Men’s Shopping Guide: How to shop like a pro?

For some, knowing what to wear may be a difficult decision, however, knowing what to buy is a universal dilemma every man has – at least once in their life. Like women’s fashion, men’s too is a changing phenomenon. What is “in” the first month is immediately “out” the next, giving you absolutely no idea whether to buy the clothing item or not. Hence, therefore you should focus more on style rather than ongoing fashion trends.

Adopting a timeless style is the ultimate cheat sheet when working with clothes, mainly because a genuine leather jacket paired with a white tee and denim jeans would keep you looking fresh amongst hoards of other trends. It’s a tried and tested classic that could never go wrong. 

In this article, we will be providing you with a shopping guide on some of the men’s classics that should have their own place in your closet as well as some tips and tricks to keep your wardrobe fresh. 

Timeless men's style

#01: Opt for a Timeless Style

The simple definition of a timeless style would be something that never gets old and will stand up for years and years. Investing in a clothing item that you can wear from time to time without it looking old is perhaps the best decision. As we’ve already mentioned, fashion trends are a fickle thing. Following them is almost equal to a hassle and oftentimes the trends tend to not suit your personality. Hence the reason why focusing on style is much more important. 

opt for styles that come closest to your personality and are comfortable as well. Ultimately, fashion is cyclical, so you don’t have to worry about the current trend. Whatever timeless style you choose for yourself is going to come back eventually. Simply invest in pieces that are classic, comfortable to wear, and are an extension of your personality. 

Now, a perfect example of a classic timeless piece is a leather jacket. This leather outerwear has been the backbone of the fashion industry for decades. It’s a classic that never goes out of style and keeps your outfit polished and clean. You can pair any article in your closet with a leather jacket and it’d go well together, that’s the kind of versatility that a leather jacket possesses. 

Investing in denim jeans is also a good choice as they are wearable at all times of the year. Everything seems to compliment them which is a bonus point and they’re also available in a variety of different styles and designs.

#02: Make sure your clothes fit perfectly

The difference between a clothing item that is oversized versus a clothing item that fits perfectly is astounding. Opting for a size up can make you look bulky and voluminous while a size small may stretch out your clothes and potentially damage them. Choosing the perfect size is as important as making the decision to buy a particular item – which is extremely important. 

Style is the epitome of comfort, and you should never compromise comfort over style. Choose clothes that boost your confidence and reflect you rather than choosing uncomfortable and flashy outfits. The more comfortable you are in your clothes, the more confident you’ll appear to be. However, being comfortable doesn’t mean that you can’t dress nicely. Contrary to popular belief, a three-piece suit if the perfect size is extremely comfortable. Try to buy clothes that fit you like a glove and if you have existing clothes that don’t fit you perfectly, get them altered by a tailor so that you can wear them with confidence and your head held high.  

However, the perfect fit isn’t just limited to clothes, it also includes footwear. Your shoes should match your personality and the style you’re trying to portray. 

Environment-friendly clothing is the better option

#03: Environment-friendly clothing is the better option

With the current global warming situation upon us, we must follow steps that help in eradicating this phenomenon, and luckily, the new eco-friendly clothing is the perfect alternative to our normal fashion. Make sure that the clothes you’re buying are made from natural ingredients and that their manufacturing isn’t harming the environment in any way. 

However, you should keep in mind that organic clothing is more on the expensive side because of the hard work and labor it takes to produce organic cotton and organic dye. Investing in high end, organic, and sustainable clothing is perhaps the better option than going for cheaper and faster alternatives. Compared to normal clothes, organic clothes hold up pretty well and will not get old for years due to their natural origin.    

#04: Simple and Minimalistic vibes

Simplify your everyday outfits and reduce them so that they don’t feel restrictive or stifling. Shop for clothing items that you can wear on an everyday basis and would look good with everything. opt for neutral-colored shades like black, white, grey, or brown so that you won’t have any trouble matching the outfits. Oftentimes than not, we don’t feel energetic enough to pair an outfit together, which is fine because everyone has their days. However, going for simple denim jeans and neutral toned tees would make your mornings much simpler and easier by giving you effortless and minimalistic vibes in a second. Try out outfits that are effortless to style yet make jaws drop. 

#05: Pay Attention to Accessories

A vital part of dressing up as well as shopping is knowing what to accessorize your outfit with. Paying attention to ties, pocket squares, and accessories make a huge difference. Invest in a good quality watch because it complements your outfit like no other. Similarly investing in ties and pocket squares is also a good idea because these are the little things that really make your personality pop as well as accentuate your outfit.

To Conclude

This was our take on a men’s shopping guide. As always, these tips aren’t only limited to what’s in this article, however, we’ve summarized it to the best of our abilities. When shopping for clothes, one thing to remember is to always look for clothing articles that are sustainable, practical, and stylish. 

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