Here Comes The Groom? – Your Guide To Men’s Wedding Attire

When it comes to weddings there is a lot of focus on the women’s side of things like the wedding dress, the bridesmaid’s dresses, the hat the Mother of the bride will wear, etc.

Well, you get the idea but what about what the men wear doesn’t that matter?

wedding wear for men

Of course, it does but for many men, it will be simply an option of what color suit you wear for the event won’t it? This doesn’t just go for the groom either, most men will be expected to show up in suits you might have a color or theme to stick to but really it’s just going to end up being a suit, isn’t it?

Well in most cases yes it will but there is actually a lot of room to explore when it comes to men’s wedding attire and you can be more creative than you might think.

Wedding wear for men is actually quite versatile so you don’t have to just stick to a navy blue suit.

When you compare it to the ladies side of the wedding yes you won’t have quite as many options but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

In fact, it can actually make things a little easier because there are really only so many different ways you can approach men’s wedding attire.

Below I’ll be going over the different themes and styles you can follow when it comes to wedding outfits for men.

Themes and Styles for various Men’s Wedding Outfits 

We’ll be looking at both seasonal approaches and the different ways you can approach traditional and more unusual wedding dress codes as well.

mens wedding attire

Wedding Outfits for Men and Seasonal Approaches

One of the most common ways to style your wedding is around the season in Summer, the bride might wear a lighter or more colorful gown for example.

While in the winter it will be more likely be a classic-style white wedding dress, now for men’s wedding outfits things can actually be a bit more versatile.

men wedding attire

So, let’s take a look at them in more detail.

Spring Wedding Outfits

Men’s wedding attire for Spring is a lot more casual than you might expect and you can really harness the laidback vibe to create a more stylish and unorthodox wedding look.

Light Grey Suit Men Wedding Suit


Rather than going for the traditional black and blue colors instead go for something a bit more subtle.

Light grey in particular works quite well but you can also go for a more pale pastel blue as well.

Spring is also a good time to experiment with more unusual designs and patterns checked and pinstripes can both work quite well when it comes to Spring wedding suits.

But of course, men’s wedding attire isn’t all focused on the suit colors, is it? Your shirt is just as important and you should opt for a lighter more subtle color, pastel blues and pink are good choices and the always traditional white is always an option.

A plain tie can work well but if you are opting for a patterned suit then a matching tie will complement it more effectively.

Finish the look with some smart dress shoes in a matching color to the suit jacket for a stylish wedding outfit any man will look good in. You can even add a colorful pocket square for an extra splash of color.

Summer Wedding Outfits

Summer wedding wear for men is very different from the traditional men’s wedding attire most people know of.

When dressing for a wedding in the Summer men should focus on pastel and tan colors similar to the wedding attire we’ve looked at for the Spring.

Blue Men wedding suite


The big difference that we have with Summer wedding attire for men is that you can experiment a little more when it comes to combining colors.

You can even mix colors when it comes to your suit! One particularly stylish look is a blue suit jacket with some white suit pants, you can even swap out the blue for a green or tan color.

Add a white shirt and some stylish loafers and you have a stylish summer wedding outfit. When it comes to ties it really depends on the look you are going for and the heat.

Summer weddings can be very hot affairs and are generally more casual when it comes to the dress code so leaving out the tie could be for the best.

If you want a more formal look then ensure the tie matches your suit jacket or go for a very pale pastel color. You can add a pocket square if you want some extra color but on the whole, your Summer wedding style should be more minimalist and laidback.

Male guests outside of the groom can probably even get away with some stylish sandals as well.

Autumn Wedding Outfits

Autumn wedding attire is a bit more in the realm of the classic traditional wedding attire that most people already know about. However, there is still some room to experiment with more unusual designs and colors.

Whether you want to stick to the classics or adopt a more colorful dress code there is a lot to consider when it comes to men’s wedding attire for the autumn months.

The classic options are a dark suit in either black, brown or a light tan color.

A colorful tie with a paler shirt and some stylish suede shoes add the perfect extra touch.



A matching suede belt is another popular choice and you can even add a darkly colored pocket square to the suit jacket.

A waist coast and dark shirt with some matching suit pants is a fine look for any male guests to use who don’t want to wear a suit as well.

If you want a slightly more relaxed look then opt for a more colorful suit or one with a patterned design instead.

Purple and maroon are a great choice for slightly more unorthodox autumn weddings and the tartan pattern works particularly well too. Brown is an effective color to use but use it sparingly and try to make sure every color you use complements each other.

Winter Wedding Outfits

Winter weddings are actually quite varied when it comes to men’s wedding outfits and you have a number of different colors and patterns you can use.

Black is actually a relatively uncommon color nowadays when it comes to weddings but a sharp black suit can work quite well. You can pair it with a white shirt or even a black one for a more uniform look.



If you really want something more traditional then you could even opt for a tuxedo!

However, I would strongly advise against it if you’re just a guest at the wedding because you could look quite out of place. If you’re the groom and want to rock a tux then go right ahead it’s your special day after all and they can work quite well for winter weddings.

Most darker colors can work when it comes to winter weddings but where you need to be careful is when it comes to the materials.

Winter is colder and weddings can be very long affairs so I would advise optioning for materials like velvet and corduroy. A darker burgundy jacket can be a very stylish piece of men’s wedding attire and it pairs well with suit pants in a black or darker navy blue.

Ties really aren’t recommended when it comes to winter wedding wear but bowties can work quite well. Finish your look off with some stylish loafers or a classic pair of men’s dress shoes and add a colorful pocket square to your jacket pocket to complete your look.

So, that completes our look at the seasonal dress codes when it comes to men’s wedding attire. There is a lot more variety than you might first think and it doesn’t matter if you’re the groom, the best man or a guest you can still get creative and look good.

Wedding Dress Codes

The seasonal approach to your wedding dress code isn’t the only option you have. There are plenty of classic and some more unorthodox dress codes you can use. But if your wedding invite says something like a black tie or cocktail attire what can you actually wear?

Those two examples are some of the more common dress code themes as well, there are some more casual and laidback dress codes that can easily confuse people when it comes to men’s wedding attire.

What does tropical attire mean and what exactly is casual wedding attire? You can’t really just show up in jeans and a T-shirt, can you?

Well, I suppose you could if that is what the bride and groom want but when it comes to choosing a dress code most people will have something a little more formal or creative in mind.

So, let’s look at some of the common and not so common wedding dress codes in more detail and examine how men can get their best wedding outfit that matches each theme.

The Black Tie Dress Code

The black-tie wedding look is actually pretty simple when it comes to men’s wedding attire. It will commonly be either a classic tuxedo look or a black suit and tie. Either way, your outfit is going to be primarily black with a white shirt and black dress shoes.

The groom can opt for something a little more colorful to ensure he stands out from the other guests. Some popular options are a dark blue or maroon suit jacket but most often every man will be wearing the classic black suit or a tuxedo.

Bow ties will often take priority over a more traditional tie but in certain styles, a traditional tie can still be worn. The black-tie wedding look is designed to be more formal and traditional but you can still personalize the look in some small ways. This can be a great way to add some personal flair to your outfit.

A colorful pocket square can be a great way to do this but don’t go for anything overly bold or bright. Cufflinks are also a popular choice and a little more low-key, waistcoats can be worn but are commonly not used in black tie wedding attire.

The Black Tie Optional Dress Code

Black tie optional wedding attire for men is a little more relaxed but still one of the more formal dress codes you can opt for. The name really tells you everything you need to know it’s primarily going to be a black-tie wedding but for the guests it is optional. This means you have a little more freedom when it comes to how you dress.

So, if you don’t want to wear a tuxedo or the classic black suit and tie look then you can wear something else. Don’t get too excited though because you will still be primarily working with darker colors when it comes to men’s wedding attire.

Dark grey and charcoal are two of the most popular choices when it comes to alternative suit colors but you can relax it a little more if you want. Still, dress formal but you can ignore the suit jacket and opt for smart pants and a dress shirt instead.

You could also add a waistcoat for a little extra formality if you like as well.

Shoes should be black or brown and smart loafers or Derby shoes are your best option. You can also add a few touches of personalization if you want like a pocket square or some cufflinks. Black tie optional styles are quite common for weddings these days and while they are a relatively formal style you do have some room for a more laidback look.

The Cocktail Attire Dress Code

Wedding wear for men is incredibly diverse in some respects and that is especially true when it comes to cocktail attire. Cocktail attire is open to interpretation in many respects which means nailing down what exactly it means for a wedding can be a little tricky. So, if you see cocktail attire listed on your wedding invite what should you wear?

Well, cocktail attire can actually mean many things it can be very formal or quite laidback so if you’re not sure what to wear the best thing to do is go for something in the middle.

This is actually good news for guys because it means there is a lot of variety to what you could wear.

So, let’s look at what middle-ground cocktail attire can be shall we? Yes, you can opt for a suit but because it’s a little more relaxed and informal this time around you can actually opt for more unusual colors. One thing I really like when it comes to cocktail attire is that pairing colors can really work.

Mens Wedding Attire Tips

A smart blue blazer, some black dress pants, and a white shirt can combine to make a great cocktail attire outfit. It’s semi-formal yet still a little laidback and is a nice change of pace from a regular suit. So, when you see cocktail attire listed as the dress code don’t be afraid to try pairing colors for a more unusual look.

If you want a more safe option then sticking to a muted colored suit or smart shirt and tie is always an option. But I would advise having a little more fun with things a smart black cardigan, for example, can look quite sophisticated when worn with some black suit pants and a dress shirt.

You can even roll the sleeves up a little for a more casual look.

Or how about a dark grey shirt with some smart pants? There is no need to add a tie or anything like that it’s simplistic style yes but what that looks smart and semi-formal.

Grooms going for a more cocktail-inspired look will likely be sticking to a darker color suit but just like male guests they can experiment by pairing complementary colors for a more unusual look.

The Casual Attire Dress Code

If a wedding invite says casually it means one of two things the first (and most common) is that they want guests to dress smartly but they don’t really care about colors or any kind of theme. The second is that this wedding is going to be anything goes and they don’t really care what you wear.

If the wedding you’re going to is opting for the second option trust me the bride and groom will let you know ahead of time. More relaxed weddings are a growing trend and in many ways have kind of become a theme of their own. Want to wear jeans and a T-shirt then go ahead!

But while these more relaxed weddings are growing in popularity if your wedding invite says casual attire it still likely means you’re going to need a semi-formal outfit. Yes, it might not be quite as fun as the alternative meaning but it still gives you room to get creative when it comes to men’s wedding attire.

Despite what the name implies you are likely best having a semi-formal look in mind but without the need to stick to a more focused theme you have a lot more freedom when it comes to colors. So, if you want a more unusual suit or shirt color go for it. You don’t have to stick to blues, black and grey you could opt for something like green, maroon or tan brown.

You could even opt for something like red or a pastel shade don’t be too outlandish if you going for a suit though it’s still better to play it safe. If you’re going for a shirt and tie look then you can experiment a little more with colors because a shirt won’t stand out as much as a suit. So, if you want a bold color to opt for a shirt and tie instead of a suit.

Speaking of ties do you need one? I would say no as long as the rest of your outfit is smart then forgoing the tie really shouldn’t be a problem. Shoes should be smart but they don’t have to be overly dressy a nice pair of loafers will often do the job but if you want something more colorful then you could opt for some stylish slip-on or even boat shoes.

When it comes to wedding outfits for men you really have plenty of options when planning your outfit if it’s under the casual attire dress code. Just remember not to go too far into the casual territory and you should be fine.

The Tropical Attire Dress Code

Finally, let’s look at tropical wedding attire for men shall we? The tropical theme is becoming more popular as people enjoy beach/ outdoor weddings. It’s are a more laidback style that plenty of people are adopting so let’s look at men’s wedding attire for this theme.

Men have quite a few different options when it comes to the tropical theme if you’re a guest then you can go for a more relaxed look. White pants with a white buttoned shirt and waistcoat are the classic choice. Pair the outfit with some white dress shoes to complete the look, you don’t have to bother with ties or cufflinks and in some cases even the waistcoat is optional.

The tropical style is all about being more relaxed and while white is the most common color to use light pastel blue is also a popular choice. The groom as a few different options he can go for the all-white look but he should wear a darker waistcoat to ensure he stands out.

Or you could opt for a light tan suit and again a tie isn’t strictly needed but some grooms do like to keep up the tradition. Another popular style is to pair some smart suit pants in either grey or blue with a white shirt. You want a more relaxed vibe when it comes to a tropical-themed wedding but can add a few formal touches if you want.

What If There Is No Dress Code?

If there is no dress code listed on your wedding invite then it is best to play things safe. Yes, unfortunately, that means you’ll often need to get a suit ready. Dark grey or a navy blue are often going to be your best option but if you really don’t want to wear a suit then you can go for a more casual/ semi-formal look instead.

A smart shirt and waistcoat are a good alternative and you can pair the outfit together with some smart pants and dress shoes. A tie is advised but not mandatory by any means so don’t think you have to get too dressy. If the wedding doesn’t have a set dress code then it’s highly likely the bride and groom don’t really mind what you’re wearing as long as it’s not too casual.

So, that completes my look at men’s weddings attire while it can’t be denied that the suit still plays a very important role for both male guests and the groom there is certainly room for more unusual designs and colors.

Wedding wear for men is constantly evolving and while it hasn’t quite caught up to the variety you see in women’s wedding attire there is plenty of ways you can craft a unique and stylish outfit. So, whether you’re the groom or a guest there are plenty of things you can wear.

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