Why You Should Start Buying Organic Skincare Products

Nowadays there is a huge range of products available for men when it comes to looking after their skin. So why should you focus on just buying organic skincare products?

Arms, legs, face, hands, eyes… all have special products dedicated to them. But having more choices isn’t always going to be a good thing and can put many men off because of how overwhelming choosing the right products can be.

A rule of thumbs and a good starting point can be focusing your attention on buying organic skincare products only.

Skincare products can be sorted into two main categories: organic and non-organic. The products within these groups might seem quite similar at first glance, but, in reality, they are very different.

Non-organic skincare products will have less than 70% organic ingredients. When it comes to skincare products this means there will usually be a lot of synthetic ingredients like chemicals that can be harmful in the long term, or even cause irritations for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Buying organic skincare products instead represents a much healthier, cleaner alternative. Natural ingredients offer some amazing benefits and will have much higher levels of nutrients and vitamins when compared to their synthetic counterparts.

Organic Skincare Products

Organic skincare products are better because they offer the same benefits as organic food when compared to non-organic foods. They have much higher nutrient levels, won’t irritate your skin (unless you have allergies), and won’t contain any chemical residues.

If you aren’t convinced to has why you should try organic skincare products yet, don’t worry! We have much more to talk about and to make you change your mind 🙂

Let’s take a more in-depth look at the benefits of opting for organic skincare products.

5 Benefits Of Organic Skincare Products You Need To Know

There are a lot of benefits to consider when it comes to organic skincare products, from the quality of the products to the environmental benefits. We’ve listed here what we believe are the 5 main ones below.

What are the main benefits of organic skincare products?

1. No harmful ingredients
2. Lower risk of allergies
3. Cruelty-Free products 
4. Environmental Benefits 
5. Organic works better 

No Harmful Ingredients

Organic skincare products are on the whole much healthier and safer options than their non-organic counterparts. Think about it like this: compare a bottle of organic shampoo to a non-organic one, then look at the list of ingredients and see how many you recognize between the two.

With the non-organic bottle, there will likely be many names and chemicals you don’t recognize. That is because many of these products contain synthetic ingredients. These will usually take the form of man-made chemicals, which – while effective in some respects – could easily cause harm.

Things like sodium, various sulfates, and other toxins are all more common than you might think in non-organic skincare products. Numerous studies have also shown that these synthetic ingredients could actually cause long term harm like skin irritation.

Lower Risk of Allergies 

Earlier I briefly mentioned how organic products are generally much safer than non-organic ones. Now, while there is still the possibility of an allergic reaction in general, organic skincare products are much less likely to cause allergic reactions, inflammation, or irritate your skin.

However, while organic products are generally much safer, you still should be mindful of certain natural ingredients. Like strawberries, for example. Some people may be allergic to these ingredients, which means you should avoid organic products that have them as an active ingredient.

buying Organic Skincare Products meen

Cruelty-Free Products 

The modern man cares a lot when it comes to choosing what they buy, but they don’t just care about themselves. These days consumers want to be sure the products they buy haven’t harmed any animals which is an issue the beauty/ skincare/ cosmetics industry has had to struggle with for quite some time.

The good news is organic skincare products are almost always going to be free of animal testing, making them cruelty-free. Because organic products use natural ingredients, they don’t need to be tested because we already know they are safe to use. If you want to do your part to ensure animals are safe, then opting for organic products is a must.

Environmental Benefits 

Just like buying organic helps protect animals, it will also go a long way towards helping protect the environment. Many men these days will want to do their part when it comes to protecting the environment and living a more green lifestyle. And opting for only organic skincare products can be a big help in order to do this.

Organic skincare products use natural ingredients that are free of harmful pesticides. Because there are no chemicals in organic, it is much better for the natural wildlife. Organic farming is also generally much better for the environment as well, as it produces less carbon dioxide and waste.

This doesn’t mean there is no environmental footprint at all, but it is much lower than the one you would find with non-organic products. So, if you want to support the sustainability of the environment opting for the organic choice is better.

Organic Works Better 

If you really want a reason to switch to organic skincare products, then this is likely the most convincing argument! Numerous studies have shown that they simply work better when it comes to cleaning your skin and this is likely for a number of reasons.

For one thing, organic skincare products usually contain botanicals that have been grown organically. These will contain higher levels of antioxidants and vitamins when compared to non-organic plants. Organic plants like I mentioned earlier will also likely be free of potentially harmful herbicides and pesticides.

Organic Skincare Products for men

Organic skincare products also contain much higher levels of active ingredients. On average you can expect around 95% of the ingredients to be active, whereas in non-organic products this will be much lower (usually only around 10% at maximum).

Now while it is true in some cases organic products can take longer to take effect (although this is certainly open for debate), they won’t cause any damage like faster-acting, more invasive non-organic skincare products can do, especially with prolonged usage.

So, overall organic skincare products simply offer the best overall package for consumers.

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Organic Skincare Products To Try 

So now you know all about the amazing benefits of organic skincare products, don’t you want to give some of them a try? We have chosen some of our favorite organic skincare products for you to try below.

What you might notice from our mini-list is that there are organic alternatives for many different kinds of skincare products. Swapping out your non-organic for a fully organic alternative might take a little getting used to, but these organic options offer many amazing benefits that you won’t find elsewhere.

Yes, swapping your favorite face serum for a fully organic alternative might take a little getting used to. But with a little time we think the vast majority of men will find swapping to the organic product will be very worthwhile.

Let’s look at some of the organic skincare products you need to try.


Natural Men's Face Serum

Valuxxo recently launched his Valuxxo Hemp Skincare line, based on organic hemp seed oil and a range of other natural and vegan components. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to provide the man’s skin with long-lasting hydration, freshness and vitality.

This amazingly light face serum for men helps all types of skin appear smoother and more radiant. It protects, rejuvenates, and nourishes the skin thanks to its unique combination of natural and organic ingredients, such as Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Emullium Mellifera, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil.

With 99% of the total ingredients from natural origin and 87% from organic farming, this firming face serum is a must-have for any man that wishes to achieve a radiant and younger-looking complexion, while also being environmentally conscious. 

Valuxxo Revitalizing Eye Cream for men

Natural Eye Cream for Men

The eyes are the first part of the face to be noticed. They reflect our age, mood and general health. But the area around the eyes is also the most delicate part of our face, and therefore needs to be protected with specific products to maintain a fresh look for longer.

This Revitalizing Eye Cream from Valuxxo Hemp Skincare line promises to do just that by firming and rejuvenating the area around your eyes, for a refreshed and brightened look. Over 99% of the total ingredients are from natural origin and over 72% from Organic Farming.

Key ingredients include: Hemp Seed Oil, Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Emullium Mellifera, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil.

John Masters Organics Foaming Face Wash

John Masters Organics Foaming Face Wash with Rose & Linden Flower 112ml

When many people think of skincare products, they likely don’t think of a face wash. But a face wash is a variant of skincare products and also one we’re willing to bet most men have or have used before. Now switching out your non-organic face wash for an organic option as some great benefits.

Take this face wash for example it offers an amazing formula and a whole host of benefits. The face wash won’t just clean your face, it also helps clean and clear pores and deal with pore-clogging impurities. This face wash can make a smooth, lather in seconds, so you can easily rid your skin of dirt and oils.

Because it is 70% organic, this face wash is very mild (which means it will work with all skin types) and it features a range of great ingredients. This includes Rose Flower Water, Aloe, and Linden Blossom. This range of botanicals offers some amazing benefits and blend together to form a soothing and effective face wash that will help purify your skin. The face wash is also certified cruelty-free and hasn’t been tested on animals either.

John Masters Organics Shampoo

John Masters Organics Shampoo for Dry Hair

We are sticking with John Masters for another great organic skincare product with this shampoo. Just like face wash, shampoo is also a skincare product although it could be argued that hair and skin are different. But we think the two are similar enough that they can be classed together, and a good organic shampoo like this is definitely worth talking about.

This organic shampoo offers a powerful hydrating-formula that is specially designed to treat dry hair. It has an organic blend of botanical oils and is enriched with various ingredients like avocado oil and primrose. With this powerful cleansing formula, this shampoo offers a much gentler cleansing experience.

With a shampoo, you want a deep clean, but it needs to be gentle to ensure your hair is protected and not harmed, This organic shampoo provides this great experience and will help clean hair fully without stripping away the essential oils or damaging your natural lustre, shine, and strength. This shampoo is also sulfate-free.

JASON Soothing Aloe Vera Body Wash

JASON Soothing Aloe Vera Body Wash

This body wash features some great organic ingredients, including enriching Aloe Vera. A good body wash is something every man should have and you’ll no doubt have plenty of options, but this organic body wash is certainly a great product to try.

Like many organic skincare products, it is only lightly fragranced, which will help ensure your skin doesn’t become irritated. The Aloe Vera helps the body wash form into a smooth, silky gel that feels amazing on your skin. It’s the perfect way to treat your skin during a nice relaxing bath or shower.

While the Aloe Vera is certainly the star ingredient of this product, it also features a host of other ingredients. This includes relaxing chamomile, natural oils including almond oil and sunflower oil, and even vitamin E. An organic body wash is something every man will enjoy so if you don’t have one this product would make a fine choice.

John Masters Organics Body Wash – Blood Orange & Vanilla

John Masters Organics Body Wash with Blood Orange & Vanilla

Let’s finish our look at the best organic skincare products with another great body wash! With an impressive organic formula, this body wash is sure to help you relax and soothe your skin.

Orange (and especially blood orange) is well-known for amazing properties. When combined with another organic favorite namely vanilla you get a high-quality body wash ideal for the modern man.

This body wash also utilizes a mild, sugar-based foaming agent that will help clean pores and ensure you get a rich lather every time.

Blood orange is very rich in vitamin C and also famed for its anti-aging benefits. So, if you are looking to fight off those early signs of aging, switching out your body wash to this organic one could be very helpful. Full of valuable antioxidants and sure to help you feel refreshed this body wash perfectly represents the benefits of organic skincare products.

Things To Be Aware of When Buying Organic Skincare Products  

By now you probably have a good handle on what makes organic skincare products so valuable and beneficial. You might even be tempted to try some yourself, especially since we have shared a list of some of our top picks.

However, before you see the great benefits of organic skincare products for yourself, there are some important issues to be aware of. While overall we think organic skincare products offer an excellent package, and we think the majority of modern men will find them much more beneficial than non-organic alternatives, there are a couple of potential issues you need to know about.

How Organic Are The Products? 

Earlier we said that non-organic skincare products have less than 70% organic ingredients. So you would think this would mean that an organic skincare product would have to have other 70% organic ingredients right? Well while this is true it is also a little misleading.

For a product to be officially labeled as organic, only one of the main ingredients has to be over 70% organic. This means products that have been labeled as organic aren’t actually “officially” or fully organic, or at least not in the form that many consumers would think.

To avoid this potential issue, you should be careful when buying any organic skincare products for men. Always read the label/ packaging carefully to make sure the product really is as organic as it claims to be.

Basically, be a smart consumer and don’t always get caught unaware by the bold claims on the front of the bottle.

Allergy Issues  

Finally, while we have already talked about this, it is worth reiterating to always be mindful of allergies. They aren’t common by any means, especially when compared to the potential dangers of non-organic products, but you should still ensure that any organic skincare product you buy doesn’t contain anything that may cause an allergic reaction.

This finishes up our look into organic skincare products are you tempted to give them a try?

Whether it’s for an anti-aging cream, shampoo, face wash, body wash, conditioner, or something else there are organic products for all your needs. They provide some amazing benefits and well worth trying.

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