How to choose perfect matching tie for different occasions

One of the things men do not pay attention to in their dressing is their ties. Hey, you! If your notion about ties is just to complete your ‘suit up’ dressing irrespective of it matching and doing what it is supposed to be doing (speaking good fashion sense and class, of course), then this article is for no one but you.

When it comes to men accessorizing, perfect matching tie rules tend to be often misconstrued. Yes, it’s firstly about the color but it is not always about the color alone.

When you wear your tie correctly, you stand out among many other men on the same occasion as you are. 

A nice and well-matching tie speaks to class when you understand the assignment of incorporating it well. There is no such thing as a bad tie; it’s left to you to match it right. Therefore, those ties you were gifted without shirts or trousers are not going to the bin, Nah! There’s a space for each of them on your next occasion.

Together, we will both look at how you can rock your tie perfectly for different occasions, just like the classy and fashionable man that you are. So, let’s hack some tie matching rules.

Tie colors you must have in your wardrobe 

Firstly, let us agree that color is about 60% of your perfect matching tie success. Different occasions require a particular mood and ambiance. Be it a wedding, funeral, cocktail party, networking event, or even a date night; setting your tie color to match the mood and style of the occasion is the first hack. 

Although the psychology of color is personal. People and cultures perceive color differently, but there are common meanings attributed to them.

tie color rules

Let’s quickly have a run through what some colors simply signify, to guide your tie color rules; even when you decide to be creative with it.


A black tie is the most generally acceptable formal tie. It is commonly worn at weddings, funerals, dinners amongst other serious occasions. It symbolizes seriousness and sobriety. Showing off-colored ties at events like these can be seen as a lack of good fashion sense or at worst, arrogance.


A brother to black, but in a more subtle manner. A Grey tie also comes with a color trick; it does not go with everything. Try it with black and blue to see the magic. However, be sure you’re wearing some shades when you want to match them with your suit.


A red color tie symbolizes power. When you wear a red tie, you are telling people you mean business. If you are the CEO or you hold any high position in a professional organization, a red tie is a must-have for you. Even if you’re not, it’s okay to own a red tie. It conveys dominance, strength, passion, and also good luck. A silk material would best do the trick.


A yellow/gold tie also symbolizes power, but it’s a subtle version of red. It signifies authority, intelligence, confidence. Just like the radiance of the sun, your yellow tie signifies you’re not scared to show what you’re made of. You should try a yellow tie when next you’re going for an interview or presentation.


tie color combinations

The color green symbolizes life, nature, freshness, vitality, and stability amongst other things. However, you should be careful when you choose to wear a green tie, especially when you’re in the workplace. It is a bit loud and so should be worn in darker shades or stripes unless it’s the company’s official color. 


Blue speaks with confidence, calmness, and intelligence. You can’t go wrong with a blue tie for public speaking, interviews, or addressing a large audience. A navy blue tie expresses seriousness while a lighter shade makes you more approachable. 


The color purple communicates luxury and wealth because it is widely believed that purple means royalty. If you want to stand out in elegance, choose a purple tie. If you want to portray the direct opposite of a simple man with a simple lifestyle, purple is it! No one would forget you in a hurry.


A brown tie announces that a conservative, reserved and down-to-earth man is in the room. Your brown tie mildly tells people that you can be trusted to get the job done anytime. 

Now that our color chart is available, let’s work some magic!

Shirt and Tie color combination rules

Complementary rule 

One way you can make a good statement with your shirt and tie is by complementing the hue. If you do not understand how complementing color works, you can check your color wheel. An additional tip to this is to vary the shades of the complementary colors as well. For example, a dark/burnt orange tie would be a perfect go for a light blue shirt.

Contrasting rule

Another simple yet solid way of pairing a shirt and tie is to combine two completely different colors. Setting blue and red as a good example, you should try a blue shirt with a burgundy or red tie for your next business meeting and watch people ask questions about your fashion career.

tie and suit combination

Analogous color scheme

When you study your color wheel, the three colors next to each other are analogous colors. It usually comprises a dominant color, a supporting color, and the third color which may be a combination of the first two. An example is red, orange, and red-orange. When you have a pink shirt, you should pick a burgundy or purple tie for a sophisticated look.

Pattern/stripe rule

When you want to wear a patterned shirt, pair it with a tie of a larger pattern. Remember the attention is on your tie; it should not get lost in the shirt. And if you want a plain tie with it, just make your tie color a solid color from the shirt pattern.

perfect tie matching rules

For the stripes, you should do something close to contrast. Sounds fun, right? If your shirt has a lot of diagonal stripes, pick a tie with thin vertical stripes. The main goal is to contrast the two as much as possible.


It is equally okay to think outside the box of all these with your wardrobe. You can experiment with colors and patterns of your choice and in the process, discover a new style that works well for you.

Perfect ties and shirt combination for different occasions 

You’re about to hold the magic wand for a total transformation of your shirt and tie combination so that when you appear amongst others, the difference would be sharp and clear.

Perfect matching tie for a wedding ceremony 

For that next wedding ceremony you want to attend, you need to aim for nothing less than bold and stylish. You need to make your tie fashion statement the loudest among all the guests.

Whether you’re going for a wide, skinny, or long length tie, you should comply with the theme of the wedding. 

If you’re one of the groomsmen, you should be taking a tie idea from the groom himself. In most cases, there is usually a selected color so you don’t have to worry about your tie color. However, if you are a guest or the groom himself, you should choose a tie color that is bold and speaks nothing but class.

perfect matching tie wedding

Tie styles for a wedding ceremony 

The tie knot for a wedding should be formal, and elegant. 

The Windsor Knot 

Perfectly suits this description; it matches a wider collar shirt perfectly. This is usually a befitting style for the groom as he is meant to stand out from the crowd. To tie a Windsor Knot, follow the following steps here. Interestingly, if you are one of the groomsmen or just a guest, you can easily go for the Half Windsor Knot. Just so you don’t outshine the groom. A half Windsor Knot is almost the same but is easier to tie and less thick.

A Rose Bud Knot

This is your best shot for a wedding if you want to stand out completely from everyone and make an impression that would not be forgotten in a while. It is quite complicated but the outcome is worth it.

Eldredge knot

To completely turn heads at a wedding, you may want to go for the Eldredge knot. This is another way of letting people know that you know your onions when it comes to the sophisticated tie game. It is a special occasion, after all, there is nothing bad in trying something special and different from the crowd.

However, if you do not like to stress yourself, you can still go for the common four-in-hand knot style while complying with the theme of the wedding.

tie knot

Perfect matching tie and suit combination for a wedding ceremony 

You can’t leave your suit out of the picture. You may choose to follow the complementary rule, contrasting rule, analogous scheme, or the pattern/stripe rule.

The goal is to make a statement with your dressing; a good one at that.

Perfect matching ties for a funeral

No matter the age of the person being buried, a funeral is a sober event where you have to appear with utmost humility. Setting aside a few peculiar cultures, the color of the tie you select for a funeral should be black or deep gray; the same goes for your shirt. Wear dark solid ties that no one would have to compliment you on. Avoid bow ties as they can also draw compliments; unless it’s known as your signature tie. Either way, stick to a solid dark color. 

funeral matching tie

Tie style for a funeral 

Your four-in-hand tie knot is most appropriate.

Perfect matching tie and suit combination for a funeral

As the mood dictates, choose a black, gray, or any other muted color of suit that is not distracting.

Perfect matching tie for a cocktail and networking event  

A man’s cocktail attire allows for more exhibition of style and color. Choose your color and feel free to accessorize with a pocket square or jewelry.

matching ties rules

Tie style for a cocktail and networking event

Pick up your silk tie and light it up with an Eldredge knot or a Full Windsor Knot that is solid.

Perfect matching tie and suit combination for a cocktail and networking event

Go wild with your tie statement and couple it with a fitted suit that complements it. Refer to your color wheel and meanings for the best shot.

Perfect matching tie for a dinner/date night

Of course, you have to be conscious of your tie statement on a date night, especially the first time. You need to keep it sharp but less serious to have a relaxed atmosphere.

tie for a date night

Tie style for a dinner/date night

Knot your tie skinny to avoid giving your date a “boardroom” vibe. You may proceed to do a silky style or a patterned tie that would most probably strike a conversation at the first sight. Throw in a pocket square for that finishing look. Interestingly, you can go without a tie and leave the top shirt button open for more ease with your date.

Perfect matching tie and suit combination for a dinner/date night 

You have your color wheel magic wand, use it to complement your tie and suit if at all you would be going for one. This is the right time for you to wear those suits hiding in your wardrobe that seem less formal.

Bonus tips to be included with a perfect tie

  •  Match your knot with your collar shape and size
  •  Get your tie bar or clips 
  •  Fix your matching lapel flowers   
  •  Use your pocket squares
  •  Get the appropriate tie length and width 

Final words

Next time you need to dress in a tie, do not forget you need a perfect matching tie to complete your look. Classy and sophisticated men do not just throw on ties because it’s the same color as a shirt and suit or because it is the nearest tie available.

Your tie adds a lot to your dressing and even speaks for you before you need to.

You are a gentleman, always think your tie through. No loose ends!

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