The Best Anti-Aging Cream For Men

Anti-aging for men is a growing market and nowadays you’ll find plenty of different creams available. But what is the best anti-aging cream for men? Well, that is what we’ll be trying to answer in this piece but before we get into that let’s look at anti-aging for men in more detail, shall we?

Men’s anti-aging cream isn’t exactly a new creation but over the last few years, it has become increasingly popular. Have you heard of the term manscaping? If not let me just lay out the basics manscaping basically means removing body hair for cosmetic purposes.

This basically means removing body hair to make your appearance look better. Manscaping can be done across any area of the body although areas like the chest, arms, and face are going to be more common.

So, how does manscaping relate to anti-aging for men?

Top 5 Anti Aging Cream For Men

Well in the strictest sense it doesn’t but in many ways, the two areas are connected. Manscaping has become increasingly popular for men particularly younger ones just like anti-aging treatments for men have.

Men these days are more open about wanting to improve their looks which has led to the male fashion and beauty market seeing some huge growth.

anti aging cream for men

In recent years there has been a noticeable increase in many leading beauty brands/ manufacturers creating their own male-focused products.

One of the most popular has been anti-aging treatments for men. These come in many forms but out of them, all anti-aging creams are notably the most popular.

a face serum is your best friend

A good option for men having oily skin or skin that gets greasy easily is to use a face serum, it’s a lighter formula and if you use the one with the right ingredients can be a total substitute of face cream or vice versa if you have dry skin you can use it before the face cream.

Find below our recommended face serum which is made of Natural premium and organic ingredients. It has been tested in many men with both dry skin and oily skin and it does the job, especially for people looking for an anti-aging formula that works.

Anti Aging Face Serum For Men

Top Men’s Antiaging Creams in the market

So, what is the best anti-aging cream for men? There is quite a lot of them available and they can be found to suit all kinds of budgets. So, to help any man who wants to try some anti-aging cream below

I’ve listed my pick for the top five anti-aging creams for men to try.

1: Nourishing lift+ men’s face cream by valuxxo

This anti-aging cream from Valuxxo is certainly going for a more sophisticated-inspired design.

  • Like many anti-aging creams for men this Valuxxo Nourishing Lift+ Cream is designed to be quick and easy to use. Simply apply with your hands and rub into your face.
  • The cream, when used as part of a routine, can significantly diminish many of the early signs of aging including wrinkles, fine lines, crow’s feet and more.
  • Unlike some creams, this Valuxxo Face Cream For Men can be used with any skin type so all groups of men can benefit.
  • The cream also works well with men who have dry or sensitive skin and men who are already showing signs of aging (regardless of their age) will be sure to benefit more when regularly using the cream.
  • It features a variety of natural ingredients including aloe vera, hyaluronic acid, hemp seed oil and much more.
  • Valuxxo describes their anti-aging cream for men as being 100% natural as well as over 80% organic as well! It absorbs quickly once applied as well which makes it particularly suitable for men who don’t have a lot of time for their usual grooming routine.
  • This Anti Aging Cream can be used at night, before going to bed and during the day.

So, now you know about the cream let’s take a quick look at Valuxxo the brand. Founded in 2020 Valuxxo is quite a new name when it comes to men’s anti-aging creams but they have built up an impressive reputation for themselves when it comes to skincare products.

They focus on using only natural and organic ingredients which helps them stand out from their competition in many ways.

The founder of Valuxxo said they designed their products specifically to appeal to men because they found the current offerings to be lacking.

They wanted grooming and skincare products they could relate to as men. You can see this ethos is the design of this anti-aging cream which makes it a great choice for men looking to get started with more advanced skincare.

So, if you have been interested in adopting a new anti-aging cream or are looking to get started this Nourishing Lift+ Valuxxo Cream could be a great first product.

Face Cream For Men anti age

What Do The Reviews Say?

Valuxxo has been able to get a lot of support from men taking their first steps into the skincare/ anti-aging cream for the men market.

Well by looking at a variety of websites we can see the majority of consumers are happy with their purchase and are seeing results. Being a 100% natural and mostly organic product it’s understandable if some people are going to be a little unsure over whether it will be effective or not.

Thankfully it seems like most men who have bought and used the cream have seen results. Most positive reviews note that the cream started working after a month or so of treatment so don’t expect fast results. But with regular treatment, you could see your early signs of aging quickly diminish especially if used together with their face serum and eye cream.

anti aging for men


Since Valuxxo has been making such a big impact in the men’s beauty market when it comes to premium skincare for men we might as well take a look at another of their popular products.

The Firming+ Face Serum is one of their most popular products and offers something similar yet different from the face cream we’ve already looked at.

  • The first thing you’ll notice with the Valuxxo Firming Face Serum is that it is a very different looking product from the previous one.
  • Using the serum is easy you simply drop a small amount onto your face and rub it in.
  • Valuxxo recommends using it after cleansing your face with one of their face washes for the best results. Just ensure your face is given time to fully dry before applying the serum.
  • Like all their products, the Face Serum is organic and 100% natural.
Hydrating Face Serum For Men

Amongst its ingredients is hyaluronic acid which will help moisturize the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

There is also concentrated Aloe Vera which helps penetrate the skin more deeply and supplies essential moisture and vitamins to the skin to help keep things full and healthy.

Finally, there are also protein peptides that help stimulate the production of collagen in the face.

Collagen is the main structural protein in the skin and sagging happens as we get older because our bodies don’t produce enough of it. So, protein peptides that help stimulate collagen growth are going to be very useful.

The serum is designed to work effectively as part of a morning or night time/ before bed grooming routine as well.

What Do The Reviews Say?

Most people said that the serum helped their skin appear more full and firm within two to three weeks. Most people also reported that despite its small size the anti-aging serum from Valuxxo lasted a lot longer than most people would first think.

Another positive comment worth mentioning is that many people found the serum to apply cleanly without leaving any shine on their faces. Overall the comments for the Valuxxo Firming Face Serum are overwhelmingly positive so it would make a great choice for an anti-aging cream even if it is has a slightly different delivery method.

Top 5 Anti Aging Cream For Men

3: Neutrogena Age Fighter Anti-Wrinkle Face Moisturizer for Men

This anti-aging cream for men certainly looks quite different from the options we’ve already looked at.

The anti-wrinkle moisturizer for men from Neutrogena is designed for more than just fighting the signs of aging it is also a broad-spectrum sunscreen as well.

Neutrogena men antiaging

This anti-aging cream from Neutrogena offers several benefits and has been clinically proven to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and protect against sun damage while also hydrating your skin. The Neutrogena moisturizer is also fragrance-free, oil-free, and specially formulated with retinol.

Retinol is worth highlighting because it is the purest form of Vitamin A. Vitamin A as many benefits it helps protect the eyes, supports a healthy immune system, can reduce acne, supports healthy bone growth and protects against UV damage while also fighting many common signs of aging.

If this wasn’t impressive enough Vitamin A also helps encourage healthy skin cell production. So, if you are looking to fight the signs of aging then Vitamin A or in this case retinol is incredibly valuable. Alongside retinol, this Neutrogena anti-aging cream also features a variety of other multi-vitamins aimed to help hydrate your skin.

neautrogena man skincare

You also get access to broad-spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen for protection against sunburn as well. So, whether you are using this as protection from the sun or as anti-aging cream you will no doubt find this Neutrogena cream very useful. From a price perspective, it is also one of the cheaper options available as well.

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What Do The Reviews Say? 

Reviews for the Neutrogena anti-aging cream are quite mixed although with a slant to positive overall. Neutrogena has recently changed the formula which some recent reviewers have taken issue with claiming that the cream was much more effective before the change.

Another difficult point is that while many reviewers claim it works well as a way to combat sunburn and protect your skin from potentially harmful UV rays it doesn’t work as effectively when it comes to fighting the signs of aging. As we are looking solely at anti-aging creams for men we do need to take that into account.

However, a number of reviewers have reported that the cream does help their skin look and feel fuller especially around the eyes and can help combat fine lines and wrinkles. The odourless quality of the cream also went over well with a number of reviewers and many reviewers noted that only a small drop of the cream went a long way.

So, overall most people seemed happy with Neutrogena’s anti-aging cream for men. It’s a multi-purpose product and therefore might not be the best option for everyone. But if you live in an area with a sunny climate or like to spend a lot of time outdoors and want to protect your skin from the sun while also fighting the common signs of aging it is a fine choice.

4: Pure Biology Premium Retinol Cream Face Moisturizer

You have probably heard of Pure before as they have a large number of beauty/ grooming products under their range.

Unsurprisingly they also have anti-aging creams for men although Pure has taken the interesting approach of going down the unisex route.

pureologu moist for men
  • The Pure premium retinol cream is actually designed for both men and women to use. It’s odd that many manufacturers haven’t really done this before because while there is some difference between men and women’s skin it is in most cases quite minimal.
  • However, most manufacturers will design male-focused anti-aging creams because they feel men will be more comfortable buying them.
  • This does make sense especially from a marketing standpoint but at the same time, it’s nice to see a manufacturer go the unisex route to make anti-aging something both sexes can buy without fear of embarrassment.
  • The Pure premium cream features retinol which I previously talked about as being a valuable source of pure Vitamin A. It also features other beneficial ingredients like hyaluronic acid, argan oil, and other valuable vitamins.
  • Powerful antioxidants that will help tackle wrinkles and fine lines as well as firming and tightening the skin around your face are also included.
men skincare pureology

Additional oils like Panthenol will also help soothe and smooth skin while also boosting collagen production as well.

With so much packed into it this cream might seem like it will be quite heavy but thankfully it is smooth and completely non-greasy.

This means the cream will absorb more quickly and is perfect for all types of skin including dry, sensitive and oily. The cream is also non-GMO and paraben and cruelty-free.

pureology antiaging for men

So, Pure has certainly designed a very powerful and effective cream that from reading the description you would think can tackle most problems when it comes to aging. But just how effective is this anti-aging cream for men?

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What Do The Reviews Say?

Reviews for the Pure retinol cream and moisturizer have been mainly positive overall.

Most of the comments about the cream have been positive especially in-regards to its speed and ease of use. You can easily and quickly apply the cream and you can quickly carry out tests on your hands to see if you have a reaction or not.

Pure recommend doing this to ensure you are not allergic to any ingredients.

The cream’s consistency and smoothness were also a common comment of praise and many people (notably men) also praised the fact that the cream was odorless.

Overall the Pure retinol cream and moisturizer offer everything most people could want from an anti-aging cream. In might not be specially designed for men like some of the other creams we’ve looked at but it certainly does its job when it comes to tackling the signs of aging.

So, any man looking for a small, easy to use anti-aging cream could certainly benefit from choosing Pure.

5: Simplified Skin Retinol Moisturizer Cream

Simplified Skin’s anti-aging cream for men is another that highlights its retinol content. It also proclaims it as having the “strongest non-prescription retinol blend” currently available on the market.

best cream for men
  • Aside from the high retinol content, this cream is also packing other impressive ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, green tea, Jojoba oil, and vitamin B5 and E. This makes the cream naturally moisturizing and soothing.
  • It also gives it skin regenerative properties and allows it to tackle the signs of aging in many ways. Reducing fine lines, acne scars, dark circles, wrinkles, and uneven skin tone is all possible with this cream at least that is what the manufacturer claims.
  • It is also designed to be ideal for all skin tones and for both men and women. The cream is also lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy. At 98% natural and over 70% organic this cream is also ideal for people looking for a more natural home remedy.
men cream

The cream is also cruelty, paraben, gluten, and sulfate-free. It’s also odorless which makes it better suited for men and suited for both morning and night use. Its specs and description certainly make it look like a high-quality option but what do the reviews say?

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What Do The Reviews Say? 

Reviews for Simplified Skin’s retinol cream are mainly positive with many people highlighting its effectiveness and ease of use. Many people also commented on how fast-acting the cream was at fighting the signs of aging, especially around the eyes.

Most reviewers also praised the smoothness of the cream and its ability to tackle red and uneven skin tones. However, there is a noticeable lack of reviews from men which shows that Simplified Skin’s unisex approach hasn’t really appealed to many men.

Which is a shame because this is seeming quite a high-quality anti-aging cream which most men would benefit from using. But now that you know about it if you are looking for an effective anti-aging cream for men why not give Simplified Skin a try?

best men's face cream for anti aging

So, that completes our look at five of the best anti-aging creams for men. As you can see each cream as its similarities and their own unique characteristics as well.

This is only a small sample of the many different men’s anti-aging creams you’ll find available but they will give you a great starting point to work from.

Anti-aging creams for men have many benefits and a high-quality anti-aging cream will be able to do many different things. I’ve talked about this already briefly in my top five count down but to lay it all out for you let’s look at the benefits and attributes of anti-aging creams in more detail.

How anti-aging creams make you look younger isn’t some kind of magic they actually make your skin/ appearance look younger in several ways. Anti-aging creams are designed to tackle the main signs of aging.

Below, I’ve outlined exactly what anti-aging creams for men target and outlined how they help combat the signs of aging.

Skin Firmness and Elasticity 

One of the most common signs of aging is your skin losing its firmness and elasticity. Skin can feel saggy and lose but anti-aging cream from men will help you restore your skin so it’s more firm. Many people opt for cosmetic treatments/ injections to help restore skin firmness but it can be done with anti-aging creams.

Moisturizing Skin 

Dry skin can make you look a lot older but it’s a natural part of aging. While there are numerous ways you can moisturise your skin using anti-aging cream will give you the greatest benefits. You can ensure your skin gets properly hydrated and take advantage of the blend of high-quality ingredients that make up anti-aging creams to enrich you skin and fight the signs of aging to make it look more full and nourished.

Top 5 Anti Aging Cream For Men

Restoring Skin Pigmentation 

While there are only so many anti-aging creams that can do when it comes to restoring pigmentation they can still help you achieve some results.

Anti-aging cream for men can help tackle uneven pigmentation and reduce redness as well to make your skin appear more full, younger and healthier.

Decreasing Skin Translucency 

Skin can lose its natural luster and color as you get older but anti-aging cream for men can help restore it! By applying the cream you can get more full skin that will help reduce translucency hiding the appearance of wrinkles and veins.

Fighting Fine Lines and Wrinkles 

Now the biggest signs of aging will be wrinkles and fine lines and any high-quality anti-aging cream for men should be able to fight these common signs of aging.

Anti-aging creams can help fill in your skin and make it more firm to the eye which will help reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other blemishes.

Other Benefits 

While that is the main benefit of anti-aging creams for men there are many others. They can also combat redness in the skin, acne scars/ blemishes and some anti-aging creams for men also have UV protection as well.

So, they can help combat the potential dangers of sun exposure.


So, that is a closer look at how anti-aging creams for men can help combat aging. As you’ve seen from the creams we’ve looked at there are numerous different options for men if they want to look younger.

But the question I’ am sure many men are asking themselves is whether they should use anti-aging creams or not? Well, that is all up to you really. If you want to shave a few years off your face and look a little younger using some anti-aging cream will be quick and easy.

But if you are happy with how you look then there is no need to. The real issue comes with some men viewing using anti-aging creams and other similar products as unmanly.

This is a very outdated view in my opinion and if you feel more confident and sexier when you used some anti-aging cream then do it.

There are very minimal risks when it comes to using anti-aging creams as well. All you need to do is ensure you aren’t allergic to any of the ingredients. Most modern men will have some kind of beauty routine these days and there is nothing wrong with that.

Whether you use a variety of products or just some simple anti-aging cream in the morning it doesn’t matter. It’s 2019 and men shouldn’t feel any less mainly because they want to look their best and look younger. Is it vain? Yes, probably a little bit but there is nothing wrong with a little vanity is there?

It’s also important to know that anti-aging cream for men (and women for that matter) isn’t all about vanity either. It will help people look and feel more confident which is always a positive in my opinion.

So, for all the guys reading this don’t be embarrassed to try anti-aging cream for men, the products exist for a reason after all.

 best face cream for men in the market

How Much Can Anti-Aging Cream Really Do?

One reason many men don’t try anti-aging cream isn’t the stigma that it’s a woman’s thing or because they are afraid or embarrassed to seem unmanly.

In fact, I’d say the number of people who feel that way is dwindling these days but many people won’t use anti-aging cream simply because they think it won’t work.

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How to get rid of bags under eyes men

Anti-aging creams do have a sort of snake oil label attached to them in some circles. Yes nowadays for the vast majority of anti-aging creams this isn’t quite the case.

Most anti-aging creams for men will have scientific backing to them. People won’t just throw it loads of ingredients in the hopes that it might somehow improve your skin.

Most manufacturers will put a lot of work into building the right blend of ingredients to ensure their anti-aging creams work.

There has been a lot of scientific research on how to fight the signs of aging and new discoveries are being made all the time. As such anti-aging creams do work and they can noticeable make you look younger.

However, this is where the bad news comes in because anti-aging creams don’t have a 100% success rate by any means. If you have ever looked at reviews for anti-aging creams for men you might see some wild differences in the results.

Some people might give glowing praise saying the cream worked incredibly quickly and they looked noticeably younger.

Others might say the creams effects where more minimal or that it only worked after weeks of treatments. While some reviewers might say the cream was useless and that it didn’t work at all.

They can’t all be right, can they? Well actually they can and this is why anti-aging creams have such a varied reputation.

Everyone’s skin is unique and there are so many variables to consider when it comes to the signs of aging.

You could be incredibly lucky and anti-aging creams could work very well with your skin to make it look younger in no time. Or it could take many treatments to start taking effect or if you are very unlucky in might not work at all!

So, yes it’s very difficult to say how effective an anti-aging cream will be. This is why you should always pay attention to reviews before buying any anti-aging creams especially since male creams or unisex creams are usually a much smaller part of the market.

Anti-aging creams can work and many people have used them as part of their daily grooming/ beauty routine to great effect. So, don’t worry while it might take a few applications most people can use anti-aging creams to help fight the signs of aging. Just don’t expect instant results because in most cases they will take a while to work.

So, that completes our look at the best anti-aging creams for men and everything else you need to know. We’ve looked at five of the most popular anti-aging creams for men currently available, the benefits of using creams and even taken a look at why men shouldn’t be embarrassed to try them.

So, now you know all the important information about anti-aging creams for men are you tempted to give them a try? They might not be able to shave decades off your face but they can make a difference and any man who feels more confident with younger-looking skin should give anti-aging creams a try.

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