Through thick or thin – your eyebrows are yours forever

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Eyebrows are one of those features that women never seem to be happy with. Sure, there are some women who resign themselves to their eyebrow characteristics, but they are few and far between.

Eyebrows are a bit like body weight, women seem to think they can never be too perfect!

Women eyebrows

Thick eyebrows are one of those characteristics that produce this circular paradox. Women with thick eyebrows, simply want to thin them out and get rid of some of the hair. Girls with thin eyebrows simply wish they were thicker so they’d have more to work with, when finishing off their beauty regime.

There is however much that can be done with thick eyebrows. Here a few tips to make the ladies that feel a little on edge about the extra eyebrow hair

Quick Fix

For Thick Brows that lay any which way, a little eyebrow gel goes a very long way. In fact, not just for the untidy hairs, the gel can also be used to reinforce the shape. So, eyebrow gel is an essential in your beauty box

Plan ahead

When deciding to get down and do something about those wayward eyebrows decide on which shape you’re going to create first. Removing eyebrow hairs doesn’t work well with the idea of just shaping it as you go along and see what result you’ll get.

That’s a recipe for disaster that can take months to get back to square one. Choose the point at which the eyebrow should start and end and identify the highest point of the arch, don’t be fooled by eyebrow stencils, they aren’t designed to take into consideration the shape and contours of your face. Use them only in the context of what you visualize for your overall facial appearance.

Try trimming

Trim your eyebrows. If the hair is long enough to trim, you’d be surprised at the difference that alone will make. Occasionally trimming the hair to below the upper eyebrow line in all you need to do, however in some cases you will also need to thin out the bulk.

The tweezers matter

Acquire a quality pair of tweezers. It’s a small investment in your appearance and will make all the difference. Apart from reducing your grooming time, it’ll save you the frustration experienced when cheaper tweezers either break you hair or you can’t get a decent grip on the hairs.

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Start at the top

Trouble always starts at the top. If you have errant hairs that cause problems at the top of your eyebrow line, go against the advice of your youth and deal with them first. You can either trim or pluck depending on the bulk your trying to preserve or remove. This gives the eyebrow a clean, well defined look.

Use the right products to fill in the gaps

In the event of over plucking – Yes it happens, you’ll need to fill in the spaces. Use mousse, powder or a pencil to achieve the look with it looking painted on. Beware of the products or techniques that you are using to achieve that natural appearance. When shopping select a shade that blends with your brow regardless of color.

Keep your distance

How close you are to the mirror will make a difference. Too close means you won’t see the wood for the trees. Too far means you won’t see the detail. Find a comfortable distance that you can see what you’re doing taking your entire face into perspective.

Symmetry doesn’t always work

Perfect symmetry is unlikely to ever happen in nature and don’t think that two perfect arches or circles are going to make everything right. While building those arches always remember the shape of your face

Don’t go cold

Using a cold compress or ice is a real No. Simply don’t do it. It causes your skin to contract and your hair follicles become tighter. This is not what you want to happen when removing hair from your eyebrows. Use a warm cloth or do your shaping regime straight out of the shower. If the pain factor really is too much to bear then try using some Emla cream or a numbing spray.

Say no to shaving

Shaving your legs is fine, shaving your eyebrows is not. Don’t be fooled by the little eyebrow razors available on the market. The effect is very short lived, the stubble is far from flattering and your skin is thin and vulnerable around your eyebrow.

Technique is everything

Make sure your tweezing technique is good. Hold the skin taught and tweeze. Don’t dig into your skin when the hair is short. The damage and bleeding isn’t worth it. Waiting a little bit for the hair to gain some length is.