How To Properly Shave Your Balls

In this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know on how to properly shave your balls.

Ball shaving is possible but needs steady hands! So when you pick that razor, just know you are about to handle a sensitive part of your body.

However, you do not have to worry about how to properly shave your balls.

Shaving is a vital part of self-care, and when you know how to do it properly, you won’t have a tough time.

Manscaping is all the buzz right now, but:

•Why should you shave your balls?

•Are there any benefits?

•How can you properly shave your balls?

Why Shave Your Balls


When it comes to shaving, manscaping is personal. You may want to completely shave every hair in your nether regions or to only trim.

Not much hair grows on your balls as it does to the area above your penis, yet you need to trim.

When you shave your ball’s hairs, you minimize sweat, bacteria build-up, and fungus.

Still, you need hair on your nether regions to reduce friction during sexual intercourse and maintain an optimal temperature.

For most people, trimming their pubic hair and balls is an aesthetic decision.

Now, if you prefer silky smooth balls, you have to make sure you do it right because the skin in this region is extra sensitive.

Have The Right Tools

Since the skin on your balls is very delicate, you need to have proper tools to get the job done. Below are some of the tools:

  • An electric razor to trim the hair
  • Shaving cream
  • High-quality blades
  • Powder
  • Good lighting and a mirror

An old disposable razor that you have been using for eons to shave your beard will not cut it in this area unless you want itchy balls and cuts.

It is also not hygienic.

Your safe bet is an electric razor as it trims the hair very short, and you do not risk it grabbing or cutting the skin down there.

You should also ensure you have good lighting and a mirror.

Your testicles deserve the best care.

High-quality fresh blades will help shave your balls to give you a smooth, silky look and feel, and a good quality shaving cream will help you achieve just that.

preparation to properly shave your balls


It’s time to stop shaving your balls wrong, here is how to properly shave your balls!

Here are the steps that can help you do it right and avoid ingrown hairs, razor bumps, and other painful problems in the future.


Trimming helps you prepare shaving ground. This is especially necessary when it has been a couple of weeks since you last shaved your man bush. Now, it’s time to trim your balls:

  • Prop your leg up on a sturdy surface
  • Gently pull the skin taut so that you can trim the hair using your electric trimmer or a pair of scissors.
  • When you choose to use a pair of scissors, be careful so that you don’t end up cutting yourself.

Soak your balls

To properly shave your balls, you need to soak them first. Take a warm bath or shower to help in softening the balls and help them to hang loose.

The water should be warm but not hot enough to irritate or burn your skin.

Cold water will make your balls retreat and become uncooperative, and you will end up not having a smooth shave.

If you also use cold water, you risk cutting your balls as the skin is not even.

Soak your balls before to properly shave them

Shaving cream

You want to buy a shaving cream that is specifically for your pubic area.

Shaving creams are meant for sensitive skin and have the right balance of lubrication so that you can shave without too much tugging or discomfort.

Creams designed for your face may irritate the skin down there since the skin down there is different from the skin on your face.

Shaving cream with soothing ingredients like aloe vera will help the blade run smoothly over your balls without friction.

Shaving cream that has clear lather will make it clear for you to see the progress.

However, sometimes it is hard to find shaving creams for the nether regions because there are few shaving creams for the nether regions.

In such a case, use face shaving cream with gentle ingredients like aloe vera.

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Start shaving

Your lathered balls are now ready for that smooth silk shave.

Now to avoid grown hairs, razor bumps, and other problems caused by incorrect shaving techniques, you need to do it correctly:

  1. Prop your leg

Prop your leg up on a stool or a bathtub with a mirror in front of you. Make sure you prop your leg well enough so that you can reach each side of your scrotum.

  1. Lift the skin taut

Gently pull the skin of your scrotum so that you can trim easily and use slow strokes and gentle pressure to shave downwards using high-quality blades.

Lifting your skin tout prevents folds that can get snagged in your shaver. Lift your penis and start at the base of your penis using short strokes.

Once done with the upper side, lift your scrotum and start shaving your balls from bottom to top(the area you are holding).

shave balls guide
  1. Shave in slow motion

Why would you be in a hurry to save this part of your body? A small cut and your sex life will suffer for a couple of days.

Just take it slow and steady, and you will save your balls from pain.

  1. Shave in a downward stroke

Shave according to the direction of your hair (downward stroke).

This will minimize the possibility of having ingrown hair because you will not go too deep into your skin.

Shaving against the grain will provide a closer shave but increase the risk of ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

  1. Wash and Dry

Wash the area completely in the cold water of all shaving cream and dry using a towel.

The cold water helps close pores and minimizes the chance of having ingrown hairs.

Once your pubic area is dry, it will be easier to apply baby powder.

Baby powder makes sure that your skin remains dry throughout the day, and it will reduce any itching you may experience.

best techniques to shave balls

Applying baby powder is easy. Just dip your fingers inside the powder and grab some. Then, rub it into your balls and pubic area by rubbing clockwise in a circular motion.

This allows the powder to penetrate your hair properly and trap moisture.

Make sure that you apply a generous amount of baby powder so that there is enough to keep you dry all day.

Baby powder or talcum helps soften, calm and cool the skin after you shave. It helps prevent rashes, bumps and reduce friction.

Powder also helps to keep the skin dry as it absorbs moisture, thus protecting you against chafing.

Instead of using powder. You can also use a hypoallergenic lotion or oil that will help to soothe your scrotum and pubic area in general after shaving.

A cooling gel-like aloe vera will help soothe irritated skin.

After you have shaved, make sure to clean the bathroom thoroughly by washing everything down with soap and water, especially if someone else uses it.

No one wants to go to a bathroom full of hair, and clean surroundings will generally reflect positively on you.

Men Balls Shaving Aftercare

Shaving Aftercare

After shaving your scrotum and pubic area, there are some simple steps to take in the days following your shaving session to reduce the chance of irritation and promote good hygiene.

First, you need to wash your scrotum and pubic region with warm water while still in the shower. After that, use a large amount of antibacterial soap or other skin-friendly soap and run it through your pubic area, especially where you have shaved.

Leave the soap there for a couple of minutes, and then rinse thoroughly and pat (do not rub) dry with a clean towel.

Finally, apply an aftershave lotion to the area. The best choice is one that has been formulated specifically for this purpose.

Regular lotions and creams can clog your pores and irritate them. Do not use cologne or aftershave intended for the face because it will sting.

Tips to prevent itching after shaving

Well, let’s just get right to the tips:

  • Trim any hairs longer than half an inch before shaving.
  • Do not shave any hair when your skin is dry.
  • Use a new razor when possible.
  • Use shaving cream formulated for sensitive skin.
  • Shave your skin in the direction the hair grows.
  • Use hypoallergenic oils or lotions.

Hair removal creams

Some people may choose to use hair removal creams. They are easier to use but mostly leave a pungent smell. It is best to do a patch test for hair removal creams before applying to your grain area as the skin on your groin is delicate.

How to Properly Shave Your Balls Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the difference between shaving my pubic area and trimming it?

Shaving your pubic hair is to shave with a razor or electric shaver all of the pubic hair you have down there until your skin is completely bare.

Trimming your pubic hair is to cut the excess length off while leaving some behind.

Is it better to shave or trim?

Both are great ways of keeping your pubes under control and looking nice. Shaving is the only way you can achieve a completely clean look.

Trimming is easier because there will be less hair to shave and is not a long process.

How often should I shave my balls?

It’s up to you! Shaving once every few weeks will do the job. Some people like to shave weekly, but trimming it may be a better option if you’re not into shaving regularly.

If you have very fast-growing hair, then shaving every few days is probably the best option.

How do I shave my pubic area?

If you are new to this, start with a small section of your pubes and gently glide the razor in the direction of your hair growth. I

f you have an electric shaver, simply place the razor’s head where you want it and shave in one long stroke. Be sure to use shaving cream or gel, as this will help protect your skin.

How often should I replace my razor?

You can use the same razor for over a week if you want. It depends on how often you shave and whether or not your razor is dull yet.

Once your razor has become blunt, stop using it and replace it with a new one. A blunt razor is more likely to cause cuts than a new razor.

How do I prevent the prickly feeling after shaving?

The prickly feeling is usually due to using a dull or used razor. Dull razor redirects or twists hair follicles when you shave, and when the hair starts to grow underneath your skin, the hair follicles become irritated.

This irritation is what causes skin a prickly feeling. Pubic hair is typically thicker and thus becomes uncomfortable when growing back.


Our Bottom Line

Shaving down under is a hygienic practice. This also offers a better sexual experience for lovers who enjoy oral sex.

Manscaping will keep your body less bushy.

Now, if you want to be a chick magnet, shave your pubic hairs, and don’t forget your balls!

Keep your manly body hair in check!

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