7 foods that boost men’s sexual drive and stamina

It is commonly believed that a real man has to always be in the mood because that is their top reason for being a ‘man’. This notion has made a lot of men shy away from talking about the changes in their sex drive, especially when it gets low than usual. Sexual dysfunction is normal. You should not be shy to seek remedies and knowledge about your sexual health.

There are several medical and home remedies that can boost your sexual health. One of the easiest ways to enhance your sexual drive and stamina is to eat sexually beneficial foods. This article takes you through all you need to know about male libido and foods that can enhance your sexual health. 

Let’s go! 

What is sexual drive or libido for men

What is sexual drive/libido

A man’s sex drive which can equally be called a man’s libido is simply the sexual urge or the mental and emotional energy towards sexual intercourse of any kind. 

Men’s libido intensity varies. It can be likened to a spectrum as it varies among men. Sometimes a man’s libido fluctuation can cause his sexual drive and stamina to be on the high side or the low side. However, a particular level of sex drive and stamina that is low for a man may be considered high by another man. It is different for everybody, only you can define your normal level.

Noting that you have a low sex drive than usual is not anything new, neither is it supposed to be permanent. A man’s libido level can be influenced by so many things that would change his sex-seeking behaviour. These influencers can be categorized under psychological factors, biological factors, and social factors.

Psychological and social factors that affect a man's sexual drive and stamina

Biological factors that affect a man’s sexual drive and stamina

Testosterone level

When a man’s testes do not produce enough testosterone, then he can be said to have low testosterone which is also known as male hypogonadism. Normally, testosterone helps a man maintain and develop his sexual and reproductive function, sexual features, sperm production, and other things. Aside from the natural fact that a man’s testosterone level drops as he ages, usually after age 30, there are other potential causes of low testosterone. They include;

  • Metabolic disorders like hemochromatosis(iron overload in the body)
  • Medications. Some medications such as prednisone used to treat prostate cancer and steroids may trigger a decrease in testosterone level.
  • Cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy also affect testosterone as well as sperm production.
  • Klinefelter syndrome. Every male normally has one X and one Y chromosome. Someone suffering from Klinefelter syndrome has two or more X chromosomes (XXY syndrome) and this affects the testosterone as well.
  • Extreme weight loss or Obesity
  • Congenital defect right from birth
  • Trauma
  • Kidney failure and many others. 
Biological factors that affect a man's sexual drive and stamina

Psychological and social factors that affect a man’s sexual drive and stamina

It will be interesting to know that researchers are still trying to figure out the connection between libido and mental health. Slight changes in psychological or mental issues affect sexual performance as a whole. Some of the factors that affect a man’s libido include ;


Any kind of stress, be it work stress, family stress, or emotional stress can affect a man’s sexual drive and stamina. The brain and body are connected in so many ways. How is it that when you are not happy or you’re worried, you tend to lose appetite not considering if the food is even your favourite? The same for sex, no matter how much you love or are connected to the person you’re having sex with, if you are stressed, there is a high chance for you to perform less than expected.


A man suffering from PTSD may find it difficult to maintain a good sex drive and stamina. This kind of man struggles with different kinds of emotional shutdowns such as anger, trust issues, and other things. Not letting go of all the traumatic experiences you have had with sex will do nothing but continue to affect your sex life. It will be better to heal completely before moving forward with any sexual escapade.


Frankly, low sex drive is one of the most noticeable signs of depression in a man. A man suffering from depression will have difficulty maintaining his supposed normal libido. He just finds it “less enjoyable” since depression also causes him to enjoy his normal activities less.

Poor self-esteem

A man that is worried too much about his sexual performance often tends to perform woefully sexually. Sometimes it may be anxiety about his penis size or thrusting game. Worrying about the minutes your friends say they last in bed won’t make you do the same, it will only cause you more problems. Sex is supposed to be a pleasurable moment without worries; being too conscious of how it would turn out would most probably make it turn out messy, ouch!

Excessive intake of alcohol 

As much as a sip of from that bottle can get you in the mood, it can also destroy your sexual performance. Involving long-term excessive alcohol consumption as a frequent habit affects the nervous system and messes with the pituitary gland connected to your brain and penis. This may cause permanent damage to the nerves in your penis. No one is saying you should not put yourself ‘in the mood’ with your favourite wine, just make sure you do it in moderation.


Yes, foreplay! Your partner plays a role in your sexual stamina. Their body and mind sync with yours is going to work magic for you both. If your partner enjoys foreplay, engage in it. Set up your bodies on fire with passion. Make your body cry for sexual pleasure rather than force it to. Make foreplay prepare you for immeasurable pleasure and watch how it goes. You’ll come back to give me a bump fist!

Now that we’ve dissected where the problems may arise from, O’compatriot, how do we tackle them all?

There are so many ways to improve a man’s sexual drive and stamina. Over the years, a lot of natural treatments as well as medical solutions have been proffered but you know what? We will be going for the simplest of all. These solutions come with no side effects, just imagine that! This is you carrying out the necessities for you to live on this planet to help with your libido. Imagine that! Awesome, right? Now, let’s get into it. 

We will talk about seven foods to include in your diet to boost your sexual drive and stamina. These foods will be touching all aspects of your sexual adventure, right from the ones that would get you in the mood, to the food that will increase the penis size so as for you to wield that mighty sword to the areas that matter(yeah, right!) Then to the natural viagra foods that take care of the duration and durability. Now, what are those super “sexy” foods?’

7 foods that serve as natural viagra for men's sexual drive and stamina

7 foods that serve as natural viagra for men’s sexual drive and stamina


First things first, let’s get in the mood. In case you’ve been sleeping on eating green vegetables, this is the time to wake up on spinach. Spinach is a natural viagra food that gets you ready for a great show where you’re the director!

Spinach can increase blood flow just right below your belt. According to experts, spinach is a vegetable that is very rich in magnesium, and it reduces inflammation and increases blood flow, even to the most unexpected parts of the body where you’ll be needing it. It also can boost your testosterone. 

Furthermore, spinach is highly rich in folate which is known as a blood flow booster. When discussing male sexual function, folic acid happens to be topping the list. According to research, if a man has a shortage of blood folic acid levels, he may suffer from erectile dysfunction.

 Doesn’t sound like it? Wait till you try it out. Just like you would pick up a Viagra pill at the pharmacy, save yourself the side effects and pick up spinach when next you go to the supermarket. Inculcating spinach in your diet makes penis erection come more naturally and makes the sex more pleasurable. Spice things up with spinach, either as salad, getting it steamed for consumption, or including it in your next smoothie.

Fatty Fish

Still, on the matter of being in the right mood and stamina for sex, another natural viagra food is the family of fatty fish. Fatty fish contains superfluous omega-3 fatty acids. The most widely accepted fact is that this nutrient is beneficial to the heart. Let me break it to you now. It also increases dopamine levels in the brain. 

Dopamine is produced in response to sexual stimulation. An increase in dopamine level improves blood flow and circulation, thereby lending a helping hand to your arousal when it’s needed. It gives you the right connection before sex, the fun in it, and the satisfaction after it. Make it a habit to pick up your fatty fish anytime to cook, grill, or fry. Examples of fatty fish include; 

  •  Salmon
  •  Sardines
  •  Atlantic mackerel
  •  Mussels
  •  Atlantic Herring


Yep! It’s banana o’clock. A lot of studies have proven that bananas contain potassium which is paramount when we talk about your cardiovascular well-being. Eating bananas regularly decrease sodium levels in the body. It also helps with blood circulation in the body. A healthy heart and excellent blood flow help you attain a bigger erection. Who says size doesn’t matter? It may be just that extra inch that will make a total difference. So, quit that dream of buying penis enlargement pills and make bananas your pal. It can be paired with your oatmeal, as a snack, or included in your smoothie mix.


Watermelon is also one of the foods that increase penis size. It is a natural source of Citrulline which is an amino acid that enhances better erection. Just as Viagra works by increasing blood flow to the penis, watermelon is also converted into L-arginine amino acids which help in stimulating nitric oxide to increase blood flow to the penis. Including watermelon in your daily life is surely one of the ways to gain a few more inches.  


Beetroots are high in nitric acids. Research suggests that dietary nitrates gotten from beetroot juice can help manage blood pressure, which can also help improve blood flow and stamina during sex. A dose of beetroot juice per day ‘keeps a man going for the duration that matters. Beets can be your next best shot to boost your sex life while making a healthy addition to your diet and heart’s proper functioning. 


The best protein dispenser is also one of your best bets for a healthy libido. Eggs are rich in vitamin B6 and B5, which help in easing stress and balancing your hormone levels, which are both crucial for maintaining a good level of libido. Easy/hard-boiled or scrambled, the egg is quite easy to include in your daily diet. Neither is it expensive nor hard to get. So, be a consistent egg eater from now on and experience the magic that awaits you in your sexual adventure.

Dark chocolate

This would be great news for you if you are a chocolate lover. Dark chocolate contains flavonoids that have been proven to reduce stress, relax blood vessels, and allow blood to flow adequately to the proper places. These same flavonoids act as natural viagra that makes a man get a harder and stronger erection than before. By ensuring you’re not just picking up just any chocolate but dark chocolate, you’re set to change your sex drive level and stamina.

Final words

Take this along with you, if it benefits the heart, it surely benefits the sexual drive and stamina. A man’s sexual drive and stamina do not require going far and wide for medications that may later have negative effects. All it takes for you is to eat healthy for your body. Watch your sexual life change tremendously. 

However, if your diet is not helping with your sexual drive, you may need to seek medical help. You should also try as much as possible to create time to get plenty of rest and create time for your hobbies, self-care, and love life.

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