Top 5 Men’s Essentials to Upgrade Yourself

Men’s fashion isn’t essentially limited to a couple of articles as presumed by a majority of people. Every year we have a high influx of fashion trends that dominate and influence the fashion industry. However, the only problem when wanting to act on it is its rigid fickleness. What’s “in” this month may be “out” the next, which is kind of a bummer. Hence the reason why a much better alternative is to focus on your personal style.

Contrary to popular belief, fashion trends and style have a vast difference. The simplest explanation for this statement would be: fashion trend is a general preference while style is a much more personal and individual image that you ought to portray. Regardless, whenever you intend to buy clothes or even style them, keeping them closer to your personality is better because your confidence boosts when you wear comfortable clothes and clothes are comfortable when they are aligned with your comfort zone.

However, this notion doesn’t mean that you can’t experiment with bold colors and bright designs. Just as every single person’s personality is different, their comfort zone is also different. If you don’t feel comfortable in neutral colors you can always choose the alternative, there’s no harm.

Men Essentials for the wardrobe

In this article, we will be providing you with 5 men’s essentials that you can utilize to upgrade your wardrobe as well as your style.

#01: Leather Jacket

There is no other apparel in this world that could outdo a basic leather jacket – at least that’s what we think. Their astounding versatility and profound charm are merely some of the qualities that make them inherently popular across the globe. A leather jacket is also the perfect outerwear to choose when styling for any occasion which makes it the ultimate wardrobe essential. 

A major reason as to why a leather jacket is the most preferred wardrobe essential for men is because of its timeless style and appeal. With the everchanging fashion trends, a leather jacket has stood its ground for more than a century and it still continues to be an exceptional sport. Their versatility is an added bonus and a plus point for those who lean more towards a capsule wardrobe. You could literally pair anything with a leather jacket and expect the best result.

Amongst all the other leather jacket styles, we personally recommend leather bomber jacket because of its casual and laid back appearance making it easier to style with every item in your closet.

#02: A Sweatshirt

Oftentimes labeled as a preppy clothing item, a sweatshirt’s appeal lies in its comfortable yet chic style. This crewneck shirt is the epitome of casual yet chic with a hint of athletic wear, making it a combination that is worn by both genders. 

A sweatshirt’s versatility lies in its ability to go with everything and is one of those clothing articles that are easy to layer in winter. Its immaculate fitting flatters every body shape and is practical as well as stylish. Sweatshirts are the in between formula of sportswear and fashion and were placed under the category of athleisure not too long ago. Now, you can find a sweatshirt in every color, size, and design with a variety of different logos embedded in them. 

You can easily dress up a sweatshirt by wearing it over a button down paired with denim jeans and sneakers giving it a preppy look. Or you can go as comfy as possible and pair a sweatshirt with sweatpants for the ultimate casual look just perfect for an errand run.

#03: The Graphic Tee  

Next in line for our men’s essentials is a graphic tee. This tee is a versatile staple for everyone’s closet because of its ability to polish an outfit. Graphic tees are usually categorized as loungewear and are one of the first items that we opt for on our day in. However, you can easily dress up a graphic tee by wearing it under a blazer in combination with slacks. Incorporating a graphic tee in an otherwise simple ensemble accentuates the design of the tee and adds interest. 

If you think that graphic tees won’t look good on you, try focusing on the articles you pair a graphic tee with. These tees look amazing with dressier elements like blazers, slacks, or chinos and make them more accessible to adults. 

Wardrobe essentials for him

#04: Denim Jeans

Another wardrobe essential to upgrade your wardrobe are denim jeans. Available in a variety of different washes and textures, denim jeans are a must have for every gender because of their versatility and stylishness. You can take any article from your closet and pair it with denim jeans for every occasion.

These jeans are a great alternative to the dressier slacks and chinos and are much more comfortable. Be it casual, semi-formal, or even business casual, denim jeans can elevate your outfit and polish it for the best version. 

Try pairing a simple white tee with denim jeans and a leather jacket for a laid back and casual look. You can dress up your outfit by swapping the simple tee with a button down.

#05: Polo’s

Termed as the essence of business casual outfits, polos can be your go to for a lot of occasions because of their simplicity and minimalistic vibes. Try swapping your normal tees with a polo shirt and the vast contrast between the two will astonish you. Polo’s give a sophisticated and elegant look to your outfit. 

Try pairing a neutral-colored polo with chinos and a blazer for a semi formal look. You can even swap the blazer with a varsity jacket for a casual and cool appearance. Regardless, polos are a definite essential for men because of their polished look.

Wrapping Up

This was our take on some of the men’s essentials that should definitely be in your wardrobe. All of these clothing items are sustainable as well as practical and will hold up for a long time even if new fashion trends come and go.

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