How to Style Your Look with Colorful Glasses

colourful glasses

Aside from being extremely useful, glasses can be a great accessory if you know how to combine them properly with the rest of your look. The gloomy winter has almost passed, so, it’s a perfect time to add some color to your style and brighten your appearance a little bit. For this reason, we have prepared a list of some useful advice on how to style your look with a pair of colorful glasses.

Don’t match your entire outfit with the color of your glasses

People are very often hesitant to buy colorful glasses since they believe that they must match their color with their entire outfit. However, this is complete nonsense. Instead of pairing your green glasses with a green shirt and ending up with a completely boring look, consider what might look good with it, and go for a purple one for example. This way you’ll look stylish, and what’s even more important, you won’t have to worry about additional accessories, since your glasses will do the trick.

Achieve harmony colourful glasses

As we have already said, matching the entire outfit with the color of your glasses doesn’t make much sense, however, if you want to achieve a balanced look, feel free to match their color with certain parts of it. For example, if your frame is red, go for a red purse or paint your nails in this color. These are only small details, but they will certainly help you look as if you have just walked down the runway.  This way, your appearance will be balanced, but not boring since the rest of your clothes will add contrast and accentuate your accessories.

Consider the color of your hair

If you’re considering buying a pair of colorful glasses, but you haven’t still made up your mind about their color, don’t forget to consider which one would suit your hair color the best. For example, if you’re a blonde or have warm brown hair, stick to warm colors such as peach or turquoise. On the other hand, if your hair is gray or white, bright colors are what you’re looking for. These brighter tones go great with black hair as well, but since black is very versatile, you can basically choose any one you want. Finally, when it comes to redheads, green glasses are our personal favorite.

Follow the trends  colourful glasses

Once you have realized which hues go best with your hair, take a peek at the latest trends to make sure that you’ll look absolutely stylish. For example, the Pantone’s color analysis can come in handy when deciding on the color of your new glasses. According to them, Greenery will be the color of this spring, so, you should definitely opt for it. In addition to it, Pink Yarrow and Flame are perfect for those who like bolder colors. However, if you’re a blonde, take a look at Pale Dogwood and Hazelnut. We guarantee, you’ll be swept of your feet.

As you can see, buying colorful glasses is extremely exciting. Not only will you look fashionable, but they’ll provide you with an opportunity to express yourself and choose a color that reflects your spirit and shows off your personality.  

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