The Ultimate Guide To Beach Attire For Men

Are you getting ready to hit the beach? The end of Summer is approaching but if you are blessed with a calm climate or just lucky weather then you can still pay a visit to the beach. Now when it comes to the best beach attire for men there is actually a lot to think about.

Do you want to relax with friends, enjoy a good book alone, work on your tan, or frolic in the sea? That’s just a few of the things you can enjoy doing at the beach but whether you want to play some volley ball or just socialize with friends you will need the right beach attire.

Beach attire for men is therefore a very loaded subject and would normally require quite a bit of research but who has time for that? We are ready to help with our in-depth men beach attire guide! This guide will examine all the different options you have when it comes to beach attire for men.

Men Beach Attire Idea


Beach Attire For Men Divided Into Categories

To help make things easier we are breaking down our men beach attire guide into different categories so you can more easily find what you need. From shirts to swimwear we’ll be examining all the different options you have when it comes to beach attire for men.

Men's Casual Beach Attire

Casual Shirts

Shirts are actually quite a common sight at the beach these days, especially in more cool and cold climates. A casual shirt is something you can wear for practically all beach activities as well like playing sports, socializing, or just simply relaxing and enjoying the view.

You can pair the shirt with a t-shirt or vest but can easily wear it without one as well. Some guys might want to leave it unbuttoned as well to show off a little (or a lot) of the chest. If you’ve been building some muscle then a stylish casual shirt can help highlight all that work down at the beach!

When it comes to colors, you have two main options you can opt for pastel tones or something a little more outlandish. If you want to play it safe and ensure you stay comfortable then opting for a classic white shirt will likely always look good.

In general, shorter sleeves are preferred however these days even shirts with long sleeves can be easily pushed up for a relaxed casual look. So, that is our advice when it comes to shirts for men’s beach attire. Let’s look up some examples of some of the best shirts to buy.

Travis South Beach Shirt

Well, we did say sometimes going for a more outlandish design can work! With its tropical beach-vibe, this stunning shirt from Travis South is ideal men’s beach attire. It also offers a slightly baggy fit that will help ensure you stay cool. Sure, to standout this shirt is a great choice for a day at the beach.

Travis South Beach Shirt

St Ives Shirt

You’ll be ready to set sail with this stylish nautical shirt! If you want a more playful design then this is the perfect piece of men’s beach attire. It would look great paired with a vest or t-shirt but could just as easily be worn without one. If you want a stylish yet fun shirt that is ideal for beachside socializing then this stylish St Ives shirt is a great choice.

St Ives Shirt

Slim Soft Resort Shirt

A great choice for those on a budget this short sleeved beach/ resort shirt beautifully captures the feeling of the waves. It’s a classic, timeless design we are sure any man will love. It offers a design that is a little more subtle and understated with calmer more relaxing colors.

Slim Soft Resort Shirt

Rag & Bone Beach Shirt 

This casual shirt from Rag & Bone is ideal for relaxing with friends down at the beach. The design is a little more muted and neutral which will help it mix and match with other clothes easily. The shirt is also 100% cotton which will help ensure you stay cool and comfortable even during the harsh sunlight. While this shirt will pair great with a vest or t-shirt it will also go great on its own especially if you want the macho open-shirt beach look.

Rag & Bone Beach Shirt

Tropical Leaves Murray Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt

While its design might not be to everyone’s taste we love this tropical beach shirt! Yes, it’s bold and maybe even a little garnish to some but we think it perfectly captures that fun, funky summer vibe so many of us want. At 95% cotton (the additional 5% is polyester) this shirt is sure to be comfortable all throughout the day as well. If you like loud shirts or just want something more fun and summery it makes a fine choice.

Shirt for beach attire for men

Castaway Shirt

Vintage style and slightly baggy (by design) this castaway shirt is perfect for those long summer days relaxing on the beach. Whether it’s simply to relax and enjoy your own company or to socialize with friends this shirt gives off that perfect relaxed vibe so many men can rock! It’s made from 100% double-brushed cotton as well so you will be cool and comfortable at all times.  

Castaway Shirt For Men

Striped Linen Shirt

With its soft green striped color, this linen shirt offers a more subtle design that is perfect for casual beachwear. There is a timeless quality to this design which we think lends its self brilliantly to the often more relaxed surroundings of the beach. Linen is also a very comfortable material that is perfect for sunny days. Pair it with a thin t-shirt or vest and you have a great example of men’s beach attire.

Striped Linen Shirt For men

Polo Ralph Lauren Shirt 

Ralph Lauren is one of the more designer brands out there so if you want a more luxurious beach shirt this could be for you! Made from 100% cotton this striking shirt really captures that relaxed beachside vibe with its seashell design. Eye-catching and funky this shirt is sure to be a hit and will make an excellent choice for any man’s beach attire.

Polo Men Shirt

Slim Palm Tree Soft Wash Shirt

This is another of our favorite budget choices palm trees just scream beach, don’t they? But often shirts that incorporate them are quite loud and bold this shirt is a little more subtle and relaxed. It uses pastel colors and while there are plenty of palm trees the design is quite understated. This cotton shirt is great for guys who want a more interesting summer design but without going too bold.

Slim Palm Tree Soft Wash Shirt

Pastel Splice Shirt

Pastel colors go brilliantly with the sand and the sea and this spliced 100% cotton shirt brilliantly highlights their effectiveness. It mixes white and pastel mint green for a beautiful, subtle design that is ideal for beachside relaxing. If you don’t want to go for a more colorful design but don’t want to stick to just single colors this pastel splice shirt is a great choice.

Men Pastel Splice Shirt

Men’s Beach Attire: T-Shirts and Vests 

Unless you want to go topless (which is usually an option) then you are going to need a t-shirt or vest to wear down at the beach. Now before you go and throw on any old shirt/ vest why not try something new? When it comes to choosing a good shirt or vest at the beach you will likely want to stay away from tighter muscle-fit shirts.

On sunny or even cool days you can work up quite a sweat at the beach which means tighter shirts can be quite uncomfortable. So, you’ll want something a little more roomy and comfortable which will be perfect for a day at the beach.

Now when it comes to colors you can pretty much opt for anything although we’d stay away from darker colors. Some men might prefer a colorful design or even a more subtle design like stripes but there really is no wrong or the right way it’s all really down to personal choice and preference.

Vest Top

Available in white or dark green this 100% cotton vest top might not be the most exciting choice, but it works just fine for beachwear. Whether it’s paired up with a button-up shirt or simply worn alongside some summer shorts it is a simple yet stylish look ideal for any activity down at the beach.

Men vest top for the beach

Classic Tank Vest

This classic tank vest is perfect for guys who want to work up a sweat down by the beach. Available in a wide selection of colors this 100% cotton vest is ideal men’s beach attire and can easily be paired with a button-up shirt if you want a more colorful outfit. A great alternative to a t-shirt this classic vest is sure to be a hit when you next head to the beach.

Classic Men Tank Vest

Grey marl tank vest

Made from 100% polyester and featuring a variety of rich colors this beachside graphic vest is perfect for casual men’s beach attire. We think it works best without a button-up shirt for the relaxed beach vibe any man will be sure to rock.

Life is Good Retro Tee

With its soft blue and green coloring, this stylish retro-inspired shirt is ideal for the beach. The graphic design adds a splash of color and makes this shirt stand out from the more commonly seen basic single color shirts. Made from cotton and polyester it will be sure to keep you comfortable even during harsh sunshine.

Life is Good Retro Tee

Purple Pastel Tech T-Shirt

This stylish pastel t-shirt is a great choice for men who want to keep things simple. You can easily pair it with a button-up shirt, but it can work alone with some shorts for a simple beachside outfit. Made from 100% cotton this classic simple tee is perfect for the summer and the nice pastel purple color will go great with a variety of other pieces of men’s beach attire.

purple t shirt for beach attire for men

Vintage Logo Superdry T-shirt

Available in various colors this simple yet stylish logo t-shirt from Superdry is perfect for any man’s beach attire. The striking logo really captures your attention and thanks to being 100% cotton this vest will be sure to leave you cool and comfortable no matter what the day brings.

Hugo Boss Logo T-Shirt

Logo t-shirts aren’t the norm for men’s beach attire, but they can actually work quite well! We love the pastel green color and the white logo band helps add a subtle dash of color. Men’s beach attire is typically more understated (or very bold) and if that is the style you want this 100% cotton shirt is the perfect choice.

Beach attire for men tshirt hugo boss

Giorgio Armani T-Shirt

Yes, it’s a more high-budget pick but this stylish pastel blue tee from Giorgio Armani is very high-quality and the perfect tee for a luxurious beach look! If you want to spend a little more then, this amazing designer shirt would make a great addition to any man’s beach attire. We think it works best when paired with some chino trousers for a stylish beach outfit perfect for socializing.

Beach Attire For Men: Shorts and Trousers 

But one of the most difficult parts of choosing beach attire for men is shorts and trousers. Let’s get one thing out of the way first jeans are probably going to be a no although denim shorts are a maybe.

Swim shorts are also an option and likely the best choice if you plan to go into the sea, but we’ll talk about them in our swimwear section.

If you just want a good pair of casual trousers or shorts for the beach then you have a few options. Trousers will usually be chinos or cargo-style although tracksuit pants can work as well. Shorts offer a lot of choice and the best type will all depend on what you’re planning on doing.

men's beach vacation clothes

If you want to play some beachside volleyball with friends then some running or jogger style shorts will do the job. However, if you plan to just sit and read or socialize with friends then some cotton or denim shorts might be preferable. Let’s take a look at the best shorts and trousers for a beach visit in more detail.

Goodthreads Men’s Slim-Fit Short

At 97% cotton, these simple yet stylish shorts are sure to be a great choice for your next trip to the beach. They are even available in a huge variety of colors so there is plenty of room to tailor your outfit to fit your personal taste. Cool and comfortable these shorts are a great choice for any man’s beach attire.

Beach attire shorts for men

Regular Fit Sweat Shorts

When it comes to choosing men’s beach attire sometimes opting for the simplest choice can be for the best. These shorts aren’t the most adventurous choice, but they are perfect beachwear. Available in a range of colors these shorts are great for sunbathing, socializing and of course any sporty activity down at the beach! They’re the perfect budget choice for any man looking for some all-purpose beach shorts.

Men shorts for the beach

Men’s Mid-Fit Stretch-Cotton Chinos

Available in a range of colors these 97% cotton chinos are sure to be a popular choice when it comes to men’s beach attire. Pants can be a great choice for the beach and are perfect for guys who want a more relaxed laidback vibe that they can still rock at a beachside pub or café later. If you prefer trousers to shorts these chinos are a great choice.

New Look Denim Shorts 

Denim isn’t normally recommended as a summer material, but it can work when it comes to shorts. Denim shorts as beachwear are actually more common than you might think, and they can look very fashionable while maintaining a masculine edge. Laidback and cool these denim shorts are a great example of the unique look and style you can bring to your men’s beach attire.

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Jeans for beach attire men

Pao Pants 

If you don’t want shorts then pants can work at the beach, but you need to choose carefully. These Pao pants are a great choice thanks to their 100% cotton blend which will help ensure your legs remain breathable during harsh sunshine. The dark blue color is also very masculine and will pair well with a number of different colored shirts. Simple yet stylish if you want some comfortable beach pants these are a great choice.

pao pants for men

Men’s ‘Heat Map’ Print Shorts

Made from 100% cotton these shorts offer something a little funkier! The eye-catching design makes them perfect for casual beachwear. They’re a great choice for people looking for something a little more adventurous from their shorts. So, if you want a more striking design these shorts make a great choice.

Colorful shorts for men beach attire

Beach Attire For Men: Shoes/ Footwear 

While you can go barefoot on the beach once you make it there you’re still going to need shoes for the journey. You might also not want to go barefoot either not everyone will and not every beach will allow it. So, what is the best footwear for the beach?

Well, there are actually quite a few options when it comes to choosing shoes for the beach from the more casual styles like flipflops and sandals to slip-ons and trainers. When it comes to finding beach attire for men footwear can be a stumbling block for many, but our guide can help. Let’s look at some of the best examples of beach shoes/ footwear.

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Scott Hawaii Men’s Vegan Sandals

Whether you call them sandals or flip-flops these shoes make excellent beachwear and offer a relaxing and comfortable fit no matter where you go on the beach. They are available in numerous different colors as well so there is plenty of room to showcase your personality and preferences even with your beach footwear.

Men sandals for the beach

Classic Tie-Dye Graphic Crocs

These classic tie-dye crocs would make a great addition to any man’s beach attire! Pair them with a colorful tee or button-up and you have a funky, colorful, and fun example of men’s beach attire. Yes, we know some people don’t like crocs, but they make excellent beach footwear.  

men crocs for the beach

Multi Block Vans 

Vans are a great option for some comfortable footwear for down at the beach! These colorful slip-ons give you the perfect relaxed laidback vibe you want for a trip to the beach. The colorful design might not be instant to your liking but trust us it really works so if you want to try something a little different or just add a splash of color to your beach attire why not try these?

Vans for men

Dunham Men’s Colchester Slip-Ons

Leather might seem like a strange choice when it comes to beach footwear, but it can really work as these stylish shoes show! Available in three distinct colors these luxury-style shoes are perfect for guys who want to look fashionable down at the beach. They are especially useful for men who want to hit the beachside pubs and restaurants.

Men slip ons shoes for the beach

Pablo Canvas Espadrilles

Available in blue and white these stylish canvas shoes are practically made for the beach! They offer the perfect hybrid look of both casual and luxury which makes them a great choice for a relaxing day at the beach. The rubber soles are ideal for traversing the sands and will ensure your feet are always cool and comfortable.

Men espadrilles for the beach

Beach Attire For Men: Swimwear 

For many people finding the best beach attire for men will mean finding the best swimwear and while that might sound easy it can actually be quite difficult. Because most men will want swimwear they can wear on the beach and in the sea.

For most men, this will mean a good pair of swimming shorts that will be suitable for the sea and beachside socializing. But some men might want swimwear they can change into as well or swimming clothes that are designed for better performance in the sea.

How to look good at the beach for guys

There is a lot to think about and swimwear is an important component when it comes to finding the best men’s beach attire. So, to help let’s look at some of the best examples of men’s swimwear that would be ideal for your next trip to the beach.

Nike Swim Shorts

Sporty and masculine these swim shorts are ideal for sporty and active guys who are heading to the beach to catch some waves! But their design also lends themselves to casual socializing and beachside sunbathing as well. Simple and sharp these swim shorts are ideal for guys who prefer bolder colors and classic designs.

Men swim shorts

Men’s Black ‘Screen Floral’ Print Swim Shorts

With their striking red and black floral design, these swim shorts will certainly be eye-catching. If you want something a little more fun when it comes to your swimwear then these colorful shorts are perfect for you. They will pair great with a colorful tee or vest as well for that relaxed, laidback beach vibe.

floral swim shorts for men

Burberry Large Check Swim Shorts

Made from 100% polyester these Burberry checked swim shorts offer something a little different. For one thing, they have that classic Burberry color scheme which is sure to catch people’s eye.

Their longer design which will go to most men’s knees is also something quite different from the normal men’s swimming shorts. Luxurious and high-quality if you want to spend a bit more these Burberry checked swim shorts will make a great addition to any man’s beach attire.

Burberry Large Check Swim Shorts

Giorgio Armani Swimming Trunks

Now for something a little more European these designer trunks from Giorgio Armani are perfect for guys who will be spending most of their beach time in the sea! Luxurious and very high-quality these trunks are perfect for any man who wants to look and feel his best down at the beach. So, if you are a budding or experienced swimmer and want some classic designer swimwear these trunks are a great choice.

Beach Trunk For Men Beach attire

Palm Tree Swim Shorts

With their deep blue color and palm tree design, these stylish swim shorts are a great budget choice! They have a striking design that is subtle but fun and are perfect for both casual beachside relaxing and for time in the sea. If you want a good pair of casual swimming shorts that you can also wear beachside these make a great choice.

Palm tree swim shorts for men

Men’s Speedo Swimming Briefs

Let’s finish our look at men’s swimwear beach attire with some classic Speedo swimming trunks. If you want some swimwear that is better designed for time in the sea then these make a great choice.

Their skin-tight design can be incredibly flattering especially if you want to show off a chiselled physique. They might not be to every man’s taste but if you’re heading to the beach to swim then they could be the best swimwear for your beach attire. 

men speedo

Beach Attire For Men: Sunglasses 

Your search for the best beach attire for men isn’t complete without some sunglasses is it? While they might not seem essential trust us when we say they will make a big difference. If you have sensitive eyes or allergies then sunglasses will be a great help when down at the beach.

Men’s sunglasses are also undeniably cool which let’s be honest is always going to be plus. They are definitely one of the best beach accessories and any man looking for the beach attire should get themselves a pair. Sunglasses come in numerous forms and we’ll be sharing some of our favorites below. So, if you want some shades check these out.

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Gucci Round-Frame Sunglasses

A work of art in gold and green these designer sunglasses are sure to catch admiring glances when you’re down at the beach. Now with a name like Gucci, these sunglasses aren’t going to come cheap, but they are certainly very high-quality and could be the ideal choice if you want a stylish pair of luxury shades!

Men Sunglasses for the beach

DOM VETRO / Jet Black Matte Sunglasses

Sleek and smart these stylish sunglasses offer a more budget-friendly option. Their minimalist design makes them very sharp and the ideal choice for guys who are going to be more active on the beach. If you’re just after a pair of simple sunglasses you can rock whatever you’re doing these make a fine choice.

Matte sunglasses men

Metal frame aviator sunglasses

These beautiful aviator shades are the unusual mix of slender yet masculine when it comes to their design. The lenses have a metal tint to them which offers a stylish relaxed beach-ready vibe! They are perfect for casual beachwear and will no doubt increase any man’s cool factor. If you want some stylish sunglasses why not give these a try?

Men Aviator Sunglasses

Carrera 141 Round Sunglasses

Available in both red and green these nouveau round sunglasses are quite distinct thanks to their more unusual design. Sunglasses typically have a more rectangular shape to them, but these have opted for a classic round design. Smart and sleek these sunglasses are sure to be a popular choice for men who want sunglasses that have a more sophisticated charm to them.

Havana Mirror Blue Sunglasses

With their pastel bluey/ green coloring, these sunglasses are quite different from the usual men’s sunglasses. They have a chic almost retro appeal that we know some men will love! If you want something a little different or just love pastel colors (they work great at the beach after all) then these are the sunglasses you want.

colorful sunglasses for men beach attire

Hats For The Beach Attire

If you do a quick Google search for men beach attire then you likely won’t see hat’s mentioned right away. But trust me when I say they are one of the most important parts of beach attire for men. Hats are great for giving yourself some relief from the sun and make a stylish and distinctive accessory for any man’s beach attire.

There are many different types of hats that men can wear at the beach although the classic baseball cap is going to be one of the most popular. But you do have other options if the cap isn’t for you. So, let’s look at some stylish hats that you can add to your next beach outfit.

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Men’s New Era Royal Buffalo Bills

This stylish blue New Era cap is ideal for the beach! The deep blue color will add some masculine flavor to any man’s beach attire. A baseball cap will add a nice dash of casual style to any outfit and this is a great hat for general day to day beachwear.

Blue hat for men

Tropical Print Bucket Hat

The bucket hat isn’t to everyman’s liking but if you want some extra protection from the sun it makes a great choice! The bucket hat can also be very stylish and is well suited for a day at the beach. With its floral design, this 100% polyester bucket hat is sure to keep your head comfortable during the sunshine.

Men Tropical Hat for the beach

Men’s New Era Black Summer Side-line Visor

A visor can be a great alternative to other casual hats, it wears just like a baseball cap but won’t get quite as hot. Thanks to having more of your head free many people may find a classic visor like this more comfortable. If you want to try something a little different or aren’t quite ready to try a regular hat give a visor a try.

Men Visor Hat

Calvin Klein Baseball Cap 

Calvin Klein is another designer brand so if you want to add some luxury to your beach attire this baseball cap could be for you. With its 100% cotton design, this baseball cap is a masculine accessory that will look great at the beach. Undeniably cool this simple yet stylish hat is sure to make great men’s beach attire.

Men Red Hat

Vilebrequin Panama Hat

This stylish panama hat is crafted from high-quality lightweight straw. This material combined with the classic panama-shape means you’ll be able to stay looking cool and refreshed during the warm weather making it ideal for a trip to the beach.

A lot of men love the classic panama hat for its bohemian flair so if you want to add some of its laidback, sophisticated style to your beach attire it makes a great choice for a summer beach-ready hat.

Men Panama Hat

Handwoven Straw Panama Hat

The panama looks similar to the trilby and some people fiercely debate over what label applies. But we aren’t here to talk about that we’re here to showcase this great summer hat! Made from high-quality cut straw this panama hat is lightweight which makes it ideal for the summer sunshine. If you are looking for a simple yet stylish masculine summer hat then this handwoven straw panama is the ideal choice.

Men Classy Panama Hat for the beach

Men’s Plaid Fedora

This classic fedora takes a slightly more unusual approach by utilizing darker colors. With its grey color, this is a hat you can easily wear while out and about, but it makes excellent beachwear as well. The cotton lining will add some extra-comfort that will help ensure this stylish hat stays comfortable during the normal sunny beach weather.

Plaid Fedora for men

Other Accessories For Men Beach Attire

For our final section, we are sharing other accessories we think would go great with your beach outfit. When searching for beach attire for men you likely don’t consider the little accessories you can add to your outfit, but you really should they can add a nice extra-flourish and personal touch.

So, let’s take a look at some stylish accessories you can add to your next beach outfit. From bracelets and necklaces to watches there are quite a few extra accessories you can add to your next outfit. So, let’s finish our look at the best beach attire for men with a look at some accessories.

Vida Vintage Men’s Leather Roll Top Backpack

A backpack is a very useful often forgotten accessory that is perfect for a day trip to the beach. This handmade high-quality leather backpack offers plenty of storage in a stylish package. The tan leather also makes it an eye-catching accessory thanks to its masculine color. Pair it with some stylish shades and colorful or pastel button-up shirt and you have a great example of men’s beach attire.

Versace Wynberg Stainless Steel Silicone-Strap Watch

Never underestimate the impact a watch can have! Yes, in the age of smartphones they might not seem all that necessary, but they can be the ultimate man’s fashion accessory and they make a great addition to any man’s beach attire. This stylish stainless steel watch from Versace offers everything you could need in one great package and we personally love the muted metallic blue color. If you’re looking for that one accessory that could bring your outfit together this could be it.

Watch for men beachwear

Vegan Waterproof Rope & Silver Bracelet

With its grey and light blue coloring, this beautiful bracelet is ideal for the beach. It’s the perfect summertime accessory and the colors help conjure up images of the sand and sea. The casual yet colorful look is perfect for surfers, swimmers, and just for casual everyday beachwear.

Men Bracelet for the beach

Lamps Carbon Fibre Bracelet

This stylish bracelet is the ideal piece of modern men’s beachwear. Made with high-quality leather with little woven details this carbon fiber bracelet is sure to be a stylish accessory for any man’s beach attire. The little metal closure adds some extra masculine touches to its tribal design. Bracelets are the perfect beachwear accessory so why not add some to your next outfit?

men bracelet for beach attire


So, that finishes up our guide into men’s beach attire we’ve looked at everything you could need to put together your next beach outfit. Whether you want to hit the waves, enjoy a surf, socialize with friends, or do a little of everything you will want to ensure you look good and are comfortable.

There is a lot of variety to what really makes the best men’s beach attire and a lot of it comes down to personal preference. But with the right clothes, you can look stylish, feel confident, and best of all be completely comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

With our men’s beach attire guide you can be sure you have the best beach outfit for your needs. So, start planning that trip to the beach now because with our guide you can be 100% sure you have the best beach attire for your next visit.

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