The Art of Being a Gentleman

What does it take to be a real gentleman? Some people think it is all about nice suits or showing a few gentle manners here and there. But the truth is the opposite – being a true gentleman requires a lot more effort, more great traits and characteristics, as well as authenticity. Here are some of the most useful tips on mastering the art of being a gentleman.

A great sense of style is a must

A true gentleman knows how to adapt his style wherever he goes. He has a suit for each situation, whether he goes to the office, restaurant, or a casual walk with his family. Also, being a gentleman means being authentic, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to follow every single trend. On the contrary, instead of paying huge attention to fashion events and magazines, try to focus on your own, recognizable style. Design your own appearance, be creative, and show good taste wherever you go.

Always be honest

Every man will, from time to time, find himself in a situation where he will either lie to save his skin or to avoid offending others, or tell the truth and endure an uncomfortable situation. A gentleman always has to tell the truth! Even when you find yourself in the most awkward situation, you should still go for it. Because the real test of being a true gentleman is how you endure tight and uncomfortable moments. In the end, honesty will become a powerful sign of respect, even if the interlocutor didn’t appreciate it at that moment of conversation.

Good manners speak about the personality

Besides honesty that we’ve already mentioned, a well-mannered gentleman has to offer even more qualities. He has to be kind, especially to women. Take your wife’s coat, hold the door, and say many kind words every day. Always care about your interpretations and the necessary tone of the conversation. You can’t have the same tone when you talk to your wife and with one of your high-school buddies. Also, try to keep your calm whatever the situation is – you’re not allowed to talk nonsense because of anger. Especially if you are the person who has made a mistake, which happens even to the best of us. If you admit your mistake and apologize, it is one more sign that you are a real gentleman.

Always strive for high standards

Whether it comes to business, financial goals, house renovation plans, or any other life segment, a true gentleman will always strive for the highest standards. High ambitions are central – a great job position or even entrepreneurship, great suits and watches, a lovely house and car, and a beautiful wife. But small things are also important, especially food and drinks. A true gentleman will always choose the best restaurant and order a few bottles of Archie Rose gin online for his home collection. However, to achieve all these goals and ambitions, your mindset has to be on the right track. Each big (and small) life goal requires a lot of effort, both mentally and physically, for you to be able to accomplish them and to become successful.

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Be the same person in public and private

We’ve put this step in the last place in this list, but in reality, this is the critical point for every gentleman. There should never be double-dealing and duplicity. A true gentleman will set his values for every situation and stick to them regardless of the audience. Of course, the tone of your voice should not always be the same, but the attitude and manners have to be on the same level. You’ll know that you have succeeded in your mission to become a true gentleman when your impeccable behavior becomes your most reliable tool in every situation.

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