Everything You Need to Know About Custom Tailored Suits

Every man should have at least one tailored suit. For a long time, suits have been taken away from us and we have lost our gentleman ways. All those number crunchers that were forced into wearing suits have created this unjustified animosity towards suits. The suit shouldn’t be uncomfortable or a burden, it should be a part of you and an extension of your personality. Luckily, things have returned...

colour Analysis

Color Analysis – What colors suits you best

By following this color analysis guide you will have a better understanding of what colors suits you best! “I recommend to read my previous article to find out what seasonal color group you represent”  Color analysis can radically change our appearance. Imagine a day without color. No yellow sunrises, blue skies or pure white snow – a world deprived of thousands of rainbow hues that we take for granted....

Seasonal Color Analysis

Seasonal Color Analysis – Easy Steps to Identify your Seasonal Color

Are you really confused about your seasonal colors? Do you want to learn about the methods to identify your seasonal colors? Here is the guide! “This guide is for both Men and Women” DISCOVER YOUR COLOR PALETTE STEP 1: FIND OUT WHETHER YOU ARE WARM OR COOL TYPE Each person is born with an undertone color to their skin, which remains constant throughout their lives. A yellow undertone means that...

Male face shapes

Male face shapes and the rules

There are different male face shapes and the hairstyles I would recommend will depend on whether you have a full head of hair, for those with receding hairlines or hair loss on the crown should understand that trying to compensate by growing hair long at the back, or attempting to comb long side strands over the balding spot, will never be considered a good look. The best rule is,...

Perfect Accessories For Men

Perfect Accessories For Men

Sometimes, it can get a little bit tricky to find those perfect accessories for men that can put together the whole outfit and bring out most confidence out of a man. Well, there’s no reason to feel nervous or overthink what kind of details are essential for any gent regardless of his preferred fashion style. Some of the following accessories are definitely on the top of the list when...

look your best

Look your best – The importance of our Image and appearance

Image is quite simply the way others see and perceive us. The components to look your best are appearance, behavior and communication.   How you present yourself to the world influences the way people react to you. It’s very important to look your best in a business environment, for example, if you arrive to give a presentation on investment strategies dressed in a sports cap and casual clothing, your audience...

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It seems we can’t find what you’re looking for. Perhaps searching can help.

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