Men’s Back Hair Removal – Everything You Need To Know 

Guys, I think we can admit a few things about shaving, can’t we? Whether you prefer the cleaned shaven look, a little stubble or you have a majestic beard shaving is still going to be a bit of a drag, isn’t it?

Now, most men will take care of their face when it comes to shaving but what about other areas of the body?

Man Back Removal

No, I don’t mean those areas (although that is undoubtedly a difficult region as well) what I’ am talking about is shaving your back! Now I’ am sure most men reading this have already struggled with the difficulty of shaving their backs before, so what can be done about it?

Many people have had no option but to ask someone to help them do it. Because let’s be honest trying to shave your back on your own is going to take some very impressive contortions. And well, most of us aren’t going to be flexible enough to pull that off without injury. So, I really don’t recommend it unless you are a gymnast.

But thankfully there have been some innovations when it comes to shaving the more difficult to reach areas of your body. Back shavers aren’t wildly available (although they should be) but if you head online you will find plenty of them available.

Let’s take a closer look at back shavers to see how they work.

The New Life Back Shaver

Back shavers come in quite a wide variety of different forms online but the New Life shaver you can find on Amazon is one of the best offerings. It also showcases all the important features you really need when it comes to a back shaver.

The New Life shaver features an adjustable handle so you can more easily reach both your upper and lower back. It can be adjusted from 14.2 inches to an impressive 19.5 inches and can be safely used for both wet and dry shaving. The handle is also anti-slip which can make using it in the shower much safer.

Now as you can likely guess blade quality is going to be one of the main areas when it comes to shavers and thankfully the New Life shaver doesn’t disappoint.

A back shaver is naturally going to be larger than your regular razor which means safety is going to be very important.
The New Life back shaver has 4-inch safety blades which will help reduce the risk of accidental cutting. Because a back shaver is naturally going to be larger than your traditional razor the weight is also important.

Thankfully the New Life razor is lightweight which makes moving and using it much smoother. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee so if you aren’t happy with the razor then you can always return it. But when we look at the specs this back shaver certainly seems to offer everything you could want.

One big mistake many men make is that they try to shave their backs with a regular face razor. As you can guess this is very difficult and not recommended, but that still won’t stop some people from trying it.

Even while sitting down and with great reach, you will still only usually be able to reach the upper areas of your back or the very lower regions of it.

Now, of course, it’s a common option for some men to get someone to do it for them using a razor but this while this is safer it won’t often result is a nice, smooth shave.

Regular razors are designed for use on the face (in most cases) and trying to use one on your back will often result in cuts and very irritated skin. Sure someone doing it for you is better than trying to do it yourself but it still won’t really be a pleasant experience. So, yes a proper back shaver will make a big difference.

Do I Need To Shave My Back? 

Well if you are reading this article I’ am guessing you are at least a little bit interested in shaving your back. But to answer the question of the subtitle no technically you don’t have to. You really don’t have to shave any area of your body if you don’t want to I suppose. But shaving your back does come with some benefits.

Okay, it might seem shallow but let’s be honest most people won’t find a hairy back very attractive, will they? I mean do you think you look good with a hairy back?

I’ am guessing the vast majority of people reading this said no, so shaving your back will make you feel better about your body and be sure to up your confidence.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to look good and shaving your back is a great way for guys to do that. If you don’t mind having a hairy back then go for it beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all.

But at the same time since the majority of people reading this likely won’t want a hairy back there is nothing wrong with wanting to shave it either.

But it isn’t all vanity shaving your back does have some other benefits you should think about. Body hair increases body heat which isn’t a bad thing but at the same time when it comes to back hair, it can make your skin irritable and uncomfortable.

Best Way to shave mens back

This will be particularly noticeable during the warmer months of the year. If you are a particularly active person then shaving your back is also advised.

Sports lovers, in particular, can benefit greatly from a smooth back as it will make working up a sweat much more comfortable. But you don’t have to be a sports star to benefit.

Best Men's back hair removal

If you enjoy running, working out at the gym or just playing football with your friends (the actual game not the version on the PlayStation) then shaving your back will be a big benefit. Swimmers, in particular, can benefit greatly from having less body hair so shaving your back is recommended.

Having smoother skin can also make showering/ bathing easier and many men find it much more comfortable although if you haven’t shaved your back for a while give yourself an hour or so to adjust after shaving.

So, while there is no outright need to shave your back many men do find it makes them look better and feel much more comfortable.

Is Shaving Your Back Easy? 

If you are interested in shaving your back then you should know (and you probably do by now) that without the right tools it wouldn’t be easy.

The New Life back shaver is one of the best ways to shave your back because it pretty much deals with all the difficult parts of the experience. You won’t have to ask anyone to help or trying doing it yourself with just a mirror to guide you.

Thanks to the longer reach and larger razor head you can more easily cut the hairs away. Back hair because it is usually left for much longer will often be tougher to remove. So, yes shaving your back is much easier when you have the right tools for the job. And a good back shaver like the one from New Life can really help.

How Do I Shave My Back? 

Okay, this might sound like something that doesn’t really need explaining but you can’t really approach shaving your back the same way you would shaving your face or shave your pubic hair. Shaving your back is a much more involved process but also one that can be very easy if you have a proper back shaver.

Don’t worry if things get a little messy or take a little longer the first time you do it either. Just like shaving your face it can take a few attempts to get into the proper rhythm and learn the best way to shave. So, when shaving your back you should follow the simple guidelines laid out below which will make the process much more comfortable.

Men Back Shaver

Step 1 – Have A Shower! 

The first step to shaving your back is to relax and enjoy a good soak you can either have a bath or shower but in the interest of saving time a shower is often recommended. Make sure to soak your back thoroughly to help loosen up stringy hairs.

You might be tempted to use some shampoo or conditioner but this isn’t recommended as it can make the shaving process more irritating and difficult. So, just stick to nice hot water and use a sponge to really massage your back.

Step 2 – Getting Ready To Shave 

Once you have had enough time in the shower dry your back. You don’t have to thoroughly dry it but you don’t want it to be dripping with water either.

Then apply some shaving gel/ cream to your back gently. Don’t go overboard just a thin layer will usually do the job. If this is your first time using a back shaver then having a mirror in the room can help.

Step 3 – A Close Shave 

So, now you are ready to shave! Get your back shaver ready and decide how you want to start. When shaving your back it’s best to do small patches at a time rather than trying to do the whole thing at once. You can start from the top and work down or start from the bottom and work your way up.

Every so often wash the head/ blades of the back shaver to make sure it doesn’t get blocked up. Once you’ve finished either have a quick shower to wash off the excess shower gel/ hair or use a slightly damp towel to clean up your back. And that’s it you should be done!

Things To Consider 

So, now you know the proper process for shaving your back before you do make sure you pay attention to these considerations. Everyone’s skin is different and some men have more sensitive skin than others.

If you have more sensitive skin then you will need to take extra care when shaving and will get the best results using a shaving gel that is specially designed for your skin.

Shaving gel for sensitive skin comes in many different types and under plenty of different labels so you shouldn’t struggle to find some. If this is your first time shaving your back or you really don’t know whether your skin is sensitive or not then it’s best to play it safe and use a sensitive skin shaving gel.

Aside from the shaving gel you also need to be careful of things like spots, moles and skin tags. Back acne is very common especially in younger men so be careful and take your time when shaving.

Thankfully sensitive skin shaving gels do also have the advantage of being more cooling on your skin when shaving as well.

Moles and skin tags are more difficult so the best advice I can give you is to be very careful. If they are particularly large then you might want to cover them with a waterproof plaster before shaving. Aloe Vera lotion or cream can be a great way to refresh and soothe your skin after a shave as well.

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So, if your back feels irritable/ uncomfortable after you’ve shaved then try some lotion. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin then you should still try some moisturizer as it will help your skin feel more hydrated.

Just stay away from aftershave moisturizers if you do have sensitive skin as that can make things worse.  

Do I Need To Use A Back Shaver? 

If you want your back hair free then is a back shaver the only way to do it? The answer unsurprisingly is no but a back shaver could be the best way! Let’s take a closer look at the alternative shaving methods you can try and compare them.

Hair removal cream is one of the main alternatives to a more traditional back shaver.

While hair removal cream can seem like the ideal solution for removing unwanted hairs there are some downsides to it. When you think of hair removal cream it might seem like all you need to do is put it on, leave it for a few seconds and then wash it away.

However, hair removal cream will rarely ever work that effectively. It is really only designed for fine body hairs so likely won’t be able to get rid of most back hairs at least not without repeated coats.

They can also cause reactions in the skin so they aren’t really ideal for men with sensitive skin. While they have their uses they just aren’t really suitable for your back.

What is the best Man back shaver

The other common alternative for back hair removal is wax. If you just shuddered a little then I don’t blame you not many people will be willing to use wax on their back hair, will they? Yes it can be done and there are even treatments designed especially for back hair removal but there are some potential cons with it.

For one thing, a professionally done back wax will usually need to be carried out by a professional this can be costly and to be honest many men will likely be too embarrassed to even try it. This brings me to the second point which is the pain! Yes, waxing is not really a pain-free method of hair removal.

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Everyone’s tolerance will be different and some wax treatments are designed to be more gentle but still, there are much less painful options available. Finally, you could also try laser hair removal this does have plenty of benefits and is completely pain-free.

These are specialist treatments that will need to be carried out by a trained professional and while they aren’t exactly rare it could take some searching to find a specialist offering the service near you. The downside is as you’ve likely already guessed the price.

Because this is a more modern, specialist hair removal treatment it won’t come cheap. So, unless you are really willing to pay more money for back hair removal it simply isn’t going to be a feasible option for many people.

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Especially when you consider the fact that you can get the same results from just using a simple back shaver.

Hair Removal Made Easy! 

So, that closes out our look at back hair removal! The modern man of today will likely not want a hairy back and as we’ve discussed there could be plenty of reasons for that. But getting that smooth back is still something a lot of men struggle with but a proper back shaver will make things much easier.

The New Life back shaver we looked at earlier is a great example of this! Male grooming is a growing market as more men are looking at ways to help get rid of unwanted hairs. So, instead of struggling to do it yourself or asking a friend to help why not try a back shaver instead?

They are simple and easy to use and will help you achieve the smooth, hair-free back you want.  

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