in that area where the sun does not shine. When you sweat, you secrete them through your sebaceous glands. Keeping your hair down there makes it more comfortable for these things to live, thereby causing odors to manifest in your man bits.


One of the reasons men remove their pubic hair is because it is more comfortable– especially for men who engage in lots of activities that involve running and other exercises. Keeping it trimmed or shaved may help prevent chafing. It also makes body contact more comfortable during sex.

For easy oral business

Both men and women often enjoy oral sex better when the garden is clean and smooth. No one wants to go through the stress of looking for their fruit amidst weeds that may get stuck in their teeth, yuck!

Pubic hair is a mood killer for most people during oral sex.

Do you want more blow jobs? Then keep less hair.


Increased confidence and sexiness

Imagine your rock-hard and shining rod in all its greatness as your partner rubs, licks, and soft bite on it; sexy, right? If manscaping helps as your confidence booster while naked, then go for it. Some men even claim that their genitals look larger when they have a clean shave, which in turn boosts their confidence and sex drive.

Prevents pubic lice

Pubic lice which are also known as crabs are far away from a man who shaves regularly. If crabs are unable to hide well enough to lay eggs, then their life cycle ends. You may try to focus more on your grooming to keep those crawlers away.

Disadvantages of removing male pubic hair

Back to the roots

Adam was not even conscious of his nakedness in the garden of Eden, not to mention pubic hair or any other hair growing elsewhere. Yet, he could keep his partner till the fruit did them part with the garden. Your hair grows naturally. You do not have any reason to be shy about how they look at you. You did not put them there. Moreover, what’s not to love and be proud of in your natural state?

male pubic hair shaving

You can’t stop it

No matter how much you trim or shave your body and pubic hair, they will not stop growing unless you are on a total hair removal procedure. Why so much stress on what you can not get rid of? They can’t even grow out of their places, so relax!

Aftershave Itching/ Rash

Shaving rash is a common issue that accompanies grooming of the body and pubic hair in particular. It is a common syndrome known as shave bumps. Unfortunately, recurring shaving even worsens the inflammation. Aside from shaving bumps, you may even develop ingrown hair. Ingrown hairs may escalate and lead to infection. Common effects of shave bumps and ingrown hairs include, itching and skin inflammation. What fun is there in embarrassing yourself with uncontrollable itching when you can control the cause?

Exposure to Infections

Trimming or shaving your pubic hair may increase your chances of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs) like syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts, chlamydia, and even HIV. Friction occurs when your pubic skin comes in contact with another person that has contracted one or more of these infections. There is a high chance that they will enter your body through the cuts you got from your grooming exercise

manscaping infections

Allergic reaction from creams or gels

The pubic hair skin is a very delicate and sensitive one. The contents in some gels and creams needed for grooming may hurt your sensitive pubic skin. 

It poses danger to the delicate pubic skin

The penis and scrotum flesh are very delicate. It may get cut during the process of manscaping, That does not sound like a little bit of fun. I don’t even want to think about seeing blood in that area. Nah!

male pubic hair grooming

When do I start removing my male pubic hair?

I have established earlier that the ball is in your court. In case you have decided to join the manscaping world, you should decide the point at which you want to start manscaping and how often you want to do it. If you feel comfortable with your hair growing and shining, keep moisturizing it till you feel like getting it off.

In the same vein, if you feel uncomfortable with little hair growth on your body, shave or trim as you please.

As an adolescent, your different body parts and hair growth differs. Your armpit and leg grow up to 0.27mm a day, facial hair at 0.55mm a day in line with the hair on your head. So, you may have those to worry about before moving to your garden down there.

How to remove male pubic hair safely

There are so many ways you can go about grooming your pubic hair at home. Depending on the one that is most convenient for you and makes it a routine.


Trimming is a form of grooming that requires you to pick a bit off the hair with scissors. The scissors are usually a reasonably small size that is easy to use for your delicate area. The method is quite safer as the scissors won’t come in direct contact with your skin directly; thereby reducing the risk of infections. You should get a personal grooming kit that you do not share with anyone under any circumstances.

How to trim male pubic hair 

  • Get a pair of small sharp scissors and disinfect thoroughly 
  • It is advisable to keep your pubic hair dry when you’re trying to trim, to shape perfectly without the hairs clumping together.
  • Take your time to trim to your preferred shape until you are content with the result.
  • Always clean your scissors after use; and make sure to store them in a clean and dry place for your next garden grooming.


This is the most popular form of hair removal. Shaving requires more care, as you will be dealing directly with the skin with sharp objects. Razor cut is nothing nice to experience in your power area, so shave with caution.

shaving male pubic hair

How to shave men’s pubic hair

  • For every form of grooming, you need to disinfect your tool. In this case, where you would be using a razor, you have to do the same.
  • You should try and get your pubic areas wet to make it easier to come off.
  • It is advisable to lather up with a cream or gel so that you can see the progress of where to go further. This also prevents skin irritation.
  • Check for the direction in which your hair grows and use your razor gently in that direction. You may have to pull your skin a bit for easy access.
  • Because of the lather and hair accumulated on the razor, rinse and wipe off the razor after swipe.
  • While going for the penis and scrotum, hold the shaft of the penis firmly in an upward position, then shave slowly and carefully in downward strokes.
  • Clean your razor off every bit of hair, then store it in a dry clean area.
  • Keep that area moisturized to avoid itching.

Depilatory creams

If you are scared of taking any sharp object near your downward treasure, then this is for you. There are body hair removal creams available for everyone. However, you should be sure to pick up the ones made specifically for pubic hair, as the general body ones may be too harsh for the skin down there. Depilatory creams uproot the pubic hair from the roots by dissolving it.

How to remove male pubic hair with depilatory cream 

  • Apply the cream to your pubic hair and leave it for some time as instructed.  
  • After meeting the specified time, wipe it off with a cloth or wash it off thoroughly.
  • Although the use of depilatory creams does not proffer long-term hair removal, it is an easy and painless method.

There are other methods to use in grooming your garden, but they may require the help of professionals for better results and to also keep you from accidents. These methods include; laser hair removal, waxing, electrolysis, and so on.

Laser Hair Removal

This method can keep your pubic hairs off for a longer space of time.

It involves the beaming of highly concentrated light onto hair follicles. The light converts into heat energy and damages the hair follicles. This method is most effective for people with light skin and dark hair but it can be used by all skin types. You should consult a licensed pro if you wish to do laser hair removal.


Waxing involves plucking your pubic hair from its roots. You should book an appointment with a certified waxing professional to remove the pubic hair for you. This method can last for four weeks before hair starts springing up again.

pubic hair waxing

Final Words

Male pubic hair is not anything abnormal. Whether you decide to remove your pubic hair or grow the bush should be of no one’s concern. It is your garden, if you find it pleasing and beautiful to keep your body hair; moisturizing is key! Make sure to keep them clean so as not to breed lice. And if you decide to groom your garden, make sure to go for the safest options and be wary of infections that accompany the removal of pubic hair. 

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