Men’s Luxury Watches You Should Know About

Shopping for men’s luxury watches can be quite difficult. A luxury watch by its very definition is going to be expensive so you’ll want to ensure you are getting something you’ll actually like for your money.

Buying a watch isn’t quite as simple as you might think.

A watch is a fashionable accessory that men and women both can utilize effectively. Now a luxury watch is extra-special because by design these will be more striking and impactful.

While there is a subsection of watches that are identified as luxury you can find more luxurious variants in other styles as well.

If that sounds a little confusing think about it like this. If you like Pilot style watches then you could look for a luxury Pilot watch.

Big name brands

like Omega,

Rolex, and Tudor

are all popular

choices when it

comes to luxury


We also need to talk about the price early in the intro I mentioned the expense.

And that is certainly true, a luxury watch won’t come cheap but that doesn’t mean you have to spend tens of thousands.

But there are some cheaper (relatively speaking) options available as well.

However, if you want a true luxury watch in every sense of the word then be prepared to spend money. Luxury doesn’t come cheap after all.

What To Consider Before Your Search 

Before you spend money on anything luxurious you should make sure you know exactly what you want. Or at the very least have a rough idea in mind.

This is no different when it comes to buying men’s luxury watches.

Now while it’s true that in the majority of cases a luxury watch will hold its value (or a lot of it) you still want to ensure that the watch you buy is actually something you’ll like and be happy to wear.

So, before we look at our picks for men’s luxury watches to buy we have listed some important things to remember before starting your search.

What are the most important things to consider before to buy a luxury watch?

Know What Movement You’d Like 

Set Yourself A Budget 

Think About The Size 

Choose The Style You Like 

men's luxury watches

Know What Movement You Would Like 

The first thing to remember is to always look at the movement of the watch. In most cases, this will either be automatic, quartz or mechanical.

Quartz watches are generally cheaper (although the difference will be negligible when it comes to luxury watches) and use a small crystal and battery to power the watch.

Automatic uses gears and springs like mechanical but automatic watches won’t require hand winding while mechanical will.

Automatic movement is very common place these days in all kinds of watches. Although some luxury watches will use mechanical as it is seen as the more traditional/ artistic choice.

Set Yourself A Budget 

While you likely could find a nice luxury watch for under a thousand dollars numerous leading brands likely won’t have products available for that budget.

Now, this isn’t always a bad thing as sometimes you need to look beyond the popular brands to find something unique and special.

However, if you really have your heart set on a luxury watch from a brand like Cartier or Rolex then you’ll need to be prepared to spend a lot.

If you are shopping on a smaller budget don’t worry you’ll still have options though.


Think About The Size 

One thing many men don’t think about when buying a watch is the size. When it comes to men’s luxury watches there is a wide range of different sizes available.

You’ll need to consider two important elements when it comes to your search.

The first is the size of the dial of the watch, while these are usually circular they can be square-shaped or even something a little more unusual.

Many men’s watches opt for a larger face with the thinking behind the design being that bigger equals better.

When it comes to many men’s products designers usually opt to go bigger.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t sleeker luxury watches for men available, but they may be more difficult to find.

If you do want a bigger watch make sure it will actually be comfortable and fit well on your wrist.

Choose The Style You Like 

Finally, one other important piece of advice is to always look for a style you actually like.

This might sound like unnecessary advice but when it comes to shopping for men’s luxury watches many people fall into the trap of buying for the brand.

Yes, you might be able to afford that luxury Rolex watch and it might even get plenty of admiring glances.

But if a more affordable Tudor watch is more to your liking then don’t opt for the more expensive option simply because of the brand name.

You also shouldn’t be afraid of opting for a more unusual style or brand either if it’s more to your liking.

Remember when shopping for a man’s luxury watch you are looking for something you’ll like and want to wear.

So, whenever possible look beyond the brand name and focus on finding a style/ design that actually appeals to you.

Our Luxury Watch Countdown 

So, now you know all our advice about finding the best men’s luxury watches let’s start our countdown for our picks of the best watches.

We’ve looked at numerous different luxury watches and chosen our favorites based on a number of different factors.

We’ve looked at the brand’s reputation, the color and the style of the watch, extra features, and of course the price.

So, if you are shopping for men’s luxury watches then be sure to check out our list below.

Even if you don’t find a watch on the list to your liking it will no doubt help give you some pointers and inspiration for finding a luxury watch of your own.

Omega Men’s Stainless Steel Watch

Omega is a veteran in the watch industry, and they have some beautiful men’s watches under their brand. We love this classic stainless steel watch for its charming sleek design.

This watch opts for something a little different rather than the big and bulky designs you typically see when it comes to men’s luxury watches.


The thinner design won’t be to everyone’s liking but if you want something sleeker then it makes a fine choice.

The black coloring helps add a masculine edge to the design and it will go with almost anything.

With automatic movement and a modern style, this watch is ideal for both casual and business wear and is highly water resistant.

Cartier Men’s Tank Watch 

The name might make you think of a military watch, but this is very much a luxury one.

Cartier is a name you can trust when it comes to quality and this stylish men’s watch is a real work of art.

With automatic movement and a sleek design, this watch will stand out from the crowd of bigger, bulkier watches.


We really love the square face design which isn’t as commonplace in the men’s watch market.

The stylish alligator leather strap may seem lowkey, but it adds to the simple charm this watch so perfectly captures.

The watch is also highly scratch resistant so will be ideal for day-to-day wear.  

Tudor Divers Black Bay Bronze

Tudor is actually a subsidiary of Rolex and offers a more affordable range of luxury watches.

Do note however that this means more affordable compared to Rolex, you can still expect to pay a lot for a Tudor watch.

But this Tudor divers-style watch offers an amazing package.

Tudor Watch for men

The watch combines a number of stylish colors including black and bronze to form a beautiful watch.

The smooth, sand-blasted details add a real touch of elegance to the design and with automatic movement, this watch is sure to please any man.

Longines Heritage Military

Now this luxury watch is a little different, isn’t it? This watch is military-inspired so if this more simple style appeals to you it would make a fine choice.

It is very vintage in looks and style and certainly stands out from the more bulky and bling-inspired luxury watch designs.


You even get two different straps with this watch a strong leather strap and a softer nylon-style strap.

So, you can change this watch to match the environment, you can make it more casual for day to day wear or simply use the leather strap for a more professional environment.

Longines Le Grande Classic

We are sticking with Longines for a second pick the Le Grande Classic.

This watch is more traditional in style when it comes to luxury watches and offers a stylish and simple look any man will enjoy.

The face features some striking gold embellishments that really highlight this timepiece’s striking beauty.


The gold is contrasted beautifully with a black leather band and automatic movement helps ensure this watch is more versatile and ideal for both day to day and professional/ business wear.

We also really love the roman numerals around the face this helps add an extra touch of sophistication to an already beautiful design.

Rolex New Submariner Gold and Steel 

Rolex is a name everyone knows when it comes to luxury!

They rival Cartier when it comes to their prestige and have many amazing luxury men’s watches across their brand.

The New Submariner is a great representation of their high-class and luxury. With a thicker band and a large face, this watch will certainly appeal to men.


It uses a blend of elegant colors like silver and gold but features a bold black face.

This contrast is very aesthetically pleasing and helps the watch look much more striking.

The watch features automatic movement and is incredibly strong and durable. It is also highly shockproof and water resistant as well.

Alpina Men’s 4 Stainless Steel Watch 

This sports-inspired luxury watch is ideal for men who want something a little more colorful from their luxury watch.

With automatic movement, this watch is very versatile and ideal for day to day and professional wear.

The watch features a stylish brown leather band which goes brilliantly with a larger dial face.


The face has a blue metallic shine to it which is undeniably cool. The watch is also anti-shock and anti-magnetic while also being water resistant.

Stylish and fashionable this watch is ideal for men who want something more youthful and vibrant.

Tudor Pelagos Blue Dial

We have another example from Tudor here with the Pelagos! With its striking blue dial, this watch will be sure to stand out.

The silver body may seem like an odd choice, but you’d be surprised by how well blue and silver go together.

The watch hands are a slightly more unusual design which helps give this watch a more funky charm.


It’s a small thing but it makes a big difference. This watch is also incredibly strong thanks to its titanium band and frame.

It’s also highly scratch and water resistant. With classic masculine colors and design elements this watch is a great choice and will be sure to please any man looking for something stylish and masculine.

Omega Speed Master Professional Moon Watch

We’re going back to Omega with another beautiful luxury watch!

This bold, black watch is packed with features including a chronograph, tachymetric scale, and an impressive 48-hour power reserve.

It also features mechanical hand-wind movement so will be more smooth and accurate.


The band is thick black leather that pairs beautifully with the black dial face. The watch is also the perfect mid-size offer.

It’s not too big or too small making it a good choice for any man. With its masculine colors and striking design, this watch has got everything you could want.

Seiko Men’s Stainless Steel Two-Tone Watch

For our final choice, we have a luxury watch that is a little more budget-friendly.

Made from high-quality stainless steel this luxury watch offers a more simple and elegant design ideal for professional wear.

With quartz movement, this watch will give reliable timekeeping all year round.


The gold additions to the band and dial of the watch beautifully blend together to create a stylish and luxurious feel that has a real charm to it.

This watch is also highly water resistant and very tough and durable.

If you want a luxurious watch for a more affordable price then this is the watch for you.

Men’s Luxury Watches – Everything You Need To Know 

So, that is our countdown for some of the best men’s luxury watches.

A luxury watch is more than just a way to tell the time it’s a stylish accessory that will be sure to give any man a boost of confidence.

Yes, many of these watches are expensive but they will be sure to hold their value.

Any man will look and feel great with a stylish luxury watch on their wrist and with these picks, you should have a great idea over which watch will look best on you.

Whether you opt for one of our picks or use them for inspiration you’ll be sure to find a watch you love in no time.

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