The fashion Trends you can expect for Autumn and Winter 2017-2018

Autumn and Winter fashion trends

The 2017 Autumn and Winter fashion trends have been set. The creativity that has been seen on the catwalk indicates a bumper year of new styles and looks that everyone can take advantage of. Businesswomen, students and socialites can all find a great piece because of the rich variety on offer.

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Have a quick glimpse of some of what will be on offer:


Defining the waistline is a theme that will run through the Autumn and Winter fashion trends this year. Starting with Louis Vuitton’s cinching belts, Isabel Marant follows through in the trend with her stark black waistband that defines any shape clearly. Set aside the fabulous day and evening wear, those belts show up everywhere. The wraparound belt ingeniously integrated into a full length blue coat by Celine reinforces the importance of the belt as a defining part of the outfit this upcoming season, whether it’s sleepwear or outerwear, you can be sure that all the fashion outlets are going to follow suit and stock the belt to define your waist.

Glitter Bombs and Gold

We all know that all that glitters is not gold, but in the fashion world you could be forgiven for forgetting this. Shining clothing is to be found everywhere, whether is the imitation of the space programme or the glitter bombed clothing or even more so the latest in gold cloth adorning our women. With the appearance of these trends thanks to Jason Wu and Tom Ford on the catwalk you will be able to knowingly recognise them as they appear in the windows of our favourite boutiques and fashion outlets.

Power dressing female Business attire

When the boss walks through the door and she’s wearing that suit from Alexander McQueen or Celine, you’ll understand that feminism in fashion has never gone away. This year the suits are designed for comfort, have a looser appearance and are freer flowing. Jacket lengths are longer even suggesting a hybrid trend between jacket and coat, bringing an interesting combination of power dress without the stiff appearance. The female city bosses are going to turn heads with a completely different look in their suits in the upcoming colder seasons.

Leather Pants

Leather never really goes out of fashion. It is simply reinvented every year and the possibilities seem endless. As source of warmth and designs easily woven to create whichever look you can desire the designers have not disappointed this season. Altuzarra has created something of an enigma with a fashionable biker leathers look, that are neither jeggings nor jeans. The loos biker style makes a statement of its own. Whether its Proenza Schouler or Calvin Klein that you prefer as a trendsetter, the loose leather look is in this year. Put your tight leathers away for another time.

Frills Feathers and lace

While the leather pants may lend a tomboyish look that so many girls love, there is much to be seen in the rising trend of the prettier pieces this year. Frills and feathers have been introduced as the appropriate accoutrements for this year’s evening wear and occasion wear. You can blame this trend that will not die out on the likes of designers like Giambattista Valli and the house of Burberry.

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Oversized Sheepskin jackets

Every year, it’s something new to keep us warm, but still looking good and this year is no different. Sheepskins are in and abundantly so. The Sheepskin jacket may be the design and the style, but the oversized, slightly larger than life look is the trend to be expected. The designs interestingly while oversized do not leave the wearer looking like they’re wearing something three sizes too big. You can thank Marc Jacobs, Coach and Proenza Schouler for these appearing on the shelves this Winter season.

Off the shoulder

That sleek off the shoulder look is back again and has found its way into daywear as well as eveningwear. Weather it’s that sexy leather look from Brandon Maxwell or that daytime well-dressed look so perfectly mastered by Dion Lee, the trends have been set. Expect to find these styles adorning the racks in all your favourite high end fashion stores. Jason Wu has introduced an off the shoulder trend that is certainly going to take off, with the business women, his outfits being brought to us in a two piece suit like style.

Functional Fashion

Not seen for a while is a little edge on functional fashion, where style and function come together. If you look carefully you should be able to find those quilts and blankets reinvented as ponchos, throws and wide scarves.