The Top 10 Watch Brands For Men

A watch can make a wondrous gift for a man but buying a watch isn’t quite as simple as you might first think.

Well not if you want to get something extra-special! While you have plenty of options when it comes to choosing a watch that is part of the problem.

How can you find a watch that really stands out? Well with our help, of course, we have compiled our own list of the top 10 watch brands for men for you to check out.

We’ll also take a quick look at some of the watches you should look at under these brands as well.

But before we begin our look at the top 10 watch brands for men we have another important thing you need to look at.

And that is knowing what type of watch you really want. Now there are countless different styles of watch but one of the most important things will be the movement.

Below, we have listed the key details for the main types of watch movements for you to know.


Quartz movement is the most common type found in watches. It uses electricity combined with a small crystal to power the hands.

quartz watches for men

This might sound quite sci-fi but it’s commonplace in watch manufacturing.

While some leading watch brands do still use quartz movement it isn’t commonly seen amongst more luxury brands.


Automatic movement uses a mainspring and gears to power the watch. Thanks to this there is no hand winding required.

This type of movement is more commonplace amongst luxury watch brands.

However, while automatic watches usually have great aesthetics they will require more care because they are sensitive to harm from things like dust and moisture.


These watches work similarly to automatic movement, but they will need to wound by hand.

mechanical watches for men

Luxury watch brands seem to adore this movement choice as it is seen as more traditional.

It also allows watchmakers more room for creativity. You’ll likely see plenty of mechanical watches amongst our top 10 watch brands for men list.


Digital watches certainly have their appeal, but you won’t see many leading watch brands making them.

They have a reputation for being quite ugly and cheap. They might not be common, but some watch brands do specialize in more luxury-style digital models.

If you prefer the digital clock then you may still be able to find some more stylish digital watches.


The final type of watch to know about is also the newest the smartwatch!

smartwatches for men

Smartwatches are watches but also gadgets and offer much more than just timekeeping. They can run apps, count your steps, read your blood pressure, and more.

There is a lot of scope to the quality of smartwatches though, but some leading electronic brands have created some wondrous watches worth knowing about.

Our Top 10 Picks 

So, now you know the main types of watches to look out for, but what about the brands?

We have chosen our top 10 watch brands for men by looking at a number of different factors. This includes their reputation, history, manufacturing process, style, price range, and more.

Our top 10 is listed in no particular order either. So, if you are looking for a watch for yourself or a special man in your life these 10 brands would make a great starting point.

Well, that’s enough of the research let’s start our top 10 countdown.


Let’s start with our most controversial pick! When you think of watch brands for men you likely don’t think of Apple, do you?

But while Apple is more well-known for their iPhones and Macs their range of smartwatches is certainly worth considering.

The Apple Watch range is measured in series numbers with series 6 being the latest, at this article’s time of writing. There is also a more budget (by Apple standards) version with the SE model as well.

The most expensive Apple smartwatch will cost you around $380.00 which while pricey is quite low compared to some luxury watch price tags.

An Apple Watch would be a great choice if you’re buying for a man who loves technology, and all things modern and cool.

Apple has a great reputation when it comes to style and their watches don’t disappoint in this department.

apple watch

The Apple Watch is compatible with a range of different apps, can pair with other Apple tech, and perhaps best of all can be personalized and customized in a number of different ways.

They are available with a number of different finishes, colors, and strap styles/ materials. They aren’t a traditional choice, but Apple can make a great choice when it comes to buying a watch.


Well from one brand you likely didn’t expect to see to one I’m sure you did!

Rolex is a brand that is well-known for its luxury and high-quality. They are one of the leading luxury watch brands and have some truly wondrous watches amongst their collections.

When we say high-quality we really mean it, Rolex watches can be difficult to find as you will need a registered dealer if you want a particular style.

However, you can find some Rolex watches available on sites like Amazon as well.

Rolex watches come in mid-range and large sizes and will usually feature materials like silver, gold, and platinum to name just a few of the possibilities.

The colors of Rolex watches can vary but their men’s designs will usually feature silver, gold, and black.

There are more colorful options amongst their collections as well. While Rolex is certainly a brand you can trust for quality, they are expensive.

On average their cheaper options can still cost around $8000 dollars. The good news is a Rolex will almost definitely hold its value.


Tudor is a subsidiary of Rolex, but these are two different brands, and while they both specialize in luxury watches Tudor definitely offers a more affordable package.

However, don’t let this fool you into thinking this brand is cheap. A cheaper Tudor watch will still likely cost more than $1000 dollars.

tudor man watch

But when compared to Rolex they are certainly more affordable while still offering some brilliant designs. Many of their watches are automatic and they have some very masculine designs sure to please any man.

Tudor watches come in many different styles and while many of their watches are metal they do have more casual and sporty styles available.

Tudor is a bit more versatile when compared to Rolex and while they don’t have the same level of prestige they are still an excellent choice.


Founded in 1848 Omega is a very old watch brand and like Rolex, they have a reputation for luxury and high-quality.

However, while some Omega watches are certainly very expensive they do have more affordable models available.

omega mens watch

It all depends on what you’re looking for and willing to spend. Their Prestige range for example contains luxury watches that are priced from $1000 to $4000 dollars.

But they have some models that are over $10,000 dollars as well.

You can find many different types and styles of watches under the Omega brand. From luxury watches to diving watches, sports watches, and more.

There are all kinds of colors, styles, sizes, and materials in action as well. You really can’t go wrong with Omega they offer so much variety that you’ll be sure to find a watch for any man.


Another brand founded in the 1800s Panerai is an Italian watch manufacturer with a multitude of different series under their name. They have many great watches for men and have a very distinct design.

The watch face for many of their watches are curved squares which help add a very unique touch to their designs.

panarei mens watch

In 2006 Panerai even launched a series of watches inspired by Ferrari. Another interesting point is that many of the watches under the Panerai brand can be customized to some degree.

Some of their watches offer various options for the band or clasp. This gives you some personalization options.

Their sport watch designs will certainly be popular with men, but they have plenty of different styles under their brand.


Hublot is famous for being the first luxury watch brand to use a rubber strap on some of their watches! If you speak French then you likely already know what the name means.

But for those who don’t, it means porthole. This explains the face design many of their watches have.

Not all their watches carry this design, but many do. You can find some truly amazing watches under the Hublot brand and they have a number of different series.

hublot mens watch

We particularly love the simple and clean look of their Classic Fusion range of watches. But if you want something a little more intricate and eye-catching then their Spirit of Big Bang series is exactly what you want.

Numerous different colors, designs, materials, and styles can be found under the Hublot range.

So, whatever style of watch you’re looking for you’ll be sure to find something under the Hublot brand.

While all their watches are quite pricey there are models to suit various budgets. Cheaper models cost around 3-4 thousand dollars while more expensive ones can easily cost around $20,000 dollars or more.


Founded in 1847 this iconic French jewelry brand rivals Rolex when it comes to luxury and quality.

Their Tank Watch design is famous and was actually modeled after real military tanks, designs of this style are still available from Cartier today.

They make a great choice for the man who wants a high-class, high-quality timepiece.

cartier man watch

Cartier has a reputation for being very expensive and while they do certainly have watches that can easily cost over $20,000 thousand dollars they do have less expensive options available as well.

Although when it comes to a brand like Cartier even one of their cheaper options will still likely cost over $2000 dollars on average.

With their reputation for high-quality and excellence you really can’t wrong with Cartier and they are certainly worthy of a place in our top 10 watch brands for men countdown.  

Harry Winston 

Compared to some of the veteran watch brands we’ve looked at so far Harry Winston might seem like a relatively young brand.

But they do have plenty of experience when it comes to crafting fine timepieces and other types of jewelry.

When it comes to watches for men we adore their Ocean series. These watches offer incredibly intricate and complex designs usually with automatic movement.

Colors are usually dark and metallic and feature precious metals like gold or silver.

Many of their designs also feature precious gems and their Kaleidoscope collection is also worth highlighting.

This collection features more unusual colors designed after those found within the lens of a Kaleidoscope. If you’re shopping for a man who wants something more colorful then this collection is worth considering.


While many of the watch brands we’ve looked at so far are certainly high-quality and luxurious in style many of them are quite expensive as well.

However, Benson while not cheap certainly offers a more affordable option for people on a smaller budget.

Many of their stylish watches cost under $500 dollars but still offer a fashionable design and plenty of great features.

For men, we love their Untitled range especially the Matte Black timepiece which offers a chunkier shape and fit.

benson mens watches

Made from hardy steel with a bold black design this watch is sure to please any man who admires more traditional masculine designs.

Their Cardinal collection is inspired by mid-20th century timepieces and they are thinner and more vintage-inspired.

Benson doesn’t have as many options as some of the other watch brands on our list. However, they certainly offer the desirable package of luxury and style in a more affordable form.

If you’re looking for a luxury watch for a man for under a thousand dollars then Benson is worth checking out.


For our final choice, we have MeisterSinger, founded in 2001 this brand is practically a baby compared to some of the brands on our list.

But its stylish range of more vintage-style watches makes it worthy of a place in our top 10 watch brands for men countdown.

Many of their watches feature automatic movement and have a 50s or 60s inspired design. The face design of many MeisterSinger watches only feature a single-hand as well.

They are simpler but possess a distinct retro-charm.


These watches also offer some room for customization and personalization as well. With many of them, you can choose between different strap materials like leather or metal.

MeisterSinger watches generally cost around $2000 thousand dollars on average.

Although they do have more expensive and cheaper options available as well. If the man you’re buying for likes more simple, retro-inspired designs then a watch from MeisterSinger could be a great choice.

Wondrous Watches! 

So, this completes our list of the top 10 watch brands for men to check out.

All these brands offer a very unique look and style from the high-end luxury styles of Rolex and Cartier to the still stylish more affordable offerings from Benson.

A watch will be a man’s constant companion and they are practical pieces as well as stylish accessories.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality watch for yourself or any man in your life these brands will give you a great starting point to begin your search.

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