ManScaping – Your Essential Guide 

Man scaping or manscaping if you prefer (no one seems to quite agree on the correct pronunciation) isn’t really a new trend but nowadays it is more popular than it once was.

Or maybe that isn’t quite right it could just be that men are more open about it.

So, if you don’t know exactly what manscaping is I’ll quickly explain the basics.

  • Man Scaping is basically the group name for body hair removal for men.
  • It’s hair removal for cosmetic purposes which is a more fancy way of saying it’s hair removal to make you look better!

The smooth skin look is popular with a lot of men these days but hair removal isn’t easy.

I think that is a statement most men will agree with. Now while manscaping isn’t new, shaving as always been popular after all there are some big differences between manscaping and your general shave.

Difference between Manscaping and Shaving

Benefits of Manscaping

Man scaping is the term for collective hair removal all over the body.

Some people use the term manscaping to refer to hair removal around the groin but really it can mean hair removal anywhere. It also doesn’t have to mean total hair removal either.

Man scaping can actually take many forms a light man scaping might just be trimming your hairs. So, there is a lot of variety to it and a lot of commonly believed misconceptions as well.

But to basically sum it up manscaping is a more in-depth full body shave that is primarily focused on making you look better.

The Benefits of ManScaping 

So, I might have made man scaping seem a bit shallow and some people think it is.

But while some men might not like the comparison man scaping really isn’t different from a woman shaving her legs. Many women shave because they simply don’t like body hair they feel that they look better without it so why shouldn’t men be able to feel the same way?

They should and that is what manscaping is all about whether you want smooth skin, or just a bit of more fashionable, tidy chest hair or something completely different if you think you’ll look better with less body hair why not do it?

Men these days are a lot more open about being more expressive and creative when it comes to their appearance and that can only be a positive thing in my view.

Man scaping doesn’t have to mean any body hair either. For example, you might want to rock a beard but have a hair-free chest so manscaping can help you do that. Many men incorrectly think manscaping means no hair at all but it doesn’t have to.

So, apart from the visual and confidence-boosting attributes does manscaping give you any other benefits?

Manscaping Benefits

Well in some ways it does! Man scaping because it reduces your level of body hair can help you be more hygienic. Body hair will absorb smells so the less body hair you have the better you’ll smell.

Regular manscaping will also make you look more groomed and that is always going to be a good thing.

When it comes to dating many women (and men for that matter if that’s your preference) do love the more hairless or minimal body hair look. I mean how many famous male hearth throbs do you see rocking a hairy back?

Yeah, not many so manscaping can help you feel more confident, look better and will help with hygiene. But the benefits don’t stop there.

Man scaping does also has the benefit of helping you feel more comfortable during the Spring and Summer. Because the more body hair you have the hotter you’ll feel.

Yes, this might not seem like a huge benefit but if you are a very active man then it can make a big difference.

Regular joggers, gym-goers, climbers, swimmers, and budding sports stars will feel a lot more comfortable with less body hair. So, regular manscaping can have a wide range of different benefits.

Why Is Manscaping Becoming More Popular?

Well, I mentioned this briefly in the intro so let’s get right down to it. Man scaping is more popular nowadays and many more modern young men (think ages 18 – 35) will regularly carry out some form of manscaping on a regular basis. They might not admit it to anyone but they do.

So, why is manscaping becoming more popular? Well, there are likely a few reasons but I think one of the main ones is that the idea of the perfect manly man has changed quite a lot.

Man scaping explained

You see the barrel-chested, hairy man isn’t really the ideal image many men aspire to these days.

Most men want a more trim and smooth look. Yeah, a lot of men still want six-pack abs but they want them proudly on show not covered in unsightly body hair. Men are also a lot more open about their feminine side these days.

The term metrosexual is popular for a reason. Many men want to look groomed and neat and manscaping can help them achieve this. So, to sum up, the manscaping boom in popularity is growing because men are simply more comfortable expressing their desire for a more hairless look.

And the typical hairy “manly man” image is pretty old-fashioned. Will that look come back in time yes probably but for now most modern men prefer the smooth no body hair or minimal body hair look.

Most of today’s typical male sex symbols will also be rocking minimal to no body hair so you could say it’s only natural most younger men will want to follow the trend. Just look up some male models for the leading fashion brands and you’ll see they won’t have much body hair on display.

So, it’s quite a diverse combination of reasons why manscaping is becoming more popular. And whether you like the trend or not can we all agree that men being freer to express themselves is always going to be a good thing?

Can I Do My Own Man Scaping?

Okay, this again is a tricky question to answer because it depends on several different factors. Man scaping is very diverse after all if you just want to shave your chest, legs or arms then yes you can probably do it all on your own.

However, what if you want to shave some more sensitive areas? The back, sack and crack treatment fall under the manscaping umbrella and this is more difficult to do on your own. With your traditional back, a sack and crack treatment you’ll get hair removed from your back, buttocks, and scrotum.

Man Scaping Tips

This is often a waxing treatment and because of the more delicate areas involved most men will want to go to a professional. However, just like shaving your chest even these more delicate manscaping treatments can be carried out on your own. But it’s understandable why some men won’t want to do it without help.

Ironically enough it is actually the back most men will have problems with as most men simply won’t be able to reach parts of it without a back shaver. But while going to a professional is also an option it is a good idea for men today especially for the ones who are into Male Grooming to get into the habit of doing their own manscaping. Yes even for the more sensitive areas of your body.

But if you are new to doing man scaping then it might take a bit of time to get a routine down. Yes, there might be the odd cut at first and your skin might get a little irritated but things will calm down and after a little time you’ll likely be fine.

But still to help you get started on your manscaping journey you’ll need to know a few things and you’ll need some grooming equipment. So, below I’ve set out my own guide for each area of your body. Yes, that might seem a little unnecessary but since every area of your body is different when it comes to body hair you’ll need to approach things differently.

Your Face

  • Well, let’s start our manscaping guide with an area most men will be familiar with. Now, most (if not all) men will know how to shave certain areas of their face. The chin, cheeks and around the mouth will all be areas you should be quite familiar with. But manscaping goes beyond just those parts of the face.
  • Eyebrows are one of the most notable parts of your face and many men groom them to get a more desirable look. While you can use a razor to trim your eyebrows you will get much better results by using a more precision-based implement like some small scissors or tweezers.
  • Working on your eyebrows can be a little nerve-wracking at first but just go slow. Use tweezers to delicately shape your brows and go around them with some scissors to gently shape them. Man scaping your eyebrows is all about small, fine movements.
  • After your eyebrows, you want to focus on your ears. Now ear hair is going to be more prevalent with older men but it has been known to spring upon men of all ages so if you can feel your ears getting hairy how to you neaten them up?
  • The good news is grooming your ears is going to be easier than you might think. You could either use an electric ear hair trimmer or tweezers. Now the trimmer might be easier and less painful but the hair will grow back much more quickly.
  • Whereas using tweezers will be more delicate work but will help ensure the hair doesn’t grow back as quickly. Both methods have their pros and cons so go with what you think is best for you, there’s no shame in opting for a trimmer if you find the tweezers too painful.
  • Finally, let’s talk about the nose this is an area of the face that can look very unsightly if nose hair is left to just run wild! Man scaping your nose is one of the most delicate parts of the whole process and you should only use a proper nose trimmer for the job.
  • Pulling nose hair out with tweezers can lead to small bleeds that aren’t so bad on their own. However, they might get infected so don’t do it. You should also avoid using small grooming scissors around your nostrils as well. Stick to using a nose trimmer for this area of the face for the safest and best results.

Your Arms

  • Hairy arms are a divisive topic amongst men, some men like them while others hate them. But even if you do like your arms with some hair on them you’ll still want them to look neat and well-groomed, won’t you? So, let’s look at how you can go about manscaping your arms.
  • Man scaping your arms can be achieved either using a more robust body hair trimmer or wax. Wax treatments leave less mess and will usually guarantee smoother skin but waxing can be quite painful. Overtime most men will get used to it but it’s still not going to be an experience most people will enjoy for a while.
  • However, it’s the underarm most men will want to focus on as this is one area men will want to trim. You should still leave some hair under your armpits so don’t try to shave them completely instead give them a trim either using a body groomer shaver or a small pair of scissors.
Can i do my own Manscaping

Your Chest

  • The chest is one of the most popular areas of the body to manscape and thankfully one of the most simple. You can wax your chest but again most men will likely find using a body groomer/ shaver much easier. You can also use a regular razor as well if your chest hair isn’t overly long.
  • Just make sure your skin has been bathed and that you are using appropriate shaving gel to make the process easier. Men with sensitive skin will want to be very delicate when shaving their chests especially if they are using a regular razor to do it.
  • What you will need to think about carefully though is they man scaping style you want for your chest. Do you want some fine body hair or a complete bare-chested look? That’s just two of the potential styles when it comes to manscaping your chest there are actually a lot of different options.
  • Whatever your opt for try to keep it up throughout your chest so things don’t look unequal. Be very careful around your pectoral muscles and nipples as this is where most men are liable to accidentally cut themselves.

Your Legs

  • Legs are a bit of an anomaly, even though manscaping is very popular these days most men still prefer to keep their legs relatively hairy. Some things just don’t go out of fashion I suppose. That being said manscaping your legs to keep the hair trim and well-groomed is still quite popular and it can be achieved in numerous different ways.
  • Using a body groomer/ shaver is one of the quickest methods and with the right guard on you can quickly and painlessly trim your legs hairs. If you want a more smooth look then you can use wax or a regular razor.
  • Wax again is painful but using a razor will require precision and plenty of shaving gel. Doing the backs of your legs can be quite tricky as well but it can still be done if you take your time.

Your Back

  • Speaking of tricky places to shave not many areas of your body are going to be as difficult to manscape as your back! Men who have wanted to rid themselves of a hairy back have often asked for help when it comes to shaving it but there are alternatives.
  • Back shavers can be hard to find on shop shelves but thankfully you’ll find plenty of them online and most professional male grooming kits will include one. You can think of back shavers as slightly larger more flexible razors as they work in pretty much the same way.
  • The handles of back razors extend to allow you to more easily reach all areas of your back. To start shaving you should apply some shaving gel to your back after having a shower. This will help loosen the hair and help the back shaver do its job. Then start shaving you can either start high and work your way down or start low and gently work your way up.
  • Shaving you back can be a slow process at first especially if you are new to it. But take your time and be gentle, wash the back shaver after every small patch has been shaved and then have a quick shower to rid yourself of any excess hair.
  • If you are having trouble doing it yourself then you can go to a professional for a back shave. Be warned though most establishments will use wax for this which most men will likely find painful.
  • So, I would recommend at least giving a back shaver a try it might be tricky at first but with a little practice manscaping your back will usually be quite simple.

Your Groin

  • So, I talked about this a little bit earlier but let’s go a bit more in-depth. When you talk about manscaping many men (and women for that matter) think it’s all about keeping your pubic hair neat and trim. As you have seen manscaping goes much further than that but this area of your body is still one of the primary focuses of it.
  • Many men opt for the previously mentioned back, a sack and crack treatment to get their pubic hair shaved. But while that is an option you can do it yourself and it will often be easier than you think of course you should take things slow and be gentle though.
  • There are really three parts to manscaping your groin first you’ll want to focus on your pubic hairs. These can usually be easily trimmed with a short pair of scissors. To make things easier you should start manscaping this area after a bath or shower.
  • Cutting your pubic hair will be much easier when it’s wet, although if you are careful you can cut it while it’s dry although this isn’t advised in most cases. Cutting the hair away from your scrotum is going to be a bit more delicate.
  • Finally, most men will want to tidy up the hair around the shaft of their penis. Again this can be done with either some small scissors or a razor, just use plenty of shaving gel once again to make the process easier.
  • Man scaping your groin and dealing with pubic hair can be difficult at first but like many areas of manscaping, it gets easier the more you do it. Once the hair is cut away I recommend having another quick shower or a dip in the bath to help wash away any excess hair. Don’t worry if your groin is a bit irritated after a shave either.
  • This is pretty common especially for people manscaping their groin for the first time since the area is very sensitive. The issue will usually fade over time but you can use some Aloe Vera cream/ lotion or dash of talcum powder to help alleviate any irritation.
  • You could also use a shaving cream but make sure you read the instruction and check if it can be used for your private parts. Have a look at our article regarding the Best Men’s Hair Removal Cream For Your Private Parts

Your Buttocks

  • Finally, let’s look at manscaping your buttocks and perineum area (the space between the scrotum and anus) because of its position it shouldn’t really surprise anyone to learn that hair removal around this area of the body is very difficult.
  • For that reason, many men who want hair removed around these areas will usually have to go to a professional for a waxing treatment.

But can you do it on your own or not?

  • Well this is another grey area yes you can but the end results might not be very good and some men are just naturally going to be more flexible which means they’ll find it easier.
  • If you do want to try shaving these areas yourself have a bath or shower to soften the hair and then use a body groomer/ shaver to slowly work around your buttocks and move gently closer to the perineum as you go.
  • It’s best to do this while standing up and if you have a full-length mirror try to stand behind it and use it to help guide your movement. Some men have also done this using a regular razor and shaving gel but this is going to be more difficult and you could potentially cut yourself. So, I don’t really recommend trying it.

How Long Does Man Scaping Take?

How long manscaping takes

When reading through this guide it might seem like manscaping will take hours to do but in reality, it is often a much quicker process than many people realize. The more you do it the quicker it will be as well. And remember most men won’t want to manscape everything so you won’t have to spend hours in the shower.

However, that being said manscaping is best achieved when you take your time. Running a razor or body shaver over more sensitive areas of your body isn’t without some risks so don’t try to rush things to save time. Man scaping is basically tidying and grooming your body so give yourself time to get things done properly.

If you are struggling to keep on top of your manscaping routine then you can always go to a professional. These services will often be quicker and you might even achieve better results but they can be costly and some men just won’t want to ask someone to wax or shave certain areas of their body.

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What Equipment Do I Need For Man Scaping?

If you have been reading through this guide you have likely noticed all the different pieces of equipment I’ve mentioned. So, it might seem like you need to invest a lot of money to manscape successfully but you really don’t!

Because manscaping can be carried out in numerous different ways what equipment you use is all down to you. So, yes you can manscape on a budget, let’s look at what equipment you really need to carry out your own manscaping.

Razors: Yeah you can still use your regular razors for a lot of the manscaping process. Disposable razors are useable but you will often get better results if you have a more long-lasting, high-quality razor. Disposable units can lose their edge quickly and you could end up using a lot of them during your manscaping.

Body Shaver: These come in numerous different forms and usually look very similar to the trimmers a barber would use to shave your head. They feature numerous head guards that you can use to get various levels of cut. Simple and easy to use this tool can make the manscaping process much easier.

Back Shaver: Other tools can’t really help when it comes to shaving your back so you need a back shaver. They are a lot like your typical razor buts slightly larger and extendable, they can take a little getting used to but after a while shaving, you back will be much easier. For this matter you might be interested in our article about Men’s Back Hair Removal

Scissors: While various kinds of scissors can technically be used for manscaping you will get the best results by using a small pair. Scissors are a great way to neaten and trim hair just make sure you keep your hands steady when cutting.

Tweezers: Tweezers can be used for your eyebrows and ear hairs. They can be a little fiddly to use at first and plucking hairs can even be a little painful but they do allow you to remove more delicate hairs that you can really do with any other tool.

Shaving Gel: Since you will be using razors during your manscaping you will, of course, need shaving gel. It is best using a gel designed for sensitive skin as many areas of the body you’ll be manscaping will be more sensitive.

Nose/ Ear Trimmer: While you can remove ear hair without a trimmer using one will make the process much easier. Plus a nose/ ear trimmer is really the only way to get rid of excess hair around your nostrils safely.

So, that is the basic equipment you will need and while it might seem like a lot most men’s grooming kits will include everything you could want in one package! And with manscaping getting more and more popular you’ll find plenty of grooming kits available in both online and high street shops.

That concludes our look at manscaping, yes there is a lot more to it than most people probably realized. So, if you want to give it a try now you know what to do and if you’ve already got your own manscaping routine you still might have learned a thing or two.

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