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You don't need to have similar blue eyes of Frank Sinatra dubbed as The Old Blue Eyes or become a dashing agent like James Bond to wear a bow tie because here at Valextino, we have a wide range of selection for men's bow tie and neckties. Our web store,, has silk bow ties for men, handmade men's bowtie, and even pure cotton neckties for men. Did you know that wearing a bow tie will make you look confident and stylish? Historically, the Croatian mercenaries became the originators of bow tie wearers during the Prussian war or the Thirty Years War from 1618 to 1648. The French forces saw the Croatians wearing a scarf around their necks that held together the opening of their shirts.

Later on, these French people adopted this style and use the French term "cravat" which means "Croat" and soon the bow tie became a symbol of an upper-class status in France. Since 2007, the National Bow Tie Day has been celebrated every 28th of August although there has been no specific founder, while Croatians celebrate Cravat Day every October 18 as their own day of celebrating this historical accessory which they have unknowingly contributed to the fashion style.

There are different bow tie styles to choose depending on your occasion. There is the islet shape or the butterfly shape which is mostly compatible with men who have a square or round face shape. This is the easiest to tie and usually the starting point for those guys who are starting to adopt the idea of wearing bow ties.

The big butterfly shape is larger than the butterfly shape and mostly use for formal occasions and paired with a tuxedo. There is also the slim or straight bow tie shape which is also called the batwing bow tie shape which is not meant to make you look like Batman but if you know Don Corleone of the Godfather trilogy, you definitely will love this bow tie shape which is less formal but has a modern look and style.

The round club bow tie shape is the rarest type which has rounded edges instead of flattened edges and can be worn by any man who likes to defy the typical bow tie fashion statement. The diamond tip bow tie does not have any flat edges compared to the other shapes which make it very stylish. There are many styles to choose from but it really depends on your own taste and preference. You can even step out of your comfort zone and try any bow tie shape that you think you will be comfortable in.

For those who do not want to wear a bow tie, you can opt to wear a necktie and choose from our extensive selection of neckties for men and start looking good on any occasion. Valextino offers various styles including multicolored silk neckties, cotton plaid neckties for men, wool neckties with different colors, and we even have a classic music necktie that will surely complement your night out with your date. These various selections of neckties for men will surely make you stand out with your group of friends.

All these bow ties for men and neckties for men are carefully packed to protect the materials and then delivered at your doorstep wherever you are and whenever you have decided to buy your own set of men's bow tie or neckties for men.

Prices range from 16 US dollars to 56 US dollars. You can also take advantage of any ongoing discounted promos available in the web portal and have an affordable bow tie and necktie made of quality materials.